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We came here for a second time, but this time around we would spend most of the day exploring the island by golf cart. We had a great time and that review can be found by clicking here:





So I am picking up this review after returning from an exciting day in Grand Turk exploring and returning our golf cart.


We walked up and over this little hill from the parking lot and it happened to be the exact same area that I had previously walked up last time to take a look around. Except this time we were coming from the opposite direction. LOL

We looked around, the place was packed, I didn't see any chairs and guess where we ended up at????


This would be the exact same location, under the tree and in the rocks, that we stayed at last time we were here last year with Kendra. Haha, what are the chances? I think it would be safe to say that this particular area is considered the "undesired" area, probably due to the rocks you have to step on to get to the chairs and it's located right behind a row of regular lounge chairs. The only difference this time was they had changed out the chairs for these new weird looking things. I wasn't complaining since I had no desire to actually sit in a chair and knew that it was merely just a place to put our things while we went swimming.


Of course Sakari headed for the pool immediately and morphed back into a mermaid. She couldn't wait to actually be able to swim in a REAL salt water and off she went.


The hubby really wanted to go check out the surfing and off we went.


These guys were really good! They were doing all kinds of tricks. He looked like a real California surfer too.  I assume they were the people who ran the thing because they were there for a long time and there wasn't anyone else watching over them (other than us spectators) and no one standing in line waiting for a turn.

The hubby did ask one of them, after Sakari and I swam off, about the cost and everything and he was told that they were done for the day and given a cost. He was shocked at the price, I wasn't.

Sakari had morphed into a mermaid and she struck a pose. She's a natural I tell ya. Yes, she comes up with these poses all by herself.


I kept noticing a sparkle in the water and then discovered it was my ring and had to get a picture. LOL Aww, how romantic.


Oh yea, about those drinks...the hubby ordered 2 dirty banana monkeys and it would set him back $20!! Again! The prices at this place is just ridiculous.

It was 3pm and we were starved and decided to head back to the ship.

Of course I was taking pictures along the way.


Last time we were here there was a huge line to get back on the Pride right before all aboard. I was kind of pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a line formed yet. There didn't seem to be a whole lot of people still sitting on the beach and at the point we left the pool, most people were gone already.


When we approached the ship, there were several different gangways to get on. Since we were staying on the one at the aft of the ship, we decided to go ahead and walk down that way. Once we arrived, they told us that it was for the crew only, but go ahead and get on. They dinged us in and up one floor we went and we were instantly back at our room and heading to the shower.

There were 12 people missing and they made numerous calls for them. We didn't pull out until 4:30pm, so I guess they waited long enough.

We headed back on the ship and decided to get some food to eat.


As we were sitting at the table, I was discussing what we should do later that evening and Sakari was telling us what she would like to do once we were done eating...but the hubby, well he must have been day dreaming or something because it was quite apparent that he was not paying attention to one word we were saying.

Then he says, "I do believe I see some whales!" Um...say what? He points out in the water right in front of us and says "watch"...and watch we did. We would see them over and over come up in the water and spray water in the air. It was amazing to watch. It looked like there were two of them and from them rising out of the water some and the size of the sprays, we assumed a mommy and baby were swimming side by side.

JUST MY LUCK!!!! I had ran both of my batteries dead on my cameras and they were upstairs at the room charging. The only thing I had to work with was my phone. I guess it's better than nothing, but of course it's very slow when it comes to a shutter speed. So...every shot I tried to get was after you couldn't see any of the whale back itself, but only the spray and of course it was no clear. But, I'm sharing my whale pictures anyhow...

The spray is located in the pictures right above my name tag in them...just in case you can't figure out my blur of a mess picture. Of course it didn't help that I also had a glass in between me and the picture I was trying to get, so there was a bunch of glare too.

They were swimming in the opposite direction that the ship was going, so we decided to move upstairs to see if we could still see them and get some pictures without the glass in the way. Of course, this never happened...we didn't see them anymore. Everyone on our roll call was reporting seeing the whales and taking pictures. It was such a beautiful site. Some day we are going to go whale watching, on a boat as an excursion, and it's going to be awesome I'm sure. Sakari just loves whales...she has an entire collection of them and can name them all.


Even though we only spent a limited time here at the port, I still highly recommend Grand Turk. It makes for a wonderful "cheap" day and you could spend all day there at the beach or at the pool and not spend a dime if you wanted. I will happily return here any time.

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