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Day 8: Sea Day

April 25: Sea Day



I honestly don't really care for sea days. I guess that's why I enjoy sailing out of get less sea days.  But this will be our one and only sea day and we needed to entertain ourselves.



Time to mix things up a little with breakfast...just grab a bagel, eggs, and bacon and make your own breakfast sandwich. I also tried the biscuits and gravy, which was good. 

P1032282 copy.jpg

Our morning view

P1032283 copy.jpg

Sakari wanted to go swimming...because there's nothing more important that water life right? Later Brayden would join her. (Note, the kid B is talking to in the pool would later give them problems).

P1032336 copy.jpg

I think after the kids were done swimming, they wanted to go play some basketball and us adults headed to the adult pool for a bit.

P1032340 copy.jpg
P1032341 copy.jpg
P1032342 copy.jpg

I loved this chair. It was so warm after getting out of the cold pool.

P1032343 copy.jpg
P1032344 copy.jpg

Kia showed up after awhile and we sat around and talked forever. I enjoy these times where we can just talk and talk.

Now I knew I wanted to try out Johnny Rockets during the cruise. It's funny how I really didn't discover this place or the location until almost the end of the cruise. I don't know why I didn't explore much this time around until the end.


Now I have to say, this place was over run by super loud kids. They talked so loud and it echoed in there and some screaming and so on. The location is right beside the arcade and I'm sure that lured them all in. But, I wonder how many of their parents knew they were coming in here to eat and how often? I mean honestly, it's not cheap at almost $13 a plate.


You get to pick what you want off the menu and it's all included.

P4262348 copy.jpg
P4262350 copy.jpg
P4262351 copy.jpg

It all was pretty yummy and very filling. At some point, someone turned on the "juke box" and it was drowning out the kids. I just had to laugh. Most of them left and we sat there and enjoyed our desert.

P4262353 copy.jpg
P4262355 copy.jpg
P4262354 copy.jpg

Later that night the kids were playing basketball and we decided to play some putt putt

P1011852 copy.jpg
P1011856 copy.jpg
P1011858 copy.jpg

Let me tell you what...whoever designed ships and thought it was a good idea to put putt putt up there in the wind should be fired. Balls were flying everywhere and not to my advantage! LOL

P1011859 copy.jpg
P1011860 copy.jpg
P1011861 copy.jpg

The new thing with kids these days...Sakari can't stand still without doing this....

They had an ice skating show tonight. "Ice Spectacular".


The show is 45 minutes and was a very good show. We did see one girl take a fall (the guy dropped her) but she recovered quickly. All of these skaters are pro...either in the Olympics, in Disney on Ice and so on. I seriously don't know how they can get up and go on hurt. 

P4262356 copy.jpg
P4262357 copy.jpg

After the ice skating show, we headed to the theater for the Variety show with an Aerial Act (Jimmy & Anna) and a comedian (Rodney Johnson). Both were ok but I thought the aerial act would have a little more to it with the stunts. It was more of a storyline and I guess I'm just used to the awesome aerial shows they have on NCL with them flying in the air over the audience or dropping out of the ceiling.

P4262359 copy.jpg

I don't think we did much after that and probably headed back to the room where we would find our monkey towel animal waiting for us AND MY SEAL FROM THE FIRST DAY GONE!! Ugh. I had left a note in the beginning that I wanted to keep them and the note was gone and they had been left. However, it was now gone. 😞

P4262361 copy.jpg

I feel like I'm never going to get to keep my collection of towel animals until the end for a good picture.


We packed our beach bags for our last port day in St Maarten and off to bed we went. 

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