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Day 4: St Kitts

ST KITTS:  9-6PM  Day 2 on the ship


We really didn't know what to do at this port. Honestly, it's not one of my favorites. We had already been to Reggae at Cockelshell and Carambola-Ship Wreck at South Friars. We figured maybe we would do some 4 wheeling/dune buggies here but I couldn't get a straight answer from Kendra after weeks and weeks of questioning her.


There was a tour mentioned here on the boards by James Javin My Island Tours that sounded interesting. The tour consisted of this:


From the port will see a few sights in the capital,  Basseterre, and then we will head to the Spooners Cotton Ginnery and explore a well preserved piece of history. We will then visit the Black Rocks where we go down onto the lava rocks for photos and exploring. 


I will then journey back to the town of Cayon where we will hike up the Cayon Ghaut (river system) into the rainforest. We will enjoy nature and swim in cool, mountain-fed pools (as Mother Nature provides). 


After the hike we will head over the southeast peninsula make a stop at Timothy Hill for some amazing views and snorkel at Whitehouse Bay where there is a shipwreck accessible from shore, and an abundance of colorful fish often turtles and rays and other underwater scenery including a shipwreck and sunken cannons to enjoy. We will then head to Cockelshell Beach for some beach time with great views of our sister island, Nevis. Then it is back to the port  for 4pm. 


Ok, that sounded interesting enough and what made it even more interesting is the guy had a monkey (just like Kendra's) named Peaches. Well, Peaches comes along on the tours and even goes snorkeling.


Now I do have to say that communication took a while and I sent 3 different emails trying to book this tour. They finally answered me and communication was good after that. They said they would be able to book the 10 of us and had another 7 people going as well.


Adults were $95 each and children under 13 were $75 each. You get a 10% discount for having more than 6 people.


We were told to meet at the "Smoke and Booze" at 9am and they only give you 15 minutes to get there...however, we didn't arrive until 9am and so that wouldn't be possible. They said they would have to adjust their time, but didn't say for when.


I also inquired about walking in the rainforest and the hike on the black lava rocks. I told them about Billy breaking his leg and in a walking boot (but he used the knee scooter as much as possible) and their reply was:


"As for the hike onto the black rocks is on rocks so uneven by nature and the rain forest is partially trail partially some rocks. It is a dirt trail. I’m not sure how it will be for your friend. It is easy to sit out at black rocks and enjoy the views."


So we figured we'd play it by ear when we got there and if he didn't think he was able to do either, he'd sit out and "enjoy the views".

We were to arrive in St Kitts at 9am so I set the alarm for 7am just to make sure we had enough time to get ready and head to breakfast and NOT be late (Kendra Alise!) to meet Javin as soon as we docked.


Now one thing that RC does it change the day in every way to keep you from getting confused.

P1010694 copy.jpg

I could see land off in the distance and knew we needed to hurry up.

P4220280 copy.jpg
P4220283 copy.jpg

They have a variety of everything on RC.

P4220284 copy.jpg

There is staff during every meal going around serving drinks. It sure makes it nice if you have your hands full with plates, silverware and trying to find a table. They were always dressed up with something goofy. They put a smile on my face each morning.

P4220285 copy.jpg

It was getting close to 9am and we were pulling in.

P4220287 copy.jpg

Celebrity X was with us today and had already docked.

P4220289 copy.jpg
P4220293 copy.jpg

A call to Kendra's room and they were eating breakfast in the room and just about ready to head out. Thank goodness we weren't running behind because that's Kendra's speciality...making us late for everything.


We decided to head down to her room, since we had to go down anyhow to get off, and just for precautionary measures in case I had to drag her out to be on time.


We had made it...

P4220294 copy.jpg

Winding our way down the streets full of vendors and shops...trying our best to get out.

P4220672 copy.jpg

The Smoke and Booze is easy to find. Just out of the cruise compound and a slight left.


There were several people waiting and then off we went to the buses.


Immediately we were introduced to Peaches the monkey. She went around introducing herself to everyone.

P4220295 copy.jpg
P4220296 copy.jpg

Now I'll show you pictures "of interest" along the way. Our tour guide told us the significance of each place...but honestly, I have no idea what any of them are. I'm NOT a "tour-type" of person at ALL!


