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Founded in 1997 as a non-profit and completely volunteer run organization, our mission is simple. Save the Donkeys! So it's this month that we celebrate 20 years and the official inauguration of the new place. Although not originally native to the small island of Aruba, they have existed here for 500 years having been the primary mode of transportation until cars began to be introduced on the island in increasing numbers. At that point, many Arubans no longer had the need for their formerly beloved donkey, and sadly in the 1970’s, a dangerous and rapidly spreading illness nearly caused their extinction leaving behind a population of only 20 wild donkeys.


As their population slowly began to increase, so increased the human population and with it came more and more vehicles. It became a common occurrence for donkeys to be found injured or killed alongside the roads, creating a hazard for humans and donkeys alike. Thankfully they now have a safe haven where each donkey is given a name and receives food and water, shelter, quality medical care and lots of love.


Sakari had begged to come here last time we were in Aruba, but we were unable to find it. This time we knew this was on the agenda.


There's no fee to get in here and you can donate money if you'd like and also buy food to feed the donkeys while there.


They also have peacocks, which is one of Sakari's favorite birds.


The donkey of the day was "Floppy". I'm pretty sure this was him. My hubby said "His daddy must have been a jackrabbit"  LOL


Then there was this guy who had his tongue hanging out all the time. He was so funny. Every time you went to take a picture of him, he'd pull his tongue back in.


The volunteers who work there do give a speach about the history of the donkies and how they came to the sanctuary. It doesn't last but about 5-10 minutes and then you are free to roam around the area and pet the donkeys.


It was a fun experience but only it only takes about 30-45 minutes time to be there and you're done. It makes a nice little stop over during a day out seeing the sites.


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