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MITSUGIRLY has a JEWEL of a time on my 1st RC cruise in years!

Day 7: Grenada

Friday: GRENADA: Discover Scuba Diving and our first time here.


After a lot of research with the vendors here, we ended up booking with Native Spirit. They were pretty much the only choice we had because it was 11 days before Sakari's 10th birthday, which still made her 9 years old and all of the vendors (except Native Spirit) would not allow her to do the DSD with us. But, they agreed since she was just days away, she has been diving for 1 year and 6 months, she has officially obtained her "MASTER PADI seal" completion AND she has done 4 ocean dives so far. Yippee!!! I also had to find a vendor that would take us JUST to the statues. That was all that I was interested in.


This morning I woke up at .... you guessed it, 6:30am, just like every other day this week. I went up to get some pop to get my caffeine started...and of course the doors to the buffet area are closed. UGH! So, I walk around to the glass doors and figured I'd just endure the stares from the staff just like every other day this week....ONLY>>>>THIS TIME THEY WERE LOCKED TOO! Alright now I'm upset. Really? I paid for this package and can't even get my pop when I want. They really need to put the pop machines OUTSIDE of an area that is locked before 7am, between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner and after 9pm. Like seriously. They put an area outside of the buffet (where the sliding glass doors are) for those to get coffee in the mornings, but not everyone drinks coffee! I feel ripped off!


I went back to the room to wake up the fam and headed back up to the buffet and straight to the pop machine at 7am.


TODAY...the buffet was super crowded. I had never seen it like this before. Everyone must like Grenada and everyone was getting off? Something was going on. There wasn't even any chairs available and we had to circle around for quite some time to find a spot to eat at. I had my "normal" breakfast and headed outside to the pool area to exchange my towels again.


I met up with Kia on the deck and she informed me that she was not allowed to drop of Xander at the kids club until 9am. We were to meet our vendor for our scuba excursion today at 8:30am. So...the plan was for us to get off, meet the vendor, beg and plead for them to stay and even throw in a little bit of tears if needed, so that they would wait on Kia. Then I told Kia where to go to find us and to be looking for the boat at the dock. She said if she didn't find us and we left, she'd know they couldn't wait on her.


We got off the ship at 8:15am.

P4061888 copy-L.jpg

Had our picture taken and headed down the pier.

P4061889 copy-L.jpg
P4061893 copy-L.jpg
P4061892 copy-L.jpg
P4061894 copy-L.jpg

We were winding our way out of the building. A lot of things weren't open yet.

P4061895 copy-L.jpg

I tell Sakari not to talk to strangers, but she said this one was ok because he didn't talk.

P4061896 copy-L.jpg

We made it outside. what? Our instructions were to go to the ferry dock. So, I'm picturing a dock that looked like the ferry dock from Martinique...however, there wasn't one.

P4061897 copy-L.jpg

We seen a small dock with 2 boats there and you had to walk down these steps. I stopped to ask someone about "Native Way" and they pointed down the steps. Down we went and one boat pulled away to allow them to dock.

P4061898 copy-L.jpg

I guess this was our boat. If they expected me to "look" for their boat that said "Native Way", I would have never found it. It was on there so light.

P4061899 copy-L.jpg

I explained to them about the rest of our party and the babysitting and they said "no worries, we still have to wait on others that are going over for the snorkeling". Whew! I felt so much better. We got on the boat and waited.

P4061900 copy-L.jpg

Before long, a group arrived. They must have been the snorkelers. Couldn't they have walked slower? Still no sign of Kia and Michaela.


Finally I was told that they had to leave in order to get the snorkelers there in time for their excursion. I was heartbroken. But, one of the guys told me not to worry because he "would find her and bring her". They said they'd go drop us off and come back for her. I kept telling him that she is going to be looking for the boat and if she don't see it, she'll assume they left and she's not going. He also mentioned that he would possibly send a car. She's not going to be looking for a car either. This is not going well. I knew they'd never find her.


Off we went. Then I discovered that he hadn't even ask her name or a description or anything! (tear)

P4061902 copy-L.jpg
P4061906 copy-L.jpg

I felt helpless and so many thoughts were racing in my mind. I really wanted us to go diving together and it would have been Kia and Michaela's first time.

P4061907 copy-L.jpg

This would be the trip of learning how to jump off and on a boat while docked in the water. I tell ya, I'm getting good at it! Only this time, they went a little too far in. Oops.

P4061909 copy-L.jpg

This beach was beautiful!

P4061911 copy-L.jpg
P4061912 copy-L.jpg

The dive shop is located at a resort: Radisson Hotel. This is located on Grand Anse Beach. So any of you that may be going to Grenada for a beach day, this beach is awesome! If I ever go back...I'll probably return to this beach. It's just so gorgeous!

P4061913 copy-L.jpg

This is the dive shop.

P4061914 copy-L.jpg

We checked in with the lady at the front desk and she happened to be the lady that I had been emailing back and forth. We filled out our paperwork and told her about our situation. She said "No worries, my husband can find anyone". My reply was "but if she doesn't see the boat, she's going to think we left and go back to the ship". I mean he hadn't ask for her name, a description, ages...nothing. She could have been a little old lady with green hair and with her grandson for all they knew. She kept assuring me that they would find them. When I booked this excursion, they knew my name and how many people in the party and that was it.


We ask if there was any place to get something to drink and we were told about a little vendor in an area down the beach. We decided to head down there. Of course, I would take pictures along the way of this beautiful beach.

P4061916 copy-L.jpg

I love beaches that have palm trees and other trees along it for natural shade.I love beaches that have palm trees and other trees along it for natural shade.

