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MITSUGIRLY has a JEWEL of a time on my 1st RC cruise in years!

Day 10: Puerto Rico, another full day!

Day 3 in PR ... or whatever day it is. LOL I think I've lost track at this point.


Although I really didn't have actual plans today, I still didn't really get to sleep in. I was wide awake at 8:30am and thinking about breakfast. It wasn't as simple as walking upstairs, grabbing a plate, then making my rounds around the buffet to see what I wanted. I was already missing this, but hey, I had fresh cold pop sitting in my fridge waiting on me and there wasn't a locked door to keep me from getting to it.


The family woke up soon after and I mentioned I wanted to go to the breakfast place I had heard about the last time we were in OSJ and didn't make it there. We had found the location the night before, when walking around, and it wasn't far away. We headed out...CARTHAGE EXPRESS

P4112837 copy.jpg

This is a cute little dinner with tables around the sides of the restaurant and then a U shaped table in the middle with a train track. I knew this would be something that Sakari would enjoy and she had no idea what was about to happen.

P4092522 copy.jpg
P4092523 copy.jpg

Looking at the menu, they served breakfast, lunch and dinner.

P4092524 copy.jpg
P4092526 copy.jpg
P4092525 copy.jpg
P4092527 copy.jpg
P4092528 copy.jpg
P4092529 copy.jpg
P4092530 copy.jpg
P4092531 copy.jpg
IMG_3996 copy.jpg

We placed our orders and I was happy to see that they had the Mallorcas on the menu.


I waited with anticipation...then it finally happened!!!!


Sakari's eye lit up and she was so excited!


They deliver your meal on a train right in front of you.

P4092536 copy.jpg

Sakari was hungry this morning and insisted on both an omelette and pancakes.

P4092537 copy.jpg

The hubs got a breakfast burrito and he said it was SO good that he wouldn't mind coming back again tomorrow morning for the same thing!

P4092538 copy.jpg

We headed out very satisfied and the grocery store was right down the street. Time to get some pop for the rest of the day.

It was already very hot out today and it was only 9:44am.

IMG_4012 copy.jpg

It cost $2.99 for an 8 pack.

We headed back to the hotel to put our goodies up.

P4092540 copy.jpg

If you don't bring your own bags, you have to buy them. It wasn't much. I want to say around .10 and we decided to keep the bags...just in case we needed them again.

P4092541 copy.jpg

I knew that I had a test due today. I decided that I should probably get it done and out of the way...just in case we had a very long day and I would be too tired to do it once we returned.


I got logged on and started to do the test. Then somehow the screen went blank. Um...rut row! The laptop was plugged in, but not all the way. Darnit. Well, the good thing about our test is that they "say" they can be started, saved, then resumed at a later time. However, they also say they are timed and you get an hour. There has been a lot of talk on our community college boards with students wanting to know can you actually start and stop it? Will it save it? Will the time stop? No one really knew or had tried. I guess I was going to be the first to find out because by the time I got the computer back up and running, the momentum of sitting even longer to do a test had already left my system. Nah...let's go visit the forts!!!


I looked up information on them (pricing and how to get there) and knew that one of the trolleys would take you there. We just had to find the trolley stop. I figured there would be one in the direction behind us, so we headed down to go find it.


Mr Canter Kitty was waiting downstairs and Sakari gave him some lovings.

P4092542 copy.jpg
P4092544 copy.jpg

We started walking and there were even more sites and statues to see. We had never been this way before.


We came across Plaza del v Centenario. It is supposed to be at the highest point in OSJ and it is close to El Morro. It was built in 1992 and it is rumored to have cost $10 million. It was built to honor the 500 year anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the New World.

P4092549 copy.jpg

Juan Ponce de Leon Statue. He was a Spanish explorer and was created in New York in 1882 using bronze collected from English canons that was salvaged when the English attacked San Juan in 1792. Leon sailed with Columbus oh his second voyage to discover the New World and looking for the Fountain of Youth, but ended up discovering Florida in 1513.

P4092547 copy.jpg
P4092546 copy.jpg

At the upper level of the plaza, you'll find a 40 foot totem pole: Totem Telurico. The sculpture was designed and made of clay from across the Americas and is meant to signify the origins of the people of the Americas.

