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MITSUGIRLY has a JEWEL of a time on my 1st RC cruise in years!

Day 9: Back Puerto Rico

I had set my alarm for 7am and we were up at breakfast by 7:45am. Of course we had the normal, minus the omelette today because I didn't want to wait around for it.


Then I headed out to take some pictures of us in port. It was a beautiful day again.

P4082261 copy-L.jpg
P4082262 copy-L.jpg

Look at the beautiful church in the distance.

P4082264 copy-L.jpg

One last pic of the pool

P4082266 copy-L.jpg

They started calling the numbers to get off the ship. They called a bunch of them all at once (1-15) and we went down to the room and grabbed our things and walked off the ship at 8:39am. It was such an easy process and moved quickly and non-stop. It probably took maybe 5 minutes from getting in line on the ship to walking off of it.


We gathered our luggage and there were 2 lines to get in. They looked about the same as far as distance and one of the workers told us to "get in this line" so we did. This line moved SO fast, while the other line barely moved. Go us! I was sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to Kia and family. We hadn't seen them at breakfast or getting off.


It felt like we were in the line maybe 10-15 minutes tops and walked up to customs and handed him our passports. His response was "Any fruits, vegetables or anything live?" and I replied "nope" and he handed us our passports back (without even looking at them) and said "Have a nice day". Wow, the absolute quickest ever!


We headed outside and managed to find Kia and fam. Woo hoo! At least we'd get to say goodbye.

P4082269 copy-L.jpg

I hate that it would be another year before we'd see each other again and had to take a selfie.

P4082270 copy-L.jpg

We sat around and chatted for awhile and the kids decided to sit down and draw. Sakari is not the only one that likes to draw...Michaela likes it too and is pretty darn good at it. So, Sakari wanted her to draw her a picture of Loki for her.

P4082272 copy-L.jpg
P4112849 copy-L.jpg

Kia ask again how long we'd be in PR and I told her we would be leaving on Wednesday. She wasn't able to stay longer and was headed out that day. Then it was time to say our official goodbyes and we headed to the taxi line, told them where we were going, then they handed us a slip of paper and directed us to a taxi.


Notice they put that we had 4 luggage (they charge per luggage) and we only have 3. I thought that was odd but wasn't going to argue about it.

P4082273 copy-L.jpg

Along the way to our hotel.

P4082275 copy-L.jpg
P4082276 copy-L.jpg
P4082278 copy-L.jpg
P4082282 copy-L.jpg

For some reason our drivers GPS decided to take us down a street and turn onto one of the bumpiest roads...the one's with holes and bricks as a road. It went on FOREVER! The parked cars on the side of that road made it such a tight squeeze in areas that I didn't think we'd make it. I was sure that a few side view mirrors were to be lost on this route. I'm not sure why it took us that way instead of a main road and then cut over.


We finally made it to our destination: Decanter Hotel


Now this place I had researched way ahead of time and booked it. It looked like a lovely place to stay and the pictures I had seen looked nice. (But then again, I seen the pictures of Da House and they looked nothing like what we got).


Look how old this place is

IMG_3985 copy-L.jpg

Here's the outside.

P4082398 copy-L.jpg
P4082284 copy-L.jpg

We checked in, but the room was not ready of course. They did store our luggage and we decided to go walking around.


All Sakari had talked about the entire week (and since booking this cruise out of PR) was going back to Pigeon Park. She absolutely loves birds and insisted on going. I told her we'd go there at some point this visit, but I didn't know when.


Now the last time we stayed in OSJ, we stayed at the Old Sheraton right by the port across the street. This time, the Decanter was located pretty much on the other side of OSJ (and when you talk about one side of OSJ versus the other side...we are only talking several blocks because it's not a big area to begin with and easily walked). I wanted a different experience this time around and to be closer to the fort so that we could make it to that area (since we didn't last time).


We headed out the front door and straight down the street and it dead ended into....

P4082287 copy-L.jpg

Yep, Pigeon Park! Sakari screamed with excitement.

IMG_3983 copy-L.jpg

There's a guy there that sells the bird food for $1 a bag and there's enough in it to keep you busy for a very long time.

P4082288 copy-L.jpg
P4082289 copy-L.jpg
P4082290 copy-L.jpg

Daddy thought he was the bird whisperer and would coax some of the birds out of their home. What? All the birds surrounding you on the ground wasn't good enough? Well they weren't having it and stayed up in their homes.