P4061917 copy-L.jpg

Someone forgot to remove the tires years ago.

P4061919 copy-L.jpg
P4061920 copy-L.jpg
P4061921 copy-L (1).jpg

We made it to the vendor who had ice cold drinks. She told us $2 for a can of pop and $3 for juice. When I ask for diet, she told me $3. Um wait what? That's pop. She said "but it's DIET" ....and???? She tried to tell me that they don't make diet on the island and it has to be imported and cost more. So...they make the regular pop here on the island? Say what? So there's a Coke plant here on the island? Doubtful but whatever. The things I do for pop!

P4061922 copy-L.jpg
P4061923 copy-L.jpg
P4061924 copy-L.jpg
P4061925 copy-L.jpg

Back to the dive shop to wait around a little longer.

P4061926 copy-L.jpg

We sipped on our cold drinks on the porch of the dive shop and messaged our family back home. I told the kids I loved them if I didn't make it back and they told me I was crazy and everything would be fine.


My husbands post of me with the caption "My wife be on vacation like...Its ok hunni I looked up the reviews to this place"

P4061929 copy-L.jpg
P4061930 copy-L.jpg

Three ladies patrolling the area.

P4061931 copy-L.jpg

After awhile, the lady at the desk yelled out "They're on their way". Wait what? "They who?" She replies that her husband and the other half of my party will be here in a few minutes. "Are you serious? He found them?" She replies "He can find ANYONE! I told you".

P4061927 copy-L.jpg

Wow, honestly I didn't really believe it until I seen it with my own eyes. And then I did....

P4061928 copy-L.jpg

Now I'm pretty sure the story this lady and her husband had about finding Kia and Michaela was totally different than the real story. It's more like Kia found HIM. When she didn't see us around, she figured it was too late. However, decided to ask around about Native Spirit and someone happened to know them and picked up the phone and called him and he said he was there looking for her. HA! If it hadn't been for her asking someone, he would have never found her. There's just no way.


They got the scenic route on the way to the dive shop. Instead of coming over by boat, they came by car. The boat had to go out to take the snorkelers, which went to Flamingo Bay or something like that (where there is supposed to a garden of flamingo tongue snails in the area there, which I would have loved to see this, but that's not what we were here for).


So we were fitted with our gear and I think Kia was in a bit of a shock with how much this equipment weighs. Whew!

P4061932 copy-L.jpg

It was now around 10am and they took some chairs under some trees beside the scuba shop. It was time for "class".


It was all fun and games prior to sitting down for us. We had no idea what was in store for the next 20 minutes or so.

P4061933 copy-L.jpg

We were handed our books and we started filling them out with the test and questions. We have done this so many times now that we already know the right answers and honestly, most are just common sense.


Then the class started.


We faced him for the class and as he spoke, you didn't dare look away or he was telling you "look at me, not anywhere else. You need to focus". At one point I felt something on my foot and looked down...I got the stare and look at me. Another time Sakari was scratching and got yelled at. Again, something on my foot...I had ants crawling on me but I sat there like I was in the Army and standing at attention for fear that I would be yelled at and have to hit the floor and give him 10.


I have to admit that every DSD class we have done in the past, they made it interesting and fun and held your attention. This was strict, boring and a little intimidating. Oh except for this "thing" I noticed he had going on with Kia. wink wink


After going over the test, we were told to go back for the equipment. Our tanks were strapped on and then we were about to walk to the pool. Wait, where's this pool at? Over at the resort. Like...all the way over there. Oh boy. It was so hot and you couldn't walk on the sidewalk because it burned your feet and now we are carrying an extra 35 or so pounds on our back. Go us!


We headed over to the resort pool and there were a couple of kids swimming. It was time for our skills check off. I really thought I would like this a lot better than doing it in the ocean. We were told to sit on our bottoms with ours legs straight out. Now this is a hard thing for me to do in water with a tank attached. Let me sit Indian style or on my knees or whatever...but not this. I kept floating backwards and couldn't get sat back up. It was uncomfortable. It was such an awkward position. It was tiring and I was constantly fighting to try to stay up. I have no idea what we were accomplishing.


He went down the line telling us which skill to do and first Michaela freaked out and up she went. It took awhile to get used to it, but she finally did. We each did our skills and then came something new, out of the 4-5 DSD dives we've done, this is never something we've practiced.


We were told to throw our regular down and take his octopus and use it to breathe air. (For those that don't know, the octo is an extra regulator that everyone has in case of a buddy running out of air, you can share air). As he went down the line, sharing his air, people were bouncing up like they were just hooked up to a jet pack. All I could think of is "this is not going too well".


Then it was my turn. I took my regulator out, I put his in....BOOM...UP I WENT. I now knew why...his octo wasn't working right. I got a mouthful of water. Now we are not just talking a "mouthful" of water...think you are inhaling...and thinking you are inhaling air to take a breath...and instead, you are inhaling water straight down your throat without time to think about it or stop the flow. I gulped. I swallowed it and it was disgusting. If you could have only seen that would have been disgusted too. We kept telling him it wasn't working right. He thought it was us.


Finally he checked it for himself and discovered that it wasn't screwed on all the way and tightened. AH HA! Maybe you should trust your students.


Next up...we were told to start swimming around the parameter of the pool and to follow each other. Well, the problem was, this water was so nasty and cloudy that you couldn't see the person in front of you OR the wall. I know I ran into it once and Sakari said she did the same. I couldn't tell if I was headed in the right direction or not. It was so weird.


We finally got out and walked back to the dive shop. Sakari was the only one that didn't have to carry her equipment. Ah to be young and little again.


It was finally time to get on the boat and head out to the scuba site. Oh boy...

