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MITSUGIRLY has a JEWEL of a time on my 1st RC cruise in years!

Ship Pictures

We'll start out with a few "extras" around the ship.


We'll start with a picture that was located right outside my cabin door.

P4062193 copy-L.jpg

I loved this saying

P4062194 copy-L.jpg

The psychedelic staircase

P4031068 copy-L.jpg
P4010224 copy-L.jpg
P4010225 copy-L.jpg
P4010272 copy-L.jpg
P4062208 copy-L.jpg

This ship liked faces..

P4062219 copy-L.jpg
P4072234 copy-L.jpg
P4072183 copy-L.jpg

Around the ship in various places, you would find these touch screens. NCL also has these (I believe on just the new ships) and they can be very helpful if you are trying to find something or book something. I really didn't use it this time because the ship was pretty easy to navigate.

P4072184 copy-L.jpg
P4010226 copy-L.jpg

One thing about this ship is all the glass you will find everywhere. Even the elevators were all glass and on BOTH sides.


There was a centralized area, on only ONE side of the ship, unlike most ships that have elevators on both sides or the middle, this was just the one side...the side with the glass wall.


It was beautiful. It brings you closer to the water/ocean for some pretty spectacular views. Once you step on the outside elevators, you have a view of the ocean or you have a view of the floors as you pass them. Once you step on the inside elevators, a view of the atrium or a view of the floors. Pretty cool!

P4062223 copy-L.jpg

These weren't just any old glass on the elevators either, they had etchings in them.

P4062221 copy-L.jpg
P4062220 copy-L.jpg
P4062222 copy-L.jpg

We will start with DECK 4



P4010215 copy-L.jpg
P4010216 copy-L.jpg

I see far I'm liking it!

P4010223 copy-L.jpg
P4010218 copy-L.jpg
P4010219 copy-L.jpg
P4010220 copy-L.jpg
P4010221 copy-L.jpg

Notice that each chair had a place to put your drink? I thought that was very well thought out. However...I would later find that it wasn't. See the slice in the arm piece to "slide" you glass in? Well, I guess they designed this for wine glasses only because our pop glasses (regular sized) would not fit in this. Boo!

P4010222 copy-L.jpg
P4010217 copy-L.jpg

THE ATRIUM: The masterpiece, the centerpiece, the wow factor of every ship.


Now I have to say that back in the 80's-90's when I took my first NCL and RC cruise, one of the big things they had in the atrium was some type of waterfall as a centerpiece. You don't see waterfalls much anymore and to my surprise, this ship has some! I was excited to see it and it brought me back to my old cruise days.


P4082268 copy-L.jpg
P4010199 copy-L.jpg
P4010197 copy-L.jpg
P4010251 copy-L.jpg
P4082267 copy-L.jpg
P4062207 copy-L.jpg
P4062098 copy-L.jpg
P4062099 copy-L.jpg
P4062100 copy-L.jpg
P4062101 copy-L.jpg
P4062106 copy-L.jpg
P4062103 copy-L.jpg
P4062104 copy-L.jpg
P4062105 copy-L.jpg

TIDES DINING ROOM: This is on both the 4th and 5th floor.


One thing I did find interesting is that you could make reservations...for the ANY time dining. I thought that was weird because isn't the reason you pick any time dining is because you just want to "show up"?


One side is for those that have reservations and the other side was for walk in's.

P4010189 copy-L.jpg
P4010190 copy-L.jpg

We always ate on the 5th floor so I didn't even realize there was a waterfall on the 4th floor until once when we went for lunch and ate on the 4th floor.

P4072232 copy-L.jpg

Although it wasn't much of a "waterfall" and more like a "trickle of water" on that black wall.

Tides Dining continued:

P4010193 copy-L.jpg
P4010192 copy-L.jpg
P4010194 copy-L.jpg
P4010195 copy-L.jpg





Here is the place that you go to view your pictures the ship photographers take of you:

P4010213 copy-L.jpg

The system they had was like most ships, where's Waldo in the hundreds of pictures hanging on the walls.

P4010214 copy-L.jpg

One good thing is that if you gathered all of your pictures, they would put them in a plastic folio and hang on to them for you.