These awesome pictures comes to you from inside the tour bus with tinted windows=blue/green pictures. Enjoy! lol

P4220297 copy.jpg
P4220299 copy.jpg
P4220300 copy.jpg
P4220301 copy.jpg
P4220304 copy.jpg
P4220306 copy.jpg
P4220309 copy.jpg
P4220310 copy.jpg
P4220316 copy.jpg
P4220317 copy.jpg
P4220318 copy.jpg
P4220320 copy.jpg
P4220321 copy.jpg

WATER!!!!! YES!!!!

P4220322 copy.jpg
P4220324 copy.jpg

And we pulled up to the first stop... Spooners Cotton Ginnery to explore a well preserved piece of history.

P4220325 copy.jpg

So we stopped at this "cotton" building place thingamajigy. Like I said, I'm really not into "tours" or historical things but this was part of the I am. Now if I'm staying on the island, I don't mind doing things like this...but I'll admit, only for the picture opportunity. 😉


So our tour guide, a native of course, told stories along the way here about his childhood and growing up.

"This is where I went to school"

"This was my neighborhood growing up"

"I use to come here to play hide and seek"

"I use to climb this tree"


In my head, I'm only picturing the things I did growing up and places I visited and thought "Who would have thought that I could do a tour about my life and it would interest people and they'd pay money for it?" Whoodathought?  j/k


So, everyone piled out of the tour van and we walked around the place. Hmmm....ok. Some people just got out to stretch and didn't walk around it.  Billy of course got out and sat on his scooter. I almost wished I had a scooter right now.

P4220327 copy.jpg
P4220328 copy.jpg
P4220329 copy.jpg

This was a tree he climbed as a child....just in case that interests you

P4220332 copy.jpg

These "ferns" (as I called it because that's exactly what they looked like) are the kind that if you touch them, they will shy away and curl up. They will wait for a minute and come back out. The tour guide said "Do you know what these do?" I said "they curl up"...I don't think that he liked that I answered. He asks what they were and I said "They look like ferns" he gave me a stern "NO" and said the proper name for them. Ok... Well, I only know about them because they have the same thing in Belize when we go cave tubing. Fern, flower, bush, tree...either way, I knew what they did and what they looked like.

P4220333 copy.jpg
P4220334 copy.jpg

Peaches was monkeying around with the hubby... She liked attacking the small children's legs and feet.  I'm not sure the small children appreciated her attack mode.

P4220335 copy.jpg
P4220336 copy.jpg
P4220337 copy.jpg
P4220339 copy.jpg

Now when I see places like this...I think of "this would be a neat place to do a photo shoot". LOL Just the photographer in me.

P4220340 copy.jpg

Then there's this thing. He told us that he use to climb up inside it to the top. Then the entrance was closed off and there was a way (in the ground) that had a tunnel you could go down in and across to get inside. No way, no how would I have done that. But hey, he was a kid and kids do things like this without worrying. 

P4220341 copy.jpg
P4220345 copy.jpg
P4220346 copy.jpg
P4220348 copy.jpg

So that was the end of this portion of the tour. The next thing out of the kid's mouth was "are we going to the beach now?" I had to say "maybe" and "probably" just to keep them from complaining.

Next up was....the rain forest. It was maybe a 10 minute drive from there.


We pulled up and everyone piled out.

P4220355 copy.jpg

Bah-nah-naaah (said in my minion voice) Immediately Brayden was hungry and ask if he could eat some.

P4220356 copy.jpg
P4220357 copy.jpg

This was some type of vine with HUGE leaves. He said they will wrap themselves around the trees and eventually make it to the top and kill out the tree. He said they had some type of tree planted in his yard growing up that got these vines and when someone ask why didn't they just pull the vine off or kill it and he said it was better not to ....for some reason. Hmmm, why can't I remember this stuff? I think Dementia is part of my diagnosis these days. 

P4220360 copy.jpg

Then it was game time (even though Peaches and Sakari were having their own game moment, I'm not talking about that).

P4220358 copy.jpg

He would pluck things off the surroundings and had us smell it. We were to guess what it was. I can't remember everything he gave us but there wasn't one person that could guess any of it. I remember one was oregano.

P4220361 copy.jpg
P4220362 copy.jpg

I think he called these elephant ear plants or something. That made me think of going to the fair and eating elephant ears. Ok, I was getting hungry already.