P4061934 copy-L (1).jpg

It was now about 11:45am. On the way there, Sakari was enjoying her ride up front.

P4061936 copy-L.jpg

So then they made her move back by daddy. I guess it was ok to ride there on the way from the ferry dock to the dive shop but not from the dive shop to the dive site? Weird.

P4061937 copy-L.jpg

We arrived at the sculptures dive site within 15 minutes. It's just right past the cruise ship port.


There were people there snorkeling and also some people in kayaks.

P4061938 copy-L.jpg

So we have arrived at the statues. My anxiety was building on the way there but I was trying to not think about things by laughing and joking around with everyone.


Then we are told to gear up and then he looked at me and said "you first, come here". He took me toward the back of the boat and told me to sit down. He said "now hold your mask" and grabbed both my shoulders. I felt the slightest little tilt coming on and I jumped up. "Wait, what are you doing???" He said he was pushing me off....BACKWARDS!!! :o your not are you crazy?????!!!! He said, "yep, you are going off backwards". Ohhhh no I'm not! Panic mode set in and at that point we were arguing back and forth about how I was/wasn't going to do this. I mean why can I just jump off the back or slide in?


So, the hubby said "I'll go first". This scuba thing doesn't seem to bother him at all and you'd think it would because of his ears.


He sat beside me and I turned the camera toward him and he was already flopping backwards. :o

P4061939 copy-L.jpg

They kept telling me not to worry because my bsc was inflated and it's not like I was going to flop in and sink to the bottom. Well I know this, but still!!!


At this point Sakari ran to the front of the boat "I'm not doing that!" Now I felt bad for freaking her out about it. I HAD to do it darnit.


Ok, here we wait. Not yet. Gulp. Ok, I'm wait. OMG, just do it! Kerplunk and over I went. WOO HOO...that was actually fun!!! I can't believe I was so worked up about it. I enjoyed it. I wanted to do it again! LOL


Then came Michaela while Kia looked on in excitement...or fear, I wasn't sure which one her reaction was with the flailing hands and arms.



Up next was Kia. But no worries, if she didn't make it, I'm sure he would have gently swooped her up in his arms and carried her off the boat. hehe

P4061942 copy-L.jpg

Kia going off the boat (video)

She thought it was fun too. Up next was Sakari. She was still hiding in the front of the boat and around the corner. She was screaming she wasn't doing it. She said she wasn't diving now. She had some alligator tears in her eyes I could tell by her voice trembling. I felt so bad because I'm the one that she is supposed to look up to and find comfort in and reassurance. I had failed at the good mommy part today. I felt so bad. I kept assuring her that it was fun and not at all scary. She wasn't having it. She had she was not going to dive. Then the stern parent kicked in..."oh yes you are! Get in here".

P4061944 copy-L.jpg

This was the only way they were getting her in....(video)

But hey, she made it right? I still wanted to know if we could climb back on the boat and flop off again. I'm pretty sure he gave me this "really??" look like "you made such a big deal of it the first time and you think I'll let you do it again?" look.

I have learned that diving from a boat seems to go a little better for me because if we are in an area and there's things for me to concentrate on below me, it takes my mind off of things that are racing in my head.


So immediately I look down to try to focus on what's under me and start taking pictures...only there wasn't really a lot there. A few fish and some rocks. Nothing too interesting. Honestly, I didn't expect to see much as far as fish or coral. We were diving this place strictly for the sculptures and it was one of the big attractions here in Granada.

P4061947 copy-L.jpg

I also thought this place would be good because I already knew it wasn't in too deep of water. There wasn't any drop offs or walls or anything that I thought would freak me out. I believe I had read it's only around 15-20 feet down and figured it would be an easy dive for everyone.


Then I see him (Adrien) start to let the air out of my hubby's bcd and he went under. (Every DSD is different. Some won't let you control your own BCD and others want you to control it. This one wouldn't let you). Then they did Sakari. Two down, three to go. Time to run...or swim.


I was up next, he came over to let out my air and I was like "wait, you are doing it right here? No" I need to get to the line. Last scuba we did they had us hold on to the line and they let our air out and we went down the line to the bottom. This time they were just trying to do it out in the open. I wasn't having it. I needed something to hold on to for safety. I'm just not to that point. He kept asking me "where you going?" I told him to the line. So Kia was closer to him that meant she was next in line to go under. (Sorry Kia, that's what you get for being over there by Mr Deflater).


I made it to the line and our guide was Dextroy and he let the air out of my bsc. Then they did Michaela. Michaela and I were both hanging onto the line and not letting go. I kept telling him to wait...I wasn't ready. Gosh why am I like this? I love the ocean so much so why do I have such an issue in the beginning? UGH!


I look over and Adrien is holding Kia and Sakari's hands and swimming away and Dextroy took mine and Michaela's hands and off we went. The hubby...well, he was just doing his own thing.

P4061949 copy-L.jpg

Finally we (well I know I did) felt comfortable enough to let go (honestly, I just wanted to focus on taking pictures and that would get me through my anxiety). Then somehow Michael and Kia ended up with Adrien.

P4061948 copy-L.jpg
P4061950 copy-L.jpg

Sakari was having some issues and now Dextroy was dealing with her. I had no idea what was going on but seen her go up several times.


Meanwhile...these guys were going deeper and deeper and seemed to be doing good.

P4061951 copy-L.jpg

I was trying to take a bunch of pictures of Kia and Michaela because the day before (in Barbados), when we were swimming with the turtles, Kia got back to the boat and noticed her camera lid was open. It soaked the inside of her camera and the sd card and she no longer had a camera or pictures from the cruise. I brought all 3 of our cameras with me and meant to hand her one to use but in the commotion of Adrien trying to throw me overboard in the beginning...I completely forgot to tell her to grab it. Darnit.