The only negative I found is that it took them forever to process and put pictures out. Every ship I have been on, you are in port that day and had your picture taken when you exit the ship and by that evening, your pictures would be out. These guys took until the next day to put out any pictures from that day. I'm not sure if all RC ships are like that or not, but it was the one thing that I didn't like about it.

As for the "art gallery" was everywhere on the ship, just as it is on all ships. They had auctions and one day, toward the end of the cruise, they had the auction in the Safari room. I randomly took a few pictures there and around the ship of things that caught my eye.


This drawing is one that I could see Sakari doing with the crazy filled in shapes. I think we'll have to try it some day.

P4062224 copy-L.jpg
P4062214 copy-L.jpg

Another psychedelic picture that appeared 3d and moved with you.

P4062215 copy-L.jpg

There was a series of these pictures of women and they had jewels attached to them. I thought they were very pretty.

P4062217 copy-L.jpg

Then there's my favorite picture...kissing fish. I was eyeballing this picture from day one. This artist does a series of pictures like this and they seem to be black pieces of foam that is put on top of each other to create a 3d picture. Then topped off with bright colors of course. I would later find out that this particular picture cost $3,000!!! Say what??? I immediately put in a request for Sakari to make me something like this!

IMG_3973 copy-L.jpg



The way this area was set up, you were pretty much forced to walk through this in order to get to the other side. On previous ships, I felt that it was more of a centralized walkway or a way to walk around it, but this felt like you was constantly entering the stores each time. Maybe I was just coming in on the wrong side of the ship because there was always this set of steps that entered the shops and straight into the store.

P4010212 copy-L.jpg
P4010201 copy-L.jpg
P4010203 copy-L.jpg
P4010204 copy-L.jpg
P4010206 copy-L.jpg
P4010208 copy-L.jpg
P4010210 copy-L.jpg
P4010200 copy-L.jpg


This was a place to get cappuccinos, premium coffee or snacks with a seating area for the coffee bar.

P4010187 copy-L.jpg


P4010188 copy-L.jpg
P4010185 copy-L.jpg






The Jewel has it's very own Cinema and we are not talking about the big screen at the pool deck. An actual cinema!


It was very small, but still really neat. We did not get to use this, as much as I wanted to, because honestly, there wasn't anything playing worth watching to us and they played the same movies over and over both here and at the big screen at the pool. Most of the time they just rotated them. One movie was even 18 years old!!!! I was very disappointed in the movies on this ship.

P4062199 copy-L.jpg
P4062195 copy-L.jpg
P4062198 copy-L.jpg
P4062197 copy-L.jpg

I think it was the first night of the cruise that they played Nemo & maybe Finding Dory. That was the only thing I would have been interested in seeing...over and over again. I love these movies. However, after that first night or two, they did not play it again.


P4010227 copy-L.jpg
P4062204 copy-L.jpg
P4010228 copy-L.jpg
P4062200 copy-L.jpg
P4062202 copy-L.jpg
P4062203 copy-L.jpg



The one place you can always find a lot of pictures from me. LOL


I thought this casino was very small compared to most. Maybe it was the layout and how things were kind of a chopped up feeling. But it just didn't seem very big and not much selection...however, it did have many of the games that I do play, so that was a plus.


My #1 favorite on this ship was of course Alice! They had 2 of them and it was always my go-to machine each time and I always seemed to do really well on it. If I ever got down to around $5 on another machine, I would take that $5 and put it in here and usually walk away with $60-70.


The machine on the end was the best and hit the most, but the 4th one down I did do decent on a few times.

P4010241 copy-L.jpg
P4010240 copy-L.jpg
P4010243 copy-L.jpg
P4010242 copy-L.jpg
P4010244 copy-L.jpg
P4010247 copy-L.jpg

These are always on the ships and usually crowded at any given time. However, I honestly did not see one person play these on this cruise. I could have not been there when people played them, but it just struck me as odd.