P4082291 copy-L.jpg
P4082293 copy-L.jpg
P4082295 copy-L.jpg
P4082298 copy-L.jpg
P4082300 copy-L.jpg
P4082302 copy-L.jpg
P4082307 copy-L.jpg
P4082303 copy-L.jpg
P4082303 copy-L.jpg
P4082309 copy-L.jpg
P4082311 copy-L.jpg

There's a beautiful view from up here.

P4082312 copy-L.jpg
P4082313 copy-L.jpg
P4082315 copy-L.jpg

The actual name of the park is Parque De las Palomas. It's located next to Capilla del Cristo at the end of Cristo Street. This is a decent sized park with several shade trees, which make it nice. The trees are very interesting too and they twist and turn. There's several park benches and some walls to sit on...but beware, you won't be able to sit on the ones around the pigeons and I'm sure you can guess why. There is an area, within the park, that says "no feeding the pigeons beyond this point" and there's benches over there too.

P4082317 copy-L.jpg
P4082318 copy-L.jpg
P4082319 copy-L.jpg
P4082320 copy-L.jpg
P4082321 copy-L.jpg

The Capilla del Cristo Chapel was not open at the time we were here. I'm not sure why.

P4082322 copy-L.jpg

It was time to head out and keep exploring. Bye bye Pigeon Park...until next time.

P4082323 copy-L.jpg
P4082329 copy-L.jpg
P4082325 copy-L.jpg
P4082328 copy-L.jpg

I told Sakari to go stand over there by the neat cat chairs and I'd take her picture. She went to go sit down and about that time I yell "nooooo it's too hooootttt" and she sat. I actually managed to snap the picture before she sprung up like a Jack in the box yelling "ooouuuccchhhh".

P4082326 copy-L.jpg
P4082327 copy-L.jpg
P4082333 copy-L.jpg

Old San Juan has some of the most beautiful buildings ever. The architecture is stunning and so many details.


This building had some beautiful tile work.

P4082330 copy-L.jpg
P4082331 copy-L.jpg

Walking the streets you will find a lot of stray cats (they say there's a lot of dogs too but I have not witnessed it the few times I have been here). There is a crisis on the island with both cats and dogs and people are constantly abandoning their animals because they can not afford to care for them. Did you know there's actually a place called "Dead Dog Beach" where people will drop the dogs off to fend for themselves until they die? One of the other problems is the animals are not getting spayed or neutered. There are organizations and people that try to help feed and care for the stray animals. You will see bowls of food all over the place when walking the streets.


This guy looked like he might have been stealing every cats food in the area. He was HUGE!

P4082338 copy-L.jpg

We had spent some time walking around the upper area of the wall and decided to head down.

P4082339 copy-L.jpg
P4082340 copy-L.jpg
P4082343 copy-L.jpg
P4082342 copy-L.jpg
P4082341 copy-L.jpg
P4082344 copy-L.jpg

Now this was a weird creepy fountain

P4082345 copy-L.jpg
P4082348 copy-L.jpg

Most of the little shops weren't open yet along this main road right down from the cruise ships.

P4082349 copy-L.jpg
P4082347 copy-L.jpg

And we were on the bottom side of the wall now.

P4082350 copy-L.jpg
P4082351 copy-L.jpg

I think we walked on the opposite side of the street last time, so I was getting to see things I didn't see before.

P4082352 copy-L.jpg

I never noticed this before, but they have an outdoor workout facility for the public...although I'm not sure how anyone could stand in the heat long enough to use it let alone work out in it.

P4082355 copy-L.jpg
P4082356 copy-L.jpg
P4082353 copy-L.jpg
P4082359 copy-L.jpg
P4082357 copy-L.jpg
P4082364 copy-L.jpg

Cute little area that looked like they may have bands or shows here with seating and a stage area.

P4082362 copy-L.jpg
P4082361 copy-L.jpg
P4082363 copy-L.jpg
P4082365 copy-L.jpg
P4082366 copy-L.jpg
P4082367 copy-L.jpg
P4082369 copy-L.jpg
P4082370 copy-L.jpg
P4082371 copy-L.jpg
P4082373 copy-L.jpg

Well, we made it to the statues that we seen last time we were here...only you couldn't get to them. I had to zoom in on it to see it.