I spotted something in the distance...could it be? No, no way, it couldn't be...the Nutmeg Princess?


Yep, it sure was. It was nothing like I expected. For some reason I thought it was much much bigger. I also thought that we would be going down and exploring around it and getting some good pictures. All we did was pass over top of it and kept going. Wait, this is not what I signed up for! I want pictures! I only managed to get 1 picture. Boo!

P4061952 copy-L.jpg

21st July 2015 – The Nutmeg Princess has been added to the world’s first underwater sculpture park at Moliniere Bay in Grenada. The statue depicts Grenada’s first fairy tale princess emerging from a large nutmeg pod, reaching to the heavens with a handful of Grenada’s most famed spice, the nutmeg. The 11-foot tall sculpture was inspired by the 1992 book The Nutmeg Princess by Grenadian author/playwright Richardo Keens-Douglas and designed by artist Lene Kilde

Just a little selfie along the way...

P4061955 copy-M.jpg

So there was a few fish and coral along the way...just not much, which I expected there wouldn't be much anyhow.  A few parrot fish and blue surgeon tangs.

P4061957 copy-M.jpg
P4061960 copy-M.jpg
P4061961 copy-M.jpg

Notice all the dots? Yea, I had my flash on and didn't realize it.

P4061963 copy-M.jpg

More coral along the way...

P4061964 copy-L.jpg
P4061965 copy-L.jpg
P4061967 copy-L.jpg

I think these pictures have a super weird look (color) to them. Maybe that's what happens when you have the flash on? I'm not sure. I have never tried to scuba with the flash on and that far down. It's a really weird blue-green look to it.


A four-eyed butterfly fish in this picture below.

P4061968 copy-L.jpg

Then I started seeing....people? this this circle of people? Seriously?? What the heck happened to it? This was the reason I wanted to come here. I'm pretty sure this is the reason most people come here and this is what it looks like? Shouldn't they tell you about this?

A little about the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park:


This underwater park was created in 2006 by Jason deCaires Taylor. He wanted to engage the local people with the underwater environment by using his art, derived from life casts of the local community. These concrete figures were created and installed on the ocean floor. Most are some form of human. It is placed on the sandy ocean floor and was also created to aid in creating more reefs and to relieve the pressure on the natural reefs close to Flamingo Bay. There are over 65 concrete individual sculptures that cover 800 square meters. It can be accessed by either St Georges main port or Grand Anse Bay, both by boat only.


The coral reef around Grenada suffered damage from Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Emily in 2005. Only 10-15% of the seabed has a substratum solid enough for natural reefs to grow upon. It can take between 10 to 80 years for hard coral to develop. These sculptures are designed to promote coral growth using techniques to reduce the pH of the cement, which encourages coral polyps to attach onto the surface and grow.


Over time, the tides will enhance the texture and new inhabitants will grow.


There are several sculptures within the park and new sculptures are being added. I will give a description of each sculpture and their history as I encounter it within my review. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did.



So first up was a circle of people. I had no idea that they were falling over and had not read anything or seen any pictures prior to the trip about them falling over. I was a little shocked to say the least.

P4061970 copy-L.jpg
P4061971 copy-L.jpg

I'm kicking myself for having the flash on. It pretty much ruined most of these pictures.


Then there was a small circle of people, which were in good shape and not falling down. Still, I can not find anything online about this small circle either.

P4061973 copy-L.jpg

I'm really not sure what this circle was supposed to be about and I can't really find information online about this particular circle.

P4061974 copy-L.jpg

You could definitely see the coral growth taking place it has been there for awhile.

P4061975 copy-L.jpg

Maybe they are not moving them and repairing them to be put back in place because of the coral growth.

P4061976 copy-L.jpg
P4061977 copy-L.jpg

Well hello there Kia! She was diving like a pro now and no more hand-holding.

P4061978 copy-L.jpg
P4061981 copy-L.jpg

The only thing I can come up with is this is the circle of children.


The first sculptures were constructed mainly of cement, which has been damaged by the conditions of the seas, and despite attempted repairs the Circle of Children in particular has suffered damage and collapsed in places. The replacement 26 Children are currently being built, using more durable materials, including a more substantial interlocking marine-grade concrete base, ph neutral micro silica, and fibreglass reinforcing. The entire piece will weigh roughly 5200 kilograms (11,464 pounds)… this should provide a long-term solution for both marine life and visitors to the site!

It looked like a graveyard here. There were bodies everywhere. Little did I know, I was actually seeing something I had no clue about.

P4061979 copy-L.jpg

These "dead bodies" were actually called "Grace Reef". It was installed in 2006, at a depth of 12 feet. There were 16 concrete statues cast from the body of a local Grenadian woman and positioned lying down on the sea floor. This is an extensive sandy area within the reef. They are exposed in an area that has direction and strengths of currents that the sand beds will completely cover the work and you cannot see any of them...or they will be completely exposed and fully visible.


So...since we were seeing them, I guess we got lucky.

P4061982 copy-L.jpg
P4061983 copy-L.jpg
P4061984 copy-L.jpg

Then we were moving on...

P4061985 copy-L.jpg

We sure did see a lot of squirrel fish this cruise. They were just everywhere.

P4061987 copy-L.jpg

I still see Sakari over there struggling and Dextroy trying to help her...and not letting go of her. I started to wonder if this might be the problem. She does NOT like anyone holding her. She says it's hard to swim that way (even though when scuba diving you don't use your arms/hands) and she feels like she's being pulled along and going sideways.

