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We decided to head to the pool for awhile. There wasn't much time left in port and we were going to push it to the max.

We put our things down and headed into the FRESH water. more salty skin.


Sakari morphed into a mermaid instantly of course.





While swimming, we managed to locate Thrilled and fam and hung out with them for awhile and then decided it was time to do a little shopping before heading back to the ship.


I had told Sakari, since it was her birthday, I would allow her to pick out something special from one of the gift shops. After that, we were on a mad hunt to find the "perfect" gift. We shopped and shopped and shopped and then I just started picking up things "Here, what about this? It's pretty"..."nope". "Well what about this cute little thing?"...."nope". I didn't think it would ever end. Then the hubby spotted it...the perfect gift. However, we weren't going to "suggest" it as we had been doing. We were afraid it might jinx us. So we followed her until she spotted it, looked at each other, and we knew....she started jumping up and down..."this is it, this is it, I want this". Mission accomplished!


Finally we were able to head back to the ship with her present in hand. This set me back $30, but it was worth it to see the smile on her face.








Even though we didn't stay long in port this time, we always manage to have a good time swimming and enjoying the free facilities. This is one cruise port that is always a good place to go if you don't want to spend a lot of money or do an excursion (although drinks and food can be high priced). You have the beach and the pool/port area that can all be done for free.


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