P4082375 copy-L.jpg

There must have been some damage from the hurricane in this area. It leads along the water way and it was an area I wanted to revisit again because there are huge trees and a lot of shade and just so pretty.

P4082376 copy-L.jpg

At least we were able to find some banos.

P4082378 copy-L.jpg
P4082379 copy-L.jpg
P4082380 copy-L.jpg
P4082381 copy-L.jpg
P4082383 copy-L.jpg

You don't know how bad I wanted to just jump in. I tried to be inconspicuous and sat down on the ledge, while gently letting my arm drop down and easing it into the water then bringing it up to splash my face to cool down. I almost can't believe we actually walked this route last time we were here and it was over 100 degrees out that time.

P4082384 copy-L.jpg

I caught a glimpse of someone, or something, looking at me. It was an all white husky. Sakari just couldn't resist herself and had to go over and say hello. They lady did not speak any English at all, but Sakari was able to show her a picture of her husky and the lady did give her the name of her dog. Husky's are loaded with fur and I can't believe they have them in such a hot place.

P4082385 copy-L.jpg

The trolley around Old San Juan.

P4082386 copy-L.jpg
P4082387 copy-L.jpg

I'm not sure if there was any hurricane damage here or not.   I happened to notice this...a trolley stop.

P4082388 copy-L.jpg
P4082389 copy-L.jpg

There are just parks all over the place to hang out at.

P4082390 copy-L.jpg

We were making our way back to the hotel. They had told us that the rooms would be ready by 11am.


Lot's of construction in this area.

P4082392 copy-L.jpg

It was like the entire roads around here and all the buildings were shut down and vacant.

P4082393 copy-L.jpg
P4082394 copy-L.jpg
P4082395 copy-L.jpg

Just installed...brand new air conditioning. You'll love the 360 view, openness of the floor plan, skylights and the smell of the fresh breeze.

P4082396 copy-L.jpg

We made it back to the hotel. It felt good to walk into the a/c. However, they told us that our room was not ready yet. So, we decided we would just sit in the lobby and wait. It's a very small area with only 2 chairs and a desk.


The room was finally ready at 12:20pm and we couldn't wait to check it out.


We walked in and I was pleasantly surprised at just how great it was.


This is the living room and what you seen when you first walk in.

P4082401 copy-L.jpg

To the left was a window with doors that you could open and let fresh (hot) air in.

P4082415 copy-L.jpg
P4082418 copy-L.jpg

The view:

P4082510 copy-L.jpg

To the right was a small dining table and chairs and also a desk and built in chair. This was now my official homework station.

P4082400 copy-L.jpg
P4082512 copy-L.jpg

Off to that was a small kitchenette with a small fridge, sink, and microwave.

P4082399 copy-L.jpg

Straight off the living room is a separate bedroom and it was really big.  A closet with extra linens and a small safe and a dresser with a tv that would swivel toward the direction of the bed.

P4082402 copy-L.jpg
P4082403 copy-L.jpg

Looking down from the bedroom window. lol

P4082404 copy-L.jpg
P4082405 copy-L.jpg

Off of the bedroom was the bathroom.  Everything was really nice.

P4082406 copy-L.jpg
P4082407 copy-L.jpg

A super nice and very big shower. I'm not sure if you can tell or not...but the floor of the shower was stones. I have seen this trend before in homes but honestly, I'm not too sure I'm digging the way it felt on my tired feet. LOL Nothing against those that may have it, it just wasn't for me.

P4082409 copy-L.jpg
P4082410 copy-L.jpg

Looking into the bedroom from the bathroom.

P4082411 copy-L.jpg
P4082412 copy-L.jpg

Our view

P4082416 copy-L.jpg
P4082513 copy-L.jpg

This place was just awesome. The space was nice and big in each room, it had everything we needed, the bathroom was awesome, the separate bedroom was great, the sofa pulled out into a bed (which actually wasn't hard as a rock with a thin mattress like most), I loved the little work area for my homework, and ceiling fans everywhere. Most of all...the a/c worked and worked great!


This is definitely a place I could actually spend the entire week in and have no problem with it. I would highly recommend this place! I hope to come back and stay here again.