P4061988 copy-L.jpg

Poor Sakari, she just wasn't having a good experience (and she's usually the pro at this).

P4061989 copy-L.jpg

She would later tell me it was an issue with her mask. It wasn't sealing very good and he adjusted it...only when he adjusted it, it got really loose and caused it to flood over and over. Ugh! Then she said that every 1-2 minutes he was giving her the "are you ok" (thumbs up) symbol and she'd give it back, but then said he'd keep doing it and getting up in her face. She said "I done told him I was fine over and over and it was annoying every time he got in my face. I couldn't even swim because he wouldn't stop". Poor baby. I told her that he had to be sure that she was ok...especially if she was having issues with her mask.

We came up and around a corner and headed toward a small valley. Had my husband not pointed, I think I would have missed the next sculpture...which was one of the main reasons Sakari wanted to go here.


THE MERMAID!!! (Once again, I pictured it to be a lot bigger than it was. You could easily pass this by and not know it and I'm pretty sure Kia did just that).


The mermaid was created by a local craftsman named Troy Lewis. She lies on her side, so she doesn't stand tall and it's easy to miss her.


Can you see her?

P4061990 copy-L.jpg

Good thing she was pointed out to me or I wouldn't have been able to come around and get closer for some better pictures.

P4061992 copy-L.jpg

Sakari was able to see her and that made her day.

P4061993 copy-L.jpg
P4061997 copy-L.jpg

So...I had no idea what this was and once we got home and I ask Sakari if she had seen it, she informed me "That's like a submarine the sand is supposed to be the ocean and the water above it is where the submarine is sticking out of the water". Hmm, I wasn't buying it.

Here's the real info on it:

This piece was also created by local Troy Lewis and are influenced by the form of the intricate Petroglyphs and ceremonial carvings made by early Amerindian tribes. It was thought that the Caribs created these stone carvings to represent their belief in many gods controlling the sun and moon as well as plant and animal life. There were 14 sculptures made total. They are re-creations of traditional Arawak Art with Zemis and tokens of worship.

P4061998 copy-L.jpg

And Sakari is still being held by Dextroy but as far as I could tell, she was doing just fine.

P4061999 copy-L.jpg
P4062000 copy-L.jpg

A little more coral here and there. Still, not many fish.

P4062001 copy-L.jpg

Still being held.

P4062002 copy-L.jpg

Daddy was busy exploring.

P4062003 copy-L.jpg

I felt so bad for Sakari. I knew she was struggling with her feelings and emotions about being held on to. I completely understand Dextroys concern and being responsible for her and all but I do know that Sakari would have done much better had he just let go of her and stayed beside her. My anxiety increases when I first go in the water and getting used to it. Sakari's anxiety increases once she's been in the water for a long period of time and she's still being held on to.

P4062005 copy-L.jpg

Here's a video of all of us. Adrien was leading us to the next sculpture. Kia and Michaela were paired up and Sakari and Dextroy ahead of me. I'm trying to watch everyone and I look back for daddy...and he's gone!



Oh wait, he's below me. LOL Well that's probably a first. Do you see him on the bottom of the ocean???? Wow! He's usually up at the top! I guess his new mask with ear covers actually work! I couldn't wait to hear his report on how they worked out. I'm so happy he was getting to enjoy himself this time around with no worries about an ear infection.

Up next was a praying woman. I have seen her pictures online before, but there's absolutely no information on her or what her name is. Everyone just seems to call her "Praying Woman".

P4062008 copy-L.jpg
P4062009 copy-L.jpg
P4062010 copy-L (1).jpg
P4062011 copy-L.jpg

FINALLY....there is was! The people I was looking for. So, I was totally confused at this point. Not knowing what the first "people" we came across was and thinking that it was this instead. I was devastated that they were all torn up and I had never seen anything stating they were no longer standing.


Now I know why...this is totally different.


This is called Vicissitudes. It was installed in 2007 and is around 14 feet deep in the water. This was also done by Taylor and is the most recognized sculpture in the park. It has 26 standing people (children), of different ethnic backgrounds, that are holding hands and facing outwards into the current. It took over 6 months to make and was constructed to withstand strong currents and tidal motion. The ring symbolizes the concept of life's ongoing cycle and the importance of creating a sustainable and well managed environment for future generations. The children show the ability to adapt to their surroundings and any environment as the sea embraces them and they become a part of their new environment.

P4062018 copy-L.jpg

Oh boy...she broke loose finally.

P4062019 copy-L.jpg
P4062017 copy-L.jpg

At some point, I must have discovered my flash was on because the pictures got better by the time I got here (and a little before).


Sakari had told me before we left for vacation that when we went here, she wanted to go down the middle of the people and get a picture. She was on a mission!

P4062013 copy-L.jpg

I thought the pose she decided on was funny.

P4062016 copy-L.jpg
P4062015 copy-L.jpg
P4062014 copy-L.jpg

Now my original thought was to go down and stand on the ocean floor and take pictures with the people. Possibly "join" the circle in the opening or go in the middle like Sakari thought about. But, Adrien started heading around the people (and I thought we were going to circle them and figured I'd use this opportunity to get close ups of them and really check them out).

P4062021 copy-L.jpg
P4062022 copy-L.jpg

I was circling around them and checking each out and snapping pictures as I went along.

P4062023 copy-L.jpg

It was so neat to see the growth on them and what shapes they had taken. I particularly liked this one. She looked like she had lipstick on with the coral over the mouth.

P4062024 copy-L.jpg

Holding hands

P4062025 copy-L.jpg
P4062026 copy-L.jpg
P4062027 copy-L (1).jpg
P4062028 copy-L.jpg

I looked up and everyone was gone! Wait...where did they go???