P4092548 copy.jpg

More of the park area and we could see the ocean from here.

P4092551 copy.jpg
P4092552 copy.jpg
P4092553 copy.jpg
P4092554 copy.jpg
P4092555 copy.jpg

We made it out to the street and this is what we seen.

P4092556 copy.jpg

The fort was literally right there! I guess this means we weren't going to ride the trolley there because it was that close.

So everyone knows, I'm not a "fort-touristy-site seeing-historical buff" type of person. I honestly could care less about these types of things. It's not normally something I would do in any port. However, we were pretty much confined to doing things within the city because this time around we didn't rent a car like last and everything we could do had to be within walking distance. We do have a friend from here and last time we were here he said "You HAVE to go to El Morro" so I figured why not give it a shot. I also figured there would be a good opportunity for pictures as well.


One thing I DID want to see (and wanted to see last time and it got too late to go) was the graveyard there. I had seen pictures of it before and it is just beautiful. Not your typical graveyard. I took a photography class once and one of the assignments was architectural buildings and statues and I headed straight to one of our unique graveyards here in town. I love looking at the statues and stones. So, I knew I wanted to go here.


It's closer than the fort, so we would head here first.

P4092557 copy.jpg

This is zoomed in on the fort. Everyone was flying kites that day. It was very hot, but very windy in this area.

P4092559 copy.jpg

And this was really the distance to the fort not zoomed in.

P4092560 copy.jpg

We went over to the wall to look down into the graveyard. I said "let's go" with excitement and the hubs was like "Really? You're going down there?"....YEP!

P4092561 copy.jpg

This is the road leading down there.

P4092562 copy.jpg

It's a very small road with a small tunnel. I was hoping we wouldn't run into any cars along the way because there's a big turn right before you get to the tunnel and it would be hard to see anyone.

P4092563 copy.jpg
P4092564 copy.jpg

We made it and here was the entrance.

The beautiful statues were everywhere.

P4092565 copy.jpg
P4092566 copy.jpg
P4092568 copy.jpg
P4092567 copy.jpg
P4092569 copy.jpg
P4092571 copy.jpg

Santa Maria Magdalena is the name of the cemetery. It was built in 1863. The wall around the graveyard averages around 40 feet tall. At the time it was built, Spanish superstition viewed death as a mystery and with fear. So, they decided to build the cemetery to overlook the Atlantic Ocean to symbolize the spirit's journey to cross over to the afterlife.

P4092575 copy.jpg
P4092570 copy.jpg
P4092572 copy.jpg
P4092574 copy.jpg
P4092573 copy.jpg

Some of the most prominent Puerto Ricans are buried here and you were considered lucky if you got a spot here in this one of a kind cemetery.


The cemetery is divided into two parts, the old and new cemetery. Walk through the beautiful gate painted in yellow and white, and there you’ll find the oldest burial sites including the ones of notable and important personalities in Puerto Rican history. Among them are Jose Ferrer, Jose de Diego, Rafael Hernandez, Jose Celso Barbosa, Salvador Brau, and Pedro Albizu Campos.


There was a lot of destruction after the hurricane and the graveyard was not spared either. Workers have been trying to repair gravestones that toppled over and there is still a lot of evidence in the destruction it did.

P4092576 copy.jpg
P4092578 copy.jpg
P4092577 copy.jpg

Most of the destruction consisted of the sites closer to the sea wall.

P4092583 copy.jpg
P4092580 copy.jpg
P4092584 copy.jpg
P4092582 copy.jpg
P4092579 copy.jpg
P4092587 copy.jpg
P4092581 copy.jpg
P4092585 copy.jpg
P4092586 copy.jpg
P4092588 copy.jpg
P4092589 copy.jpg

I can't even imagine the type of money you would have to have in order to be buried here.

P4092591 copy.jpg
P4092590 copy.jpg

Walking over to the other section. I had read that it is the older section.

