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This was our first full day in Aruba and we decided we were going to explore several of the beaches.



After breakfast, we packed our beach bags, coolers, and headed off to a day of beach hopping down the southwest coast.

First we went to our home beach: Eagle Beach for a while.


This is one of the most popular beaches in Aruba by both people visiting the island to people arriving by cruise ships. I know a lot of cruise ship tours are offered here. It is located in the low rise hotel area and easy to get to from just about anywhere.

It's a gorgeous beach with fluffy white sand and plenty of beach space. There are some palaya's here and there and several vendors are located on the beach for watersports. I had read that Eagle beach was awarded the 3rd best beach in the world by trip advisor.

Along the beach area, you'll find some fencing up with signs that tell you that turtle eggs are located in that area and not to go in it. They had an area right were we were staying and I keep hoping that maybe we'd get lucky and see some turtles hatch...but no luck.


The parking is free along the Eagle Beach area (and there are several lots and parking along the street), but since it's such a popular beach, we found parking to be a little bit of a challenge each time we went. Walking down to the beach from the parking lot is a bit of a walk as well and with the sand being so soft, it's the type of sand you walk, sink, pull up your feet, walk, sink, pull up your feet and repeat. Man my legs were killing me by the time we made it over to the area where our resort stayed (the parking lot is located a little ways from there down the road). Both the guests at Tropicana and La Cabana share this area. You can tell who is staying where by the color of the chairs.










































The water was amazing and beautiful, but don't think you'll find much in this area for's not that kinda place due to the sandy bottom in the water. But it makes for a nice place to swim.'s "my" personal issue with the place. I have a small child (9 years old) that is an amazing swimmer, a mermaid and a scuba diver. However...this is the ocean and I don't trust her being out there alone. I must keep an eye on her at all times. Accidents do happen. So, my issue comes with you CAN NOT see the water/shore from the seats on the beach. They are just too far away! It kind of dips down before you go into the water too, which makes it impossible to see. So what does this mean for us? That means that we did not really get to sit on the chairs and relax at all because we had to rotate watching our daughter in the water (who doesn't EVER come out of the ever...unless it's time to leave and even then it's a challenge). I love the water and beach. I hardly ever take the time to sit and relax, but...I did not want to burn either and be sitting in the sun the entire day. Not possible here. Then of course if you don't have the worries of watching a child and can enjoy sitting under the palapas, what do you do when you go to the water to swim or cool off? You certainly can not see your chairs or belongings. Someone would have to stay back with them or chance it.












We only stayed here for a little while and decided it was time to pack up and move on. I just didn't like how the chairs were just so far away that I either had to stay in the water with Sakari or we all had to get out.


For these reasons, Eagle Beach was not one of my favorites. At least not this particular area of the beach. Maybe there are other area's that weren't so far away from the water.

We did come here several times during our stay. After that first beach day here, we would run over and watch the sunset in the evening and it was nice to sit right along the water line or float in the water during the sunset. But we didn't get chairs that time and it was later in the evening so we didn't have to worry about too much sun.



One night after swimming, we decided to head back over to Eagle Beach just to watch the sunset.


There was hardly anyone there and we had an amazing time. We just put our things right on the beach beside the water and played in the sand and water until the sun went down.

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