P4062029 copy-L.jpg

I thought we were circling them and getting better close up pictures. I thought I could get some pictures of us with them. What the heck. It felt so rushed! The entire trip felt rushed.


There was some type of bench over here. I'm not sure what it was for. I had seen divers go over and take a picture sitting on it before. I guess I wasn't going to get any pictures like I wanted.

P4062030 copy-L.jpg

I caught a glimpse of Kia and Michaela off in the distance and instead of going around the circle sculpture, they went straight. I hurried to get caught up.


A few fish to keep me company.

P4062031 copy-L.jpg

At this point, I decided to take a picture of my gauges. I knew we weren't very deep at this point, but still wanted some type of record. This type of gauge records the deepest you have went during the dive and I liked that.

P4062032 copy-L.jpg

Hmm, looks like we had been down at least 34-35 feet.


Some of the coral and our surroundings at this point.

P4062033 copy-L.jpg
P4062034 copy-L.jpg
P4062040 copy-L.jpg
P4062035 copy-L.jpg

Actually a few fish in this area.

P4062041 copy-L.jpg

All of a sudden Adrien started pointing at something. He kept looking at us to get our attention and pointing. I'm really struggling to see what the heck it was. I'm thinking an eel or maybe a shrimp or something really cool.

P4062042 copy-L.jpg

Can you see it? It was a feather duster! Awww man! I thought it was going to be something cool. I can see a feather duster everywhere I go snorkeling. When I'm in the ocean scuba diving, I'm hoping to see something really cool! He touched it. It retracted like they do and then I knew what it was he was pointing at.


On we went...

P4062043 copy-L.jpg

We came to this valley of sand. It was very weird and spooky looking. Hmm, I wonder what it leads to.

P4062038 copy-L.jpg

Oh, now I see it.

P4062046 copy-L.jpg

It was so weird how it was dark and dreary along the edges with the rocks and coral. Then in the middle all sand and it opened up to above with the sun beaming in.

P4062048 copy-L (1).jpg

This is the "Christ of the Deep" statue. This was designed by Troy Lewis. It is a replica of the "Christ of the Deep" statue donated by the Costa Cruise Lines to thank the Grenadian people for their generosity all those years ago in opening their homes up and rescuing over 600 people from the sinking luxury liner Bianca C in 1961.

P4062050 copy-L.jpg
P4062049 copy-L.jpg

Now take a good look at the base of the Christ statue. Someone pointed out that looks like a skeleton head with some type of sun-like halo around it. Do you see it? On the map of the area, it does say that there is a statue called La Diablesse, which has a halo like this. Could that statue have been there once? It would have been neat to see. (The following is not my pictures of it). Also, if you look at the second picture, in the background, you'll see that the rocks behind it are shaped the same too.


P4062051 copy-L.jpg

Then I spotted "The Lost Correspondent". He was installed back in 2006, in about 22 feet of water. His designer is Jason Taylor. He is a man who is sitting at his desk working with his hands over an "antique" typewriter and relic of being passed over by modern technology. The surface desk is supposed to be covered with a selection of newspaper articles that date back to the 1970s with some political significance from the Cuban alignment before the revolution.

P4062052 copy-L.jpg
P4062054 copy-L.jpg

Another selfie with the hubs...I look like a dude! A dude with bubbles in my hair. What the heck?

P4062055 copy-L.jpg

A few fish I have never seen before.

P4062058 copy-L.jpg
P4062060 copy-L.jpg

Adrien pointed up and we started to go up...

P4062061 copy-L.jpg

Everyone was at the top and he ask us how we liked it. It was amazing! But I kept this it? There were so many other sculptures that I remember seeing online that we hadn't seen. Maybe I missed it? (Nope, confirmed by the rest of the family that I saw what they saw). Hmmm.


So we didn't see The Unstill Life-which was a still life model of a table, vase and fruit bowl. We didn't see The Fall From Grace, which was a guy riding a bicycle (and I really wanted to see that). We didn't see Tam CC Project, which was 18 heads fixed to a rock. We didn't see Sienna, which is a metal structure that allows water currents to flow through the body of the sculpture. And we didn't see La Diablesse (lady with the skull face and brimmed hat).


I did find this "map" of sculpture park.


So looking at the things that I missed and looking at the things I did see...I'm not sure how I missed most of them. The only one in question might be the Tam CC (which are the heads) and only because they were so far over and maybe we just didn't go that way. But we went as far as Grace coming back (or even going there), we should have seen Fall from Grace (the bike), La Diablesse (the skull). Then we should have passed Unstill life (table) between the Lost Correspondent (typewriter) and Vicissitudes (the circle of children).


I guess I must have been the first one on the boat and managed to get this picture. Do you notice that Dextroy is wearing Sakari's pink goggles? How and when did that happen???

P4062064 copy-L.jpg
P4062065 copy-L.jpg

Michaela made it back on the boat and said she enjoyed it.

P4062067 copy-L.jpg

I still couldn't believe it was over. It felt so quick. I felt like we had just went down and we were coming back up. On all of our other dives, it felt like we were down there for hours only to find out it would be like 45 minutes to an hour or so. This didn't feel like it normally did.

P4062069 copy-L.jpg

I ask how long we dove and was told 30 minutes. Really? That's it? That's the end of the dive? It's the shortest dive EVER! I was really disappointed. It was expensive (like all dives are) and I kinda felt like I didn't get my monies worth for such a short period of time and didn't even get to see everything! I checked my pictures times from the beginning to the end...and indeed, it was only 30 minutes.