P4010245 copy-L.jpg
P4010248 copy-L.jpg
P4010246 copy-L.jpg
P4010230 copy-L.jpg
P4062206 copy-L.jpg
P4010229 copy-L.jpg
P4010231 copy-L.jpg
P4010232 copy-L.jpg

Mermaids!! On the floor in this picture below, there was a neat glass that you walked on and it was real pretty. Every time I walked over it I thought "hmm, I should get a picture of this" but then thought, "I'm sure I took one on the first day and I'm sure I've taken one each time I have walked over it and probably have tons of them"...only to find out I actually didn't take any! Sigh

P4010233 copy-L.jpg
P4010235 copy-L.jpg

They did have the popular games like Carnival Rio, Pixies and a few others that are similar to them. So, I was happy about that.

P4010237 copy-L.jpg
P4010238 copy-L.jpg
P4010239 copy-L.jpg


P4010249 copy-L.jpg
P4010252 copy-L.jpg
P4062210 copy-L.jpg

This place reminded me of some of the NCL ships I have been on with the crazy and wild furniture in it.

P4010250 copy-L.jpg
P4062209 copy-L.jpg



This was a pretty cool area with boats and "sea" stuff.

P4010253 copy-L.jpg
P4010271 copy-L.jpg
P4010254 copy-L.jpg
P4010255 copy-L.jpg
P4010269 copy-L.jpg
P4010292 copy-L.jpg
P4010258 copy-L.jpg
P4010256 copy-L.jpg

Completed with our itinerary:

P4010261 copy-L.jpg

And a map. We were going WAY down. I think the furthest I have ever been so far.

P4010260 copy-L.jpg
P4010263 copy-L.jpg
P4010262 copy-L.jpg



This is a specialty restaurant, for an extra charge, and you can order steaks, seafood and so on in an elegant setting.

P4010264 copy-L.jpg
P4010266 copy-L.jpg
P4010265 copy-L.jpg



This is a specialty restaurant, for a price, that features Italian food.

P4010273 copy-L.jpg
P4010276 copy-L.jpg
P4010274 copy-L.jpg
P4010275 copy-L.jpg



I'm not even sure if I have the right name to the pictures for these, but they are all located in the same area, so I'm going to do myself a favor and not try to figure them out. LOL

P4010270 copy-L.jpg
P4010267 copy-L.jpg
P4010268 copy-L.jpg
P4010291 copy-L.jpg

This is the area that has a bunch of games...which is one thing we usually try to do on each cruise, but forgot to go back and play.

P4010290 copy-L.jpg

THE SAFARI CLUB continued...Excellent view

P4010277 copy-L.jpg
P4010286 copy-L.jpg
P4010287 copy-L.jpg
P4062212 copy-L.jpg
P4010288 copy-L.jpg
P4062211 copy-L.jpg
P4010289 copy-L.jpg
P4010278 copy-L.jpg
P4010280 copy-L.jpg
P4010279 copy-L.jpg
P4010282 copy-L.jpg
P4010281 copy-L.jpg
P4010283 copy-L.jpg
P4010284 copy-L.jpg
P4010285 copy-L.jpg

DECK 11:


Now I'm taking you to the prettiest place on the ship IMO. It was gorgeous!




This is an "adult" only area, but does have the Pizzeria located in it as well.

P4062145 copy-L.jpg

Royal did have these signs about chair hogging around the pool areas, but I really didn't notice much chair hogging. There were a few that put towels out here and there around the main pool area, first thing in the morning, but it seemed to be maybe 5-6 only (at least when I was around).

P4062148 copy-L.jpg
P4062150 copy-L.jpg
P4062149 copy-L.jpg

A bridge that walks up and over the end of the pool area.

P4062152 copy-L.jpg
P4062153 copy-L.jpg
P4062155 copy-L.jpg
P4062156 copy-L.jpg
P4062151 copy-L.jpg
P4062154 copy-L.jpg
P4062157 copy-L.jpg
P4072161 copy-L.jpg

In the mornings they had orange juice and water out and in the afternoon water and lemonade.

P4072160 copy-L.jpg

It did have a roof that could open and close. I noticed it was open on the first or second day but seen it closed most of the other times I had looked.

P4072162 copy-L.jpg

A view from the top

P4072180 copy-L.jpg
P4072185 copy-L.jpg

Another thing I found interesting is this "Public Health Advisory" about not reusing cups...but yet they have a soda package that has you reuse your cup the entire cruise.

