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Day 2: Spending the day in Puerto Rico pre-cruise

On to day 2. We got up and I read my text messages from Kendra that came in the middle of the night after we had went to sleep and she hadn't got into her place until around 3am. I knew they would be sleeping in so we decided to go to breakfast and catch up with them later.


We headed out of the building, out the front gate with our key, and then down the street.


We came across a place called La Brasserie and it looked like the perfect little shop for breakfast.

P4200079 copy.jpg
P4200080 copy.jpg

It was like a little bakery but also a small dinner inside and seating outside along the sidewalk.

P4200082 copy.jpg

As long as the hubby had his morning coffee, we knew it would be a good place.

P4200081 copy.jpg

I ordered the Mallorca, because you can't be in PR without having one, and it was yummy!

P4200083 copy.jpg

Hubby had an omelet and so did Sakari.

P4200084 copy.jpg
P4200085 copy.jpg

On the way back, we went down the side street our place was located on and decided to head toward the beach instead. I wanted to check it out. It was a beautiful beach with plenty of palm trees. 

P4200086 copy.jpg
P4200087 copy.jpg
P4200088 copy.jpg
P4200089 copy.jpg

Of course, being around any type of water makes Sakari want to go swimming. So we headed back up to the room for a day at the pool. Kendra had texted me and said they were up and about to go find some breakfast. She said she'd meet up with us after that. 


Sakari morphed into her mermaid self and daddy helped her out to the pool.

P4200095 copy.jpg
P4200096 copy.jpg

She loved that it was so deep and the day consisted of doing tricks, seeing who could touch the bottom and so on.

P4200103 copy.jpg

It wasn't too much longer that Kendra and family joined us....and we were pretty much at the pool most of the day. 

P4200106 copy.jpg
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