I could tell when Sakari got back on the boat that she was upset about the entire thing...from getting in to having issues with her goggles, to being held, to possibly missing things. But I cheered her on and told her what a good job she did and "did you see that ____" and "wasn't that ____ so neat?" and so on. Before long she was smiling and feeling better about her dive. She did inform me during her struggles with her mask and we were ahead of her, she got to see a snowflake eel. Darnit...I missed that too! Dextroy told me "you need to get her a real mask for diving", just because hers is pink, doesn't mean it's not a "real" dive mask. It was bought at our dive shop and suggested by her instructor. It didn't come from Walmart honey!

P4062071 copy-L.jpg

They did ask us if we wanted to go back to the ship or back to the beach (since they would be passing the ship on the way back). We had decided ahead of time that we would like to spend some time on the beach since it was so beautiful and we had plenty of time still left. I mean at that point, it wasn't even 1pm yet.

P4062075 copy-L.jpg
P4062079 copy-L.jpg

We arrived at the shop and was washing our equipment and trying to decide what to do. They were kind of going back and forth about the times they would return us to the ship. At one point they said 4:30pm and I told them that was too late and we had to be back on the ship by then. Another time they said something about 1:30pm. Well, that was only about another 30 minutes so...what good would that do? It seemed as though they only had 1 boat for transportation. Us getting back to the ship pretty much depended on their other snorkeling trips going out and coming back in.

P4062080 copy-L.jpg

The next group of snorkelers were signing in and getting ready to go out. We needed to make a decision quick. It was unanimous that we would just head back to the ship and not deal with "when" we'd be able to go back.

We headed back down to get some drinks from the lady that couldn't make up her mind if the pop was $2 or $3 and I would take a few more pictures of this beautiful beach.

P4062083 copy-L.jpg
IMG_3965 copy-L.jpg
IMG_3964 copy-L.jpg
IMG_3966 copy-L.jpg

By the time they got all of the snorkelers gathered and situated on the boat it was now about 1:45pm and we were headed back to the ferry dock by the ship.


The hubby photo-bombing Kia and Michaela

P4062085 copy-L.jpg
P4062084 copy-L.jpg

Walking back to the ship. I was so glad it was such a short walk. It was hot out and I was a little tired...even from only a 30 minute dive.

P4062087 copy-L.jpg
P4062088 copy-L.jpg
P4062090 copy-L.jpg
P4062091 copy-L.jpg

We did do a little shopping before heading back and found myself a tee shirt (that I try to get from every place we've been) and a magnet. I was sad that I couldn't find a dive magnet this time around.


It was now 2:33pm and we headed to the ship.


Here's our picture from the day (even though RC is VERY slow on getting pictures out daily. Every ship I have ever been on has their pictures out within hours but RC won't have the pictures done from that day until the following day. Weird).

P4112789 copy-L (1).jpg

Another log in our books. This will make Sakari's 5th ocean dive. Now one thing they did say to me is not to date her paperwork, since she was actually only 9 years old. They said they would date it for April 17th, on her birthday, as the date she did the dive. They didn't want to get in trouble with PADI for letting her go with us.


However...notice the date they put on her paperwork...Also, notice they put she went down 15 feet on here (legally she can only go down to 12' if you are on the PADI Seal team certified until 10 years old and only 6' if you have no experience).

P4112862 copy-L.jpg

Then notice they also put that days date on her other book as well AND they put that she went down 25' on it! Of course they have 25' for all of us and we all know we were down at least 34-35' according to my gauges and I have the picture to prove it.

P4112863 copy-L.jpg

But hey, another for the books out of the way!


I'm just glad we'll never have to deal with this again. She's now 10 years old and I'll never have to search for a dive shop that will take her with us. She can legally go now on the DSD trips and down to 40'. No more searching for me! No more taking a company only because they will take her! I can actually find a company that everyone recommends and have a choice of things. I've waited for this day for the last 2 years and it's finally here! Woo hoo!



Grenada was a beautiful place. Grand Anse Beach was absolutely stunning and definitely the type of place I would go to hang out at! Hopefully we'll get back there one day.


The diving was definitely different than anything we have experienced before. But I knew that going in. Very little fish and coral in the area, but that's not what I went for so I wasn't disappointed in that aspect.


I was very pleased with what I saw there, but was a little disappointed that we didn't see it all. I was very disappointed in the time frame we got for diving. 30 minutes was just ridiculous for that kind of money! If they would have showed us everything and not been so rushed, it would have been worth it.


I did feel VERY rushed during the process. We had 2 instructors with us and since Adrien was taking care of Kia and Michaela and Dextroy was busy dealing with Sakari, that left me and the hubby to try to figure out on our own what to look for. I felt that we were a little too "split up" as far as distances. Adrien was so far ahead of us that I feel like we were missing things. Maybe Kia can confirm if they were able to see anything that I might have missed.


For the time we had diving, I felt like we could have just went around another time and seen it again (and maybe anything we missed) since we had the hang of this finally. OR slowed down some and had more time at the ones we did see. I don't know. It just wasn't as I had expected. I like to take my time and actually LOOK at things and take pictures. Not just pass over it quickly and keep going. You miss a lot that way. I also had all these plans in my head to take pictures of each other WITH the statues. Cute poses and so on. I was disappointed that didn't happen as well because we were so rushed and I couldn't keep up let alone have time for that. :(


I'm hoping there will be a next time in the future to repeat this and do it right!


But, if you have ever thought of trying out scuba and want to do a DSD, this is definitely a good place to start. Fairly shallow water, beautiful sculptures, very interesting place and the water was easy to swim in with not much of a current (at least when we went). We did not have to fight a current at all here (like we have in past dives). I felt it was an excellent place for a beginner to dive. I know a lot of people come here to snorkel, but I'm not so sure you would really get to see some of the things that we did (especially like the mermaid) because they were so small...or even things that we didn't see, like the heads. I can't imagine being able to see them too great if you were snorkeling and the pictures...well, I can't imagine getting great pictures from that depth either if you're at the top. But that's just my opinion.

