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Day 11: Going home



Early to rise and it was time for breakfast. I knew that I wanted to take them to the Carthage Express because I thought the kids would think it was neat. So off we went. It was just right around the corner. 

P4290290 copy.jpg
P4290291 copy.jpg
P4290292 copy.jpg
P4290293 copy.jpg
P4290294 copy.jpg

The kids got a kick out of their food being delivered on the train.


I decided to get the breakfast burrito this time (hubby had it last time and it looked really good) because it also comes with potatoes. The hubby ended up with a Mallorca.

P4290295 copy.jpg

We headed back to the hotel, grabbed our luggage, checked out and headed out the door to wait for our uber to arrive. 

Our Uber arrived first and off we went.


Like always, something always happens to Kendra and the first to arrive couldn't fit everyone. But she eventually made it.


Check in was simple and fairly quick at the Southwest counter. Since Kendra arrived so much later than us, we went ahead and got in the security line while she was in the line checking in her luggage. 


THE LINES WERE FOREVER LONG!!! It took forever. I kept reporting to her as we moved along and told her "You better hurry up. The lines are extremely long and they are taking forever!!!" Then I seen her, Billy and the kids, roll right up to security and immediately go in. UGH! Just like that. We still waited in line a good 20 more minutes and they were already in and on the tram and shopping on the other side. Go figure.... I guess it pays to be handicapped sometimes. 


We were all on the same flight this time. I immediately notice this in my seat....737 MAX 8!!! Yikes! But we were actually on the 737-800 thank goodness! Whew

P4292758 copy.jpg
P4292759 copy.jpg

Goodbye Puerto Rico....until we meet again! We love you!

P4292761 copy.jpg
P4292764 copy.jpg
P4292763 copy.jpg
P4292766 copy.jpg

As we were in the son, Kolin, texted me to say that Sakari's husky, Loki, was sick and throwing up all of a sudden. He had gotten into some poison...weed kill. Oh no! We were in full panic mode all the way home. Loki is Sakari's best friend, it's all she talks about, it's all she draws most days, Loki is life!


Our flight was delayed about 1 hour and this only increased tension and worry. Kolin kept me updated along the way and sent pictures. He was starting to have blood in his vomit. 😞


When our plane landed, we ran to get our luggage and then ran to the shuttle stop, passing Kendra along the way and almost everything is a blur.


We raced to Kolins house, grabbed Loki (he was so weak he couldn't even walk or stand when we came in and let's be honest, he's a husky and they get excited easily) and immediately drove him to the vet hospital. He received IV fluids and several medications and we elected to take him home to monitor him.  He was so bad for 2 days...I honestly didn't think he was going to make it. Sakari swears one day when I was napping that he quit breathing and I woke up to her screaming and crying and shaking him and him not moving. I personally think that his breathing was so shallow that she just couldn't see it but daddy told her that she "saved his life". He finally pulled through it but it was so touch and go for a while. I don't know what would have happened if she has lost him. We would all be lost and we've had enough loss to last us for a long time in this family. After about a full week...he was back to his normal self.


Now who am I supposed to have dog sit when we vacation? I'm sure Sakari don't trust Kolin with Loki and Kolin don't want the responsibility now. Ugh!


But....that's the end of my review.


I hope everyone enjoyed it.



Up next....probably NCL. I have 2 cruise coupons that have to be used up before Feb 20, 2020....only 9 months from now and I have no idea what I'm going to use them on. I haven't sailed with them in some time because I got tired of the same old ports and find a better port selection on Carnival and RC. But, I guess I'll have to start looking again just to use these coupons up. I looks like no summer Aruba land vacation for us this year darn it. 




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