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We stumbled upon this "beach" (and I use this term lightly) when we had spent the day beach hopping and ending the day going toward the lighthouse for pictures. I knew that a lot of the beaches on the north side of the island were not "beaches" that you could swim at or really hang out because of lack of sand and swimable water, but figured since we were over here, we might as well check it out. So off we went. It said it was called Dunes Beach, but I believe others may also refer to it as the California Dunes area.

The road that leads here is VERY bumpy. If you are in a car (like I was), you really have to take it slow, let the trucks and dune buggys pass and you'll do fine. There were a lot of bikers (bicycles) in this area. I'm adventurous, but not that adventurous. This fluffy girl would probably have a heart attack or heat stroke trying to ride a bike in this area.

The waves were crashing on the rocks and it's a very rocky beach area. Well...I should say "coral" beach. It was beautiful with everyplace you step or look tons of coral lined the beach stacked on top of each other. I'm not sure if this stuff washes up here like this or it was placed here but I have never seen so much of it before.


My daughter and I went out to check it out and the hubby stayed in the car in the a/c. He was wore out from beach hopping and it was very hot outside. But I'm up for just about anything most of the time and I at least had to take a look and get pictures. I'm glad I decided to get out and at least take a look due to the abundance amount of corals lining the beach. I mean after all, I didn't drive that bumpy road leading there for nothing.

It's a very neat place to check out and located on the north side of the island. It's amazing how different that side of the island can be. It's very primitive with no facilities, but yet very unspoiled and beautiful. It's amazing to see just how many corals and rocks are located here. Although you can't swim, it is worth a stop to check it out for awhile.

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