We decided to head to the buffet for some lunch, since we hadn't ate.

P4062093 copy-L.jpg

Everything was good like always.


I was craving a salad. Where is the shredded cheese at on these ships???

P4062092 copy-L.jpg

We all hung out at the pool and Sakari swam some more. She just can't get enough water time and I was enjoying the adult time.

P4062095 copy-L.jpg
P4062094 copy-L.jpg

We hung out until 5:30pm and then said our goodbyes and headed to the room to get a quick shower and dressed for the night.


The look I get when I tell her it's time to go.

P4062097 copy-L.jpg

On our way back down to the room, we happened to be on the glass elevator facing the Atrium. Sakari noticed some face painting going on and she wanted her done.


She was the last in a long time to have hers done and she knew exactly what she wanted.

P4062108 copy-L.jpg
P4062111 copy-L.jpg
P4062112 copy-L.jpg

She loved it.

P4062115 copy-L.jpg

Then she was off to the kids club for some fun with munchkins her own size. Daddy and I had other plans and honestly, she really acted like she didn't want to go to the kids club. I don't think she was really enjoying it this time around. But, our plans didn't involve pint sized mini-me's so...she completely understood and said she'd go so we could go have some fun.

Off to the adult-only Solarium we went. I couldn't believe that this entire cruise we hadn't made it back here to swim and tonight was going to be the night!


On our way...they were playing some old movies.

P4062119 copy-L.jpg

There wasn't anyone in the pool and the life guard was standing on the edge patrolling the....water with no one in it.

P4062125 copy-L.jpg
P4062127 copy-L.jpg

That water was COLD! Almost too cold for it to be comfortable. I also felt a little uneasy about being watched. The life guard did not take his eyes off us when we were in there. It felt weird.

P4062128 copy-L.jpg

We finally decided to try out the hot tub. The pool water was just too cold.


As we were getting in, two other ladies were getting out and they warned us that it was super hot and it was hard to stay in because of the very strong odor of chlorine.

P4062134 copy-L.jpg

They wasn't exaggerating either. The smell of chlorine was so strong that it started burning our eyes and nose. We tried to endure it for as long as we could...but it just wasn't working out well. It was time to go. The pool was cold the hot tub was hot and smelly. Whew. Not the experience we were hoping for, but I guess at least we could say we did it.


We headed back to the room to get out of the chlorine infested smelling clothes and headed to the casino.

I have to say that we made a good choice of coming to the casino tonight. There wasn't many people there and we both did pretty good.


My go-to game on this cruise was Alice and there were 2 of them. I liked the one on the very end of that row. She treated me well right after sitting down. I cashed out and moved on.


I hadn't done well on the other Alice game, but figured either way, I'd try $10 in it and see what it did. Inserted my money and then...


Cashed out and moved on. Next up was a wolf game, Carnival Rio and Heidi's beer Haus games and did fairly decent on least I walked away with a tad bit more than I put in them after some bonus rounds came up.


I decided to try another one of my go-to games to see how it did. Not huge wins, but decent enough to keep me playing for a long time.


I had to stop because it was time to pick Sakari up from the kids club. The hubs had decided to play the tables tonight and I told him to just stay and I'd go get her...then he could find me...somewhere on this big ship...once he was done. LOL


I picked up the munchkin and she said she was hungry. Oh yea, I forgot that we hadn't really ate dinner. So, off to the pizza place we went.

P4062158 copy-L.jpg

After eating, we headed down to deck 6 to check out our pictures and found the hubs talking to another couple. He told me he walked away winning $137 tonight. Cool!


Of course he was now hungry and back up to the Solarium we went for round 2 of pizza.


We headed back to the room and found a new towel animal that we had never seen before. Awesome....a bat.

P4062118 copy-L.jpg

Here's what the room looks like with the bunk pulled down from the ceiling. I found it weird that the ladder went on the corner and we kept running into it all the time. But, with a sofa there, where else could it go right?

P4062116 copy-L.jpg

I had already turned in my homework last night, so this was a "free" night for me.


Since it was a sea day tomorrow, I took my alarm off and planned on sleeping in for once.


Sakari decided to work on her drawing for the night.

P4112854 copy-L.jpg

I decided to check in with the kids. Kendra informed me that it was snowing again. Aha aha aha...I mean, "I'm so sorry to hear that, it's hot here."


She ask me when we would be returning home and I let her know that we'd be home some time on Wednesday evening. She knew we were spending a few days after the cruise in Puerto Rico, but wasn't sure when we were flying back. (I'm not sure if I mentioned it in the review or not, but we went into business with them at the end of last year...yea I know, just what we need...another company to take up our time, and since we were out of town, that left her there to run it, without any days off. LOL She's not used to that and usually comes and goes as she likes. Oops! Well, I guess you'll be working half the week next week too).


Then I would check in with Kolin to see if Loki and the fish were still alive. He told me that everything looked good and that Mango (our Lionfish) hadn't tried to eat Sandy (our diamondback Goby) yet. So, that was good news.

I figured since you all know everything about me, I'd share my passion for the ocean that I have at home. You love for marine animals extend beyond the ocean and since I'm stuck in the middle of Ohio and not by an ocean...this will have to tie me over.


Here's Mango...although she's grown a bit since this. She will follow us around and instantly notices when we walk in the room. She likes to be hand fed.

This is Sandy and I bet you can figure out why we named her that...she's always busy.