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Mitsugirly's Foot Journey a journal of my struggles

YEAR 2021: A year of not many changes

January 20, 2021

COVID is still around and I'm playing the waiting game to proceed with anything substantial regarding fixing my foot. The pain is still daily and so is the swelling. If I wear anything on my foot, from socks to shoes, I immediately get an imprint. I'm still unable to wear an ankle brace without numbness, tingling and within a half an hour, it has to come off. 


March 8, 2021: And the Swelling Continues

I would have never thought this is what my life would become...waking up to not being able to walk at times, unable to navigate stairs one foot per step, unable to walk at a normal pace with my family, unable to complete the easiest tasks without having to sit and rest my foot, watching every step I take fearing that I would fall and have a set back, even just standing for any amount of time...who would have thought this would be my life today and maybe for good. It's depressing, I'm saddened every day. I try to put on a happy face but inside I'm dying. 

People ask to see pictures of my foot and ask how I'm reply is "still the same" and I show them my elephant ankle.


Other somewhat good news is I have went back to work, part time on March 9, 2021. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work again but it's not the same. I'm seeing patients out in the field, so most of my time consists of sitting while driving, sitting while charting but I do have to walk from the car to the patients home and back. I have been able to come to an arrangement with my employer not to see any patients that live in buildings that would require me to walk up flights of stairs or get down on the floor for wound care. One day I hope to get back to full time but for now, I'm easing into the work force again.

May 4, 2021: Updated pic

Just an updated picture from changes


June  2021: Updates

I'm trying really hard to get life back to somewhat normal. A new company came in and purchased our small company and expanded into multiple counties. I was offered a full time position, salary and a company car. We are going to see how this goes and I'm hoping for the best. There have been no changes with my pain or swelling as of yet. I know I'm probably going to pay the price on taking this offer.

The rest of the 2021 year

I will admit, I have "some" good days and they give me hope...then the next day it's back to my norm over the last few years. On these good days, I'm able to walk around our neighborhood and I remember what it was like to be able to do such little things. Then, like always, the next day I can barely walk and it reminds me I'm not "normal" now and probably never will be again. 

After a month of working full time, out in the field, and very very long hour, including driving to multiple counties over an hour one way, I was burned out! I was tired. I was in pain daily with not much time to rest. I decided that I had made the wrong decision by going back to work full time at this point when I have so many continued complications with my mobility and pain and decided to tell the company I had decided to resign. Good news is, I was promoted at work to a Clinical Manager at the end of July, which means not much walking for me and sitting behind a desk for the most part. It's a lot easier on me but I do miss being out in the field. I was happy and honored they had asked me to stay and offered me this position. After a 2 week "thought process", negotiating my salary and terms,  I accepted the position and hoped for the best.

Next year is a new year and I hope for more mobility and less pain...we will see

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