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Fontein Cave is  a unique natural attraction in Aruba and it is an important part of history. Cave drawings and other artifacts that have been found over the years that give scientists a clue that the native Arawak Indians once performed tribal rituals in this spot.


Because this cave was formed into a wall of coral limestone, a spectacular offering of stalagmite and stalagtite in various odd shapes and sizes decorate this natural structure. Fontein Cave is 13 feet in height and 160 feet deep.

We were in the park exploring one day and I knew I wanted to see Fontein Cave.  There are 2 main caves to visit here in the park and this was one on my bucket list. 


It was fairly small and you couldn't go very far in but there were a lot of drawings on the walls by the Indians and also carvings made by people from many years ago. I believe the oldest we found was from 1820!

After visiting the cave our Aruban friend told us to follow her and off we went. I had no idea where we were going.

Then once we arrived, I knew just what this place was...THE FISH PEDI PLACE! I had seen videos of this place, but they showed you walking around a house and going out back to this pond where you could get a fish pedi. We came around from behind. But I have always wanted to try this and now I was going to get to FOR FREE!

It was so much fun and boy did it tickle and I'm not a tickelish person. 


We had a great time.

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