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Walt Disney 2020

Day 3: We're off to see the mouse! Walt Disney World

I really loved the location we picked to stay at. It was so close to everything and easy to access all the parks and freeway. Our rental company had ask us when we picked up the car if we wanted to purchase the fast pass, but we declined. There were 2 tolls on the way from the airport to the house @ $1.75 each, which wasn't bad compared to the $40+ pass they wanted us to buy. However, our map had us get on a freeway/highway type of road down the street and there was a booth that said to stop at (on the on ramp) and pay $1.00 to enter. We stopped, I rolled down the window, no one was there and I didn't know what to do. There was a big cup area that it said to throw in $1 in change ONLY. Um, I don't have change on me! What was I to do? There were cars lining up behind me so....I just went. I looked in my rear view mirror to see if home land security or the swat team was coming after me and noticed that the cars behind me were not even stopping. Hmmm. Well, I'm sure to get a nice big ticket once I return home I'm sure. 

Pulling into the parking lot at Disney, I was glad that I had

brought my handicapped placard with me and they

instructed us where to park up front. It was a very short

walk to the area they had wheelchairs waiting at. The hubby

grabbed me one and off we went toward the monorail. 

Safely on the monorail and my wheelchair was with us. 

We had our first glimpse at Space Mountain, which we had

plans to head there first after we entered the park. Sakari has

been on an extreme thrill roller coaster kick for a few years

now and I knew this was going to be a highlight for her. 


PC150286 copy.jpg
PC150287 copy.jpg

Then we had our first glimpse of the Cinderella Castle standing in all her glory. 


PC150288 copy.jpg

It wasn't long before we pulled up to the monorail landing area and the lines didn't seem too long. I hate to say it, but this pandemic we are in is rocking when it comes to going places and reduced crowds. Disney is only operating at a 35% capacity. Tell me how awesome that sounds!


PC150289 copy.jpg

We had purchased our 3 day pass online using our Southwest card for points (how we manage to travel for free) and I wasn't quite sure how this whole system works with not having actual "passes" (meaning paper). Times have changed so much since I was here last (which was actually for me and the hubby's honeymoon many years ago). 

I approached a worker and asked if we needed to stand in the ticket line or go on to the entrance. He ask if we had already purchased tickets and my reply was "yes". Of course we did...didn't everyone where my thoughts. I mean you have to purchase tickets AND go online to reserve your spot for that day or you can't go in. During COVID there are no walk ins allowed and everyone needed a reservation. That left me confused but I went on in. Then something stopped me. It was just this feeling. I was looking around and seeing people with cards in their hands the shape and size of a credit card. Hmmm, I think we should go back. 

I stopped a helper again and ask if we needed these "cards" and was told yes. Back to the ticket line we went. So how this all works now is new to me. You go to the ticket counter (of any of the Disney parks you are visiting during your stay) and they get the confirmation number from your purchase and they give you cards to use that is good for all the parks you purchased. You have to make sure you hold on to them for each park. So the next park, we wouldn't have to stand in line at the ticket counter.

We had made it into the park. We headed over to the wheelchair rental area where we had to turn in our parking lot wheelchair for an electric wheelchair people mover. To rent the people mover at any of the parks, it was $70 with $20 of that being returnable at the end of the day when you brought it back. A quick lesson on how to not run over people when driving, no piggyback riding while on the scooter, no one without a license (children) on the chair,  a "get outta my way" button, and the convenience of having a smaller than small shopping cart attached to the front. Then we were off.

After entering the park on Main

Street, there was the barbershop

quartet riding a trolley being pulled

by a large horse and singing songs. 


As they headed down Main Street...they left a mess for the crowd to maneuver. No worries, one of the workers made sure to block the accident from the crowd. I would have thought they would have one of those poopy pouches on the rear of the horse to catch the droppings. 


PC150293 copy.jpg

Main Street was VERY crowded. There was absolutely no social distancing here and no way to do so because of everyone coming in. I guess that's just a given in this area. But, things did get better as everyone spread out once inside the park. 


PC150292 copy.jpg

Now I can tell you that I studied the maps of all the theme parks we were visiting like if I was back in nursing school studying for an exam. I looked up all the rides, watched videos, printed out a map, highlighted the "must dos" on it and planned how to get there. (Everyone knows I'm a planner) But I tell you what, looking at it on a map and actually being there are 2 different things. 

I knew that Space Mountain was located in Tomorrow Land and that was to the right. Once we hit the castle area, we were gonna head right and hopefully find it. 

Coming up on the castle was just WOW! I mean really WOW! I honestly don't remember it being that color and bright the last time we were here or any times before that. I had to stop for some pictures.