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Horse & Carriage Aruba is located right down town at Palm Beach at the Clocktower area at Paseo Herencia.


They have several horses and buggies and I thought they were a pretty good deal for what you get...especially for the experience.


Our daughter begged to go on these the first night we were in Palm Beach. However, we hadn't had dinner yet and wanted to eat first and then we promised to take her. However, once we were done eating, they were done for the night with the rides. We promised we would come back at another time...and we did. She insisted that she wanted only the white horse.


We paid for our trip ($30 for all 3 of us) and off we went…holding traffic back. After a short while, he told our daughter to get up front to ride with him if she wanted. Oh, the excitement in her face. She climbed over and just kept looking back at me smiling. At one point, she took my camera and took a picture of the horse from her perspective. Then before long, he was handing her the reins and teaching her how to control the horse. He just totally made her night.



We enjoyed the ride and it goes all the way to the windmill. I had been wanting to take pictures of the windmill and now was my chance. Another family came along behind us and passed us at one-point waving. That’s ok, we are enjoying our slow ride. Hehe. On the way back, we asked if it was possible to drop us off at our car so we wouldn’t have to walk back. When we pointed at our car, our daughter pulled the horse over and we piled out. Perfect ending to a near perfect day.



I would highly recommend this horse & carriage ride. We had a great time and my daughter absolutely loved it. I thought it was a decent ride and time compared to the money they charged us. Allowing my daughter to "drive" the horses just made her night and it was even better that they will drop you off anywhere you want to go. When we return, we will ride the carriage again I'm sure.


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