P4220363 copy.jpg

What do you think the name of these palm trees are?

P4220365 copy.jpg

They are called foxtail palms. I should have known they would be associated with an animal.


Anyone want to play Tarzan?

P4220366 copy.jpg
P4220367 copy.jpg

Continuing on the path...

P4220368 copy.jpg
P4220370 copy.jpg

The kids were way ahead of us and we knew that they were ok because we could hear Xander (Kia's son) talking and laughing. LOL

P4220371 copy.jpg

Notice those of us that were dragging our feet and walking, Kendra and Kia. They kept one of the tour guide "observers" behind us...just in case we got lost from the rest of the crowd...which was highly likely to happen at this point.

P4220372 copy.jpg

We finally caught up to the "middle section" of hikers. Who knew how far ahead the front section was. Those enthusiastic little shiznits. 

P4220373 copy.jpg
P4220375 copy.jpg

This lady....she carried her son (no clue how old he was but tall enough to be 3-4 years old, but he could have been just tall) during this entire excursion...on her back! Now, wait until you see the rest of the rainforest tour. I give her mad props! The husband...well he just carried himself! (And we would see her all over the ship and other places in port and that kid was ALWAYS on her back but a few times). She's gonna have to have back surgery before long to correct her posture and slipped disc.

P4220377 copy.jpg

Now time to get to the nitty-gritty stuff. Remember how they said it was a path and some uneven surfaces and it would be up to Billy to see if he wanted to do. THERE IS NO WAY!!! NO WAY IN HELLO that he could have done this walk. We were lucky to do this walk...and I'm not exaggerating. My family hated me after this.


Yes, there was a path to start out with and then the terrain got crazy. Up and down and over rocks and trees and ....whatever else was in the way.


Here comes the climbing.... Hubby went first and I was following.  

I knew after this...I should probably go back to the ship and climb the rock wall because I was going to be a pro at it. 

P4220380 copy.jpg
P4220381 copy.jpg

Yea, that moss covered rock above....DOWN I WENT. OUCH! I just knew it. I can't have a cruise, any cruise, where I just don't get hurt in SOME way. I still have a huge black bruise across my right hip and buttocks to prove it. Ugh


Ok, so maybe I wasn't a pro and I shouldn't go back to the ship to try the rock climbing wall after all.


Up next was this tree. They kept asking us if we saw some type of face. I didn't at the time I was there and took tons of pictures trying to figure it out. Now that I look at it, it looks like a smiling Disneys Baloo. (Which I'm pretty sure was NOT what they were saying it looked like).

P4220382 copy.jpg
P4220387 copy.jpg
P4220383 copy.jpg
P4220385 copy.jpg

This was the highlight of the rain forest tour for the kids. Peaches just hoped from one person to the next as we traveled and when we stopped. Freeloader!

P4220386 copy.jpg

Kam was not liking this hike. We were climbing and walking up hills and then back down and we were huffing and puffing. Kendra tried to carry her and probably wished that she had that ladies back carrier about now.

P4220388 copy.jpg

We came to a bunch of bamboo. Bamboo is so cool and grows so fast. It's some of the fastest growing plants. It can grow around 3' in 1 day. When the wind blows it makes a sound like music. My dad had a bunch of this growing at his house in Alabama and we use to go out and make fishing poles with it. It made for a good fence along his driveway too. If you ever came home drunk one night and hit the fence, no worries, it would grow back in a few days. Whoodathought?

P4220391 copy.jpg

We crossed several rock beds and creeks...all of which were slippery and/or wet and the hubby was paying extra attention to me at this point.

P4220392 copy.jpg

Peaches would ride on someone until they got close enough to a plant that interests her, grab it and then scurry off.

P4220393 copy.jpg

Obviously, the bamboo polls came in handy. He told us that he came out here and made these handrails himself, in all different areas, to make the tour easier. Wait, easier? What about building a lift chair or how about a conveyor belt? Yea, that would be nice. 😉



More climbing coming up.

P4220394 copy.jpg

Peaches....Just doing her own thing

P4220395 copy.jpg
P4220396 copy.jpg

She made it back up with the rest of us and the hubby stopped to pet her. She assumed that meant that this was her freeride for the next lick of the journey.

P4220398 copy.jpg
P4220399 copy.jpg
P4220400 copy.jpg
P4220401 copy.jpg
P4220402 copy.jpg
P4220403 copy.jpg

There were a lot of snails in the rain forest.