So let's take a look upstairs on the roof top. Yes, there's an elevator in this place!!


A nice big outdoor couch to relax on (and yes, I would do just that at night).

Lots of bushes and flowers to make it feel nice up here. I only wished that they had some umbrellas for the tables.

P4082423 copy-L.jpg
P4082424 copy-L.jpg

It looks to have a sink and area for cooking.

P4082426 copy-L.jpg

Leading back toward the elevators. There was plenty of seating everywhere up there (and no mold on the cushions!)

P4082433 copy-L.jpg
P4082427 copy-L.jpg

And the other way. (It looks like some of the places had their own balconies if you look at both the picture above and below).

P4082429 copy-L.jpg

Looking down, our room was right there on the end.

P4082434 copy-L.jpg

So let's go inside now and check it out.


Here's the hallways leading to the rooms.

Also there is a stairway if you don't want to take the elevator

P4082435 copy-L.jpg
P4082436 copy-L.jpg
P4082440 copy-L.jpg
P4082438 copy-L.jpg

This is right outside the lobby area. They have a refrigerator to store stuff in (which I'm not sure what for since you have one in your room) but it said to not take something that belonged to someone else. They also have a coffee maker here as well.

P4082441 copy-L.jpg

Now it's hard to explain this place. There's the small lobby when you first walk in and then you open the door and you are at the area from the picture above. It felt kinda hot in there. Then I discovered why...this area was off to the side and it had an open roof. There were chairs and plants and a huge ceiling fan.  Here's a picture looking down from our room to the area above.

P4082442 copy-L.jpg
P4082503 copy-L.jpg

Here it is in the evening with the lights on. It even had floor lights. It's a pretty neat area.

IMG_4017 copy-L.jpg
P4082506 copy-L.jpg

They do have a restaurant on site. I never did see anyone eating in it. It does have the large doors/windows that open up to outside, so it is hot in there.

P4082443 copy-L.jpg

This is the "CanterKitty". He kinda either hangs outside, in the lobby or in the open area inside. He was usually sleeping on the outdoor sofa in that area...or trying to follow me into the elevator to upstairs at any given moment.

IMG_4019 copy-L.jpg

And last but not least...what you will pay for a place like this (at least when we went).

P4112845 copy-L.jpg

Our place was called a French Balcony Suite. It also had a door right beside our door to come in that would allow you to open it up to an adjoining room if you had others staying with you. I thought that was great, especially with this layout.

Once we were settled in and had checked out our wonderful room, we were all pretty hungry and decided to head out and find some lunch.

P4082444 copy-L.jpg

We walked down the street and around the corner.


Sakari absolutely LOVES Subway and she begged to go here for lunch. It's not really my idea of experiencing new things when we are away, but I was too hot, tired and hungry to fight her on it and it was very close.

P4082445 copy-L.jpg

We tried to order and they were out of everything I would try to pick, from the bread I wanted, to bacon and so on. So I got what I could and finally we were getting our bellies full. This building was open to an ice cream place next door too.

P4082446 copy-L.jpg

Outside, there was another park. Sakari decided to call this pigeon park #2. Also a man selling popcorn and cotton candy.

P4082447 copy-L.jpg
P4082448 copy-L.jpg

Right next door was a local grocery store. We went in to check it out and see if they had pop there. They did and we decided after we explored a little more, we would come back and grab some to take to our hotel.

P4082451 copy-L.jpg
P4082452 copy-L.jpg

We did a little shopping along the way to...where ever it was that we were walking to.

P4082453 copy-L.jpg

Hey, I remember this little park with the fountains the last time we were here.

P4082455 copy-L.jpg
P4082458 copy-L.jpg
P4082456 copy-L.jpg

I decided I wanted to keep going and head down toward the "Presidents" area like we did last time.

P4082459 copy-L.jpg
P4082460 copy-L.jpg
P4082461 copy-L.jpg
P4082462 copy-L.jpg
P4082464 copy-L.jpg
P4082466 copy-L.jpg
P4082468 copy-L.jpg
P4082465 copy-L.jpg
P4082467 copy-L.jpg
P4082469 copy-L.jpg
P4082470 copy-L.jpg

Whew, we finally made it to the Presidents. It was a much longer walk this time because we are staying a little further away than last time.

P4082471 copy-L.jpg
P4082473 copy-L.jpg