P4092592 copy.jpg
P4092594 copy.jpg
P4092595 copy.jpg
P4092599 copy.jpg
P4092596 copy.jpg
P4092602 copy.jpg
P4092593 copy.jpg
P4092597 copy.jpg
P4092598 copy.jpg
P4092601 copy.jpg
P4092600 copy.jpg
P4092603 copy.jpg

I took so many pictures that day. It was just so beautiful. These that I have shared are just a few that I picked out.


We decided to head out and over to El Morro.


Back up the small road we went...hoping for no traffic along the route.

P4092604 copy.jpg



Castillo San Felipe del Morro is a 16th century fort that began construction in 1539 with it's main purpose to defend the port of San Juan by controlling entry to the harbor. Its present look was completed around the 1780's. It consisted of 450 cannons. The outer walls were originally 6 feet thick and by the end of the 18th century, they were 18 feet thick. The city walls surrounding OSJ took 48 years to build. El Morro has 6 levels and is 145 feet tall. El Morro takes up over 70 acres.


In 1961, the US Army officially retired El Morro and it became a National Park and museum.

We headed out on our long journey to see the forts.

P4092606 copy.jpg
P4092605 copy.jpg

We spotted a tail going by...

P4092607 copy.jpg

I couldn't believe how close it comes to the fort. I was wishing I was up there at that time it passed. It was the Carnival Sunshine coming in to port.

P4092609 copy.jpg
P4092611 copy.jpg

Thank goodness is was really windy up here...otherwise, it would have just been too hot to walk out in the open like that.

P4092612 copy.jpg
P4092613 copy.jpg

Almost there...

P4092616 copy.jpg

When you pay for your ticket, they tell you that this ticket is also good for the other fort.



When you first walk in, it's like an open courtyard. We weren't sure where to start.

P4092617 copy.jpg

There were all kinds of little places to go in, read about the history, then many had areas with holes in them to look out.

P4092619 copy.jpg
P4092618 copy.jpg
P4092620 copy.jpg

Ok, so it suggest that you start up 1 level on level 5. We just walked all the way up the hill to the fort and it looks like we were walking up some more.

P4092621 copy.jpg

But first a potty stop. I'm pretty sure this isn't what it looked like back in the day.

P4092622 copy.jpg

Then up we went. It was beautiful  up there and plenty of picture opportunities.

P4092623 copy.jpg
P4092625 copy.jpg

They even had one of these to take a closer look (and it was free). Sakari said she was searching for whales.

P4092626 copy.jpg
P4092628 copy.jpg

Oh my gosh the breeze blowing in the windows felt so good I didn't want to leave!

P4092635 copy.jpg
P4092641 copy.jpg
P4092643 copy.jpg
P4092656 copy.jpg
P4092630 copy.jpg
P4092648 copy.jpg
P4092647 copy.jpg
P4092652 copy.jpg
P4092649 copy.jpg

​​This is the Lighthouse. It was the first lighthouse built in Puerto Rico. The original lighthouse was built in 1846 and the newer lighthouse was built in 1876. Then it was hit in the Spanish-American War in 1898 and rebuilt in 1899. But it soon developed some structural problems and was demolished in 1906. The current lighthouse (below) was built in 1908.

P4092651 copy.jpg
P4092654 copy.jpg
P4092655 copy.jpg

We headed back down to the 5th floor.

P4092657 copy.jpg
P4092658 copy.jpg

A golf course.....(according to above) and what it used to look like. I'd like to know where that swimming pool was about now.

P4092659 copy.jpg

We decided to head down to the 3rd level. No elevators here. You will encounter 77 steps leading down to the next level.

P4092661 copy.jpg

Sakari decided to not take the steps. It is actually steeper than what it looks and I warned her that if she tripped and started to tumble, there would be no stopping her, therefore, making her a human bowling ball and I was hoping there wouldn't be any pins in her way if it happened.

P4092663 copy.jpg

I was already dreading going back up them.

P4092664 copy.jpg
P4092665 copy.jpg

I have absolutely no idea what these were or what significance they had. I would have thought there would be something there to tell you.

P4092667 copy.jpg
P4092672 copy.jpg
P4092668 copy.jpg

Beautiful site!

P4092673 copy.jpg
P4092674 copy.jpg
P4092676 copy.jpg
P4092678 copy.jpg
P4092677 copy.jpg