P4220406 copy.jpg
P4220414 copy.jpg

Oh gosh...I know this look. I get it from Myla (Kendra's monkey) all the time right before she decides to......

P4220405 copy.jpg

LEAP!!!  And then I was now her ride for a while.

P4220407 copy.jpg
P4220409 copy.jpg

Peaches didn't last long with me before she moved on to Kia...hanging upside down on the journey is much more fun anyhow.

P4220412 copy.jpg

More bamboo and winding trails...up and down and down and up. There was a lot of climbing and holding on to branches to pull yourself up places. I never expected this and pictures a walk in the rainforest similar to that in Belize when cavetubing.

P4220422 copy.jpg
P4220424 copy.jpg
P4220423 copy.jpg

Whew! It was time to rest and listen to the bamboo making music. ♪♪♫♫♪♫

P4220426 copy.jpg

Everyone was hot and couldn't wait to get to the cool mountain-fed pools of water. Then down we go. I hope I don't slip and fall.

P4220432 copy.jpg

More nanners

P4220433 copy.jpg

It was so hot and Brayden decided to pick a large leaf and fan us with it. Shawna did not find it amusing and I told her he was sheltering her from the hot sun because she was a goddess. BTW, the boy in front of her with the orange shirt hung out with the kids the entire time and ended up being somewhat friends after that. I heard him asking B what his "snapchat" name was. lol

P4220434 copy.jpg
P4220436 copy.jpg

Not only did the snails like the pretty did Sakari and the tour guide picked her one.

P4220437 copy.jpg

We came across some huge rocks and they were covered in moss. I thought it was long as I didn't have to stand on them (they were bigger than me).

P4220438 copy.jpg
P4220440 copy.jpg
P4220439 copy.jpg

Where we are headed....oh boy...more treacherous terrain. Hey, at least we were going downhill.

P4220441 copy.jpg

We finally made it back to the van. We kinda did a loop and was so relieved to know we weren't going to have to turn around at some point and go back the way we came to get out. The entire trip the kids and Kendra kept saying "Are we going to have to do this in reverse?" "Where's the water?" Well, the water never came. I guess it was dry season that day. 


Billy was still sitting on his scooter waiting on us and at some point wondered if we had been eaten by the lions, tigers, and bears.


The hike was an hour long if that gives you any indication of how long we were gone....and speaking of "gone" legs were too and I was starting to feel the pain in my butt bone and hip.

Back to the tour van and into the a/c. I pretended to be zoned out so that I didn't hear the kids (and by kids I mean Kendra) saying..."Did you know we were going to have to do that?" "Did you realize that's what walking in the rainforest was?" "Are we going to get to the beach sometime soon?"


Off we went, but this time we were driving in the rainforest and I was too tired to take pictures. But, I captured one I think.

P4220444 copy.jpg

Because everyone needs a bridge on the side of the road and not over the road.

P4220445 copy.jpg

There was a lot of houses like looked like rebar sticking up on the roof. I'm not sure if they had plans to build a second floor or if there was another purpose for this. There were A LOT of houses like a lot.

P4220447 copy.jpg


P4220449 copy.jpg

I spy something blue (other than the window)...

P4220453 copy.jpg
P4220450 copy.jpg

Just swimming yet.

We arrived at this place and it almost looked like they were setting up for a carnival. The driver said we were stopping and could use the restroom or buy some "goods" from the locals or food or drinks. 

P4220455 copy.jpg

Our tour bus.

P4220457 copy.jpg

Ahh, the ocean in the distance...I could hear it and smell it...just not touch it.

P4220459 copy.jpg

They started setting up a table. Could these guys be lunch? (Then I spotted the 4 wheeled buggies...darnit, now I'm never going to hear the end of it from Kendra about we should have done that tour. Who parked these things within their site?).

P4220460 copy.jpg
P4220461 copy.jpg
P4220463 copy.jpg

The bathrooms were all the way at the end. After that long hike in the rainforest, I would have been willing to pay extra for shuttle service. The lines to the bathrooms were CRAZY LONG and no running water to wash your hands.

P4220464 copy.jpg

We stopped to get snacks and some pop. They were fairly cheap. $1 for pop in a throwaway bottle and even the chips were only $1...even big bags.  This place had a singing lady working there with an awesome voice. The hubby told her she should be on American Idol.

