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St Thomas 2020

Day 1: Sunday, July 19 Continued

Our night at the hotel...

So as soon as we arrived, went down the extremely long hallwayS (emphasized for effect) the kids immediately wanted to go swimming. Kendra and Billy immediately wanted food. With the Covid issues, all of the restaurants were not open in the hotel, but one was and they headed there while we went to the pool with Sakari the mermaid. 

The pool was supposed to close at 10, I believe it was, and they waited and waited for their drinks and food. I told them if they planned on letting the kids swim, they better get a move on it. So, they asked for their food that was ordered almost 45 minutes ago to put it in a "to-go" box. Then they brought it upstairs to the pool and ate there. 

We noticed the "food phone to pool" service sign and tried to place an order there, but the phone wasn't working. The hubby managed to find a phone number for them and called on his cell and placed an order. It did take awhile for them to come. I believe they told us a 45 minute wait. After almost an hour passed, he had to call again (because at this point the pool should have been closed and we were still waiting) to see where our food was and make sure they didn't try to deliver it to our room. 

Finally the food arrived. We ended up getting wings, quesadilla, and cheeseburgers and they

all were good. However, Kendra said their food was not the greatest and Billy got the chicken

alfredo and said it was the absolute worst he's ever had. 

P7190083 copy.jpg

The kids were busy swimming and having a great time!

I have to mention....about 2 weeks prior to vacation, I taught Kambriah (Kendra's daughter) to swim. She is not a very trusting child and it took a lot of work and "baby steps" to get her to do what she needed to do to trust me enough to teach her. But, she was swimming in no time and we practiced every night we could (Kendra has a huge pool and slide <----getting her to go down the slide is still a work in progress) and she got better and better during vacation. 

I was busy checking in on the animals. Kolin (my youngest son) always watches the animals when we vacation. I have to say he's always having fun with them too. (A little snapchat humor)

IMG_4954 copy.jpg

No matter how many times they watch our dog and cat (they have 2 cats), it usually takes them some getting use to each other but this time, I think they did a little better. By the end of the night, Loki was actually laying on the ottoman with their (mean) cat. LOL  Of course Kolin said it didn't last long because Loki was feeling uncomfortable and moved. But I could rest easy that night knowing it was going better than the last several times. 

IMG_4955 copy.jpg

After eating, the kids swam a little more and then we headed up to the room. It was way past 11pm and the pool wasn't closed yet and there were a huge group of guys up there at a table drinking and having a good time. 

After going back to the room we pretty much showered, watched