P4072187 copy-L.jpg
P4072186 copy-L.jpg

The Pizzeria:


THE SOLARIUM continued:


This place had pizza, fresh fruits, cold pre-made sandwiches and I did see a sign that said "hot dogs" but never seen them. Maybe you had to ask for them.

P4072188 copy-L.jpg
P4062131 copy-L.jpg
P4062129 copy-L.jpg
P4062132 copy-L.jpg
P4062138 copy-L.jpg
P4062140 copy-L.jpg

Whirlpool (and pool rules) said you had to be 16 and older to be in the area. I find this kinda weird...I don't consider someone who is 16 an "adult". If this is an adult area, make it an actual ADULT in at least 18 years old.


I did see some kids in the pool once and questioned whether or not they were even 16. That's what made me want to stop and read the sign.

Yes, the pool is salt water.

P4062141 copy-L.jpg
P4062144 copy-L.jpg
P4062142 copy-L.jpg
P4062143 copy-L.jpg

Pool and pool area:  For those wondering, yes it is saltwater.

P4072159 copy-L.jpg
P4072177 copy-L.jpg

I found the smoking section interesting with these floor model ashtrays instead of the ones that sit on the tables and are very scarce on most ships.

P4082260 copy-L.jpg

Now I'm going to take you to the most amazing public bathroom on any ship I have ever seen. LOL


I walked into this bathroom for the first time and thought "wow, that's one amazing designed bathroom! The only public bathroom I have ever seen that even comes close is one of NCL's that had a wall of glass overlooking the ocean and very fancy-schmancy. I can't remember if it was on the Epic or one of the newer ships like Getaway/Breakaway. It was beautiful though.

P4010319 copy-L.jpg
P4010318 copy-L.jpg
P4010320 copy-L.jpg
P4010321 copy-L.jpg



I find it funny that after all these years, the name of the buffet is still called "windjammer". That's exactly what it was called back in the day.


There was PLENTY of seating, both sides, around back...just everywhere. It was a very nice and functional layout and NEVER felt crowded (except twice, which will be in my review).

P4041532 copy-L.jpg

They had a lot of different areas with different food, which I believed helped with the flow and function of this buffet (versus a long, stand in line, type of buffet that you walk down gathering food all in one line. People could be in different sections at different times and not spent waiting in line.) It worked out well IMO.

P4031072 copy-L.jpg
P4041529 copy-L.jpg
P4041528 copy-L.jpg
P4041530 copy-L.jpg
P4041531 copy-L.jpg

There are several things I wanted to mention about the buffet area. You will find the same things on each side EXCEPT it took me until around day 4 to find out my hubs was going over to the other side and found hashbrowns while I stuck to the same side each time and had potatoes. I couldn't figure out how he kept finding those and I never seen them. Then discovered they were on the other side. The exact same food as the side I went to daily, just hashbrowns instead of the potatoes.


Next, I found it strange that they had an omelette area on our side, but they were certain types of omelettes and pre-made. You could get a veggie or a ham and cheese and maybe there was just a cheese one too. Every ship I have been on allowed you to "make your own" and tell them what you wanted on it. Really? Royal did not offer this luxury? They were also VERY SLOW making omelettes over here. One by one...I made the comment to the hubby once that I probably could have made 3 in the amount of time it was taking them to just make the one.


So...this brings me to...GO TO THE OTHER SIDE!!! We did not discover, until we were told by our friend, that the OTHER side had the make your own/request for an omelette. We did not discover this until THE LAST DAY! LOL

THE POP MACHINE!!! So, you purchase the soda package and they give you a plastic cup with a lid to use. You can either choose to use this cup and come to this drink station and refill on your own... instead of waiting in line at a bar for a cup.


They work exactly like they do at a fast food place (we have them here at Wendys).


I was told there's something in the cup that causes it to activate, but I swear I can't see or feel anything and I think they are just faking us out with this story.

P4041527 copy-L.jpg

Several issues with these machines that I will cover in my review, from placement to availability to function.

There is a section out back in the open that you can eat outside in the aft (which we didn't and I think I forgot to take pictures).


Then there's a section that runs along the side with windows, but is more enclosed.


You can enter this using the sliding