P4220465 copy.jpg

Oh BTW, it took us 20 minutes to get from the rainforest to this place.

Then we were motioned to "come" if we wanted to go to the lava rocks.


Immediately I knew this wasn't looking good...down the hill we went.

P4220468 copy.jpg
P4220469 copy.jpg

Then a rope was thrown down this huge hill and we were told to hold on and climb down.

P4220470 copy.jpg
P4220472 copy.jpg

Kam wasn't liking this

P4220473 copy.jpg
P4220474 copy.jpg

It sure was pretty down there

P4220476 copy.jpg
P4220477 copy.jpg
P4220479 copy.jpg
P4220481 copy.jpg

Sakari climbed across and to this rock. The water would come in behind her and splash really huge. We waited and waited for the opportunity to capture the water splashing high above her...with no luck. 

P4220482 copy.jpg
P4220484 copy.jpg
P4220485 copy.jpg
P4220487 copy.jpg
P4220488 copy.jpg

Of course the minute that the water did splash high, someone was walking in front of me and I didn't get the shot. 


The next it came, Sakari was already climbing down and coming back.

P4220496 copy.jpg

We spent 15 minutes down there and came back up.


Now here's the thing...the "helper" wasn't much help this entire time. He really didn't talk or do much of anything. When it was time to climb back up, he sat at the bottom, on a rock, and.....did NOTHING. He didn't hold the rope for anyone to climb back up or anything. People were struggling and at some point the rope swung and got stuck on a rock above. The hubby took it upon himself to stand down at the bottom and hold the rope tight while everyone went up the rope. Then he came up. He made a comment like "why isn't this guy helping?" and "Why was it necessary for me to do his job?"

P4220500 copy.jpg
P4220501 copy.jpg
P4220503 copy.jpg

They prepared the meal, which was supposed to be  "includes, a light local snack of delicious pastries and juice and water bottles."

P4220504 copy.jpg

Peaches was tied to the table with no lead-way to get to the food. If she's anything like Myla, she will take every chance she can to steal food. Well, she did just that. Even though she couldn't reach the food, she is a monkey, with long arms, and she used that to her advantage. I sat and watched unsuspecting people go down the line and get their food, lay their plate on the end of the table to grab something else and up came her long arm, feeling around, and bam! Lunch was stolen. They would look back down and have nothing. It was hilarious.

P4220505 copy.jpg

To my surprise, it wasn't just danishes. They had empanadas! Yummy! Chicken, beef or veggie and they were all DELICIOUS! The pastries were amazing too...especially the coconut ones (which I'm not a big coconut person but these were so yummy).

P4220506 copy.jpg

There were plenty enough to go around several times and I definitely helped myself a few times. Hey, I had worked up quite the appetite.

We were on the road again around 1:30pm.



P4220508 copy.jpg

Look close...there's a horse! Now you can tell it was a donkey but Kendra swore it was a horse and would continue to stick to her story the entire time. Everyone on the bus agreed it was a donkey, but she said horse. So, the remainder of the trip, whenever we'd see a donkey, we'd tell her to "look at that horse!"

P4220509 copy.jpg

Do they actually have palm tree farms?

P4220510 copy.jpg
P4220511 copy.jpg
P4220512 copy.jpg

Do you know the difference between a goat and a sheep? Goats tails go up and sheeps go down. 

P4220513 copy.jpg
P4220514 copy.jpg

Timothy Hill. Now all of the trips we've done, we have never got to stop here (even though we were supposed to) and this time would be no different. We were supposed to stop here and when we got close, the driver asks if we wanted to and everyone said: "No, get to the beach".

P4220515 copy.jpg

I discovered the little round hook things hanging down on the back of the seats were actually flip up cup holders.

P4220517 copy.jpg
P4220518 copy.jpg
P4220519 copy.jpg

We were told that this is the snorkeling area.

P4220520 copy.jpg

Out by that rock sticking up is where the snorkelers go.

P4220521 copy.jpg

The driver said we had the option of stopping here to snorkel or going to the beach and no snorkel OR if some wanted to snorkel they would drop the others off at the beach and bring the snorkelers back here together. Well, everyone was yelling "beach" but only a guy in the back and myself said "SNORKEL!'. I mean I have been here several times and found NO snorkeling really yet. Well, anything worth saying there's a snorkeling area here. So, I WAS GOING SNORKELING DARNIT!!!! Especially since there was supposed to be a shipwreck.


We pulled up to the beach (Cockelshell) and dropped everyone off that didn't want to snorkel. Kendra got off and was going to put Kam with Billy and the kids (and the hubby) and get back on. Well, she didn't and I guess we left without her. Kia had gotten off (after I talked her into coming along) and we pulled away.


No worries though...the van had to go on down the parking area and attempt to turn around and head back...where we would pick up Kia.  THIS PARKING LOT WAS CRAZY! Barely anywhere to park let alone a street to go down. Cars in the way. Cars trying to get by and just plain nuts. I took one look at the beach and it was a sea of people! So so so crowded! Yuck. 


Then off we went to the snorkeling area.

So this snorkeling site....


We were told that there's a beach club at this location and we are not allowed on their property. So, that meant we would have to park down the street and swim over to the wreck. Now when we seen this place, there's a place to the right and to the left. I'm not sure why, but we went to the right of it, which is further away from the shipwreck. That meant a VERY long swim for us to get to the shipwreck. Oh great.


We had to park at the top, at the street on the side of the road, and walk down to the "beach". Well, it was nothing but rocks and I only had my snorkel socks on....ouch! I managed to step on a sharp rock and of course cut the bottom of my foot, which is still healing. Strike 2 for me today. I'm just getting torn up! But hey, it wouldn't be a Mitsugirly cruise if I didn't get hurt in some type of fashion right? As long as I don't break any bones like I have in the past (twice now) on a cruise.

P4220523 copy.jpg

We manuvered our way into the water over all the rocks. It wasn't easy but we did it.


We immediately started seeing EVERYWHERE! This place is loaded with them.

P4220524 copy.jpg

The neat part about it is that Peaches comes snorkeling with us. She rides on his shoulders or head the entire time and even has her own life jacket.

P4220525 copy.jpg
P4220530 copy.jpg
P4220532 copy.jpg
P4220536 copy.jpg

Three in this picture...they were just everywhere.

P4220537 copy.jpg
P4220540 copy.jpg
P4220541 copy.jpg
P4220542 copy.jpg

Peaches catching a ride.

P4220544 copy.jpg

He dove down and brought up starfish for people to hold.

P4220545 copy.jpg
P4220548 copy.jpg

Peaches would dive down with him and then swim back up and jump on someones head and wait for him to come back up and then swim to him.

P4220551 copy.jpg

I'm telling ya, it was a real struggle for me to get to the shipwreck. I'm getting old and worn and I was already tired from the rainforest hike. Things are going through my mind like "Will I be able to make it there?" "Will I be able to make it back?" The water was a little choppy and the thing I didn't like about it was that he was SO far ahead of several of us and in my eyes, anything could go wrong and he'd never know. That was kinda scary. I tried to pace myself and control my breathing so I didn't freak out. I thought about scuba diving and how I concentrate on my breathing to keep myself calm. Then I'd get a sudden burst of energy and kick like crazy to try to gain some distance.


I hate when I feel rushed or rushed to "keep up". I like to slowly go and take pictures. I feel like you miss so much when you are just swimming like crazy.


This is what most of the snorkeling looked like until we made it to the "shipwreck". It was either just rocks or sand. Nothing interesting at all and I was beginning to believe this was a wasted trip and wished I hadn't done it. 

P4220564 copy.jpg

I started to see coral and more rocks and felt better about things. It takes my mind off the struggle. But all of this came once we got to the shipwreck area.

P4220559 copy.jpg
P4220566 copy.jpg
P4220568 copy.jpg
P4220572 copy.jpg
P4220575 copy.jpg
P4220574 copy.jpg

I came around a huge rock (the one sticking up out of the water you could see from the street) and there it was...the...wait...shipwreck? Not at all what I was expecting.

P4220576 copy.jpg

It looked like a set of bones laying there. lol

P4220577 copy.jpg
P4220579 copy.jpg
P4220580 copy.jpg

At least there was some coral, sponges and fans on it.

P4220581 copy.jpg
P4220582 copy.jpg
P4220585 copy.jpg
P4220587 copy.jpg
P4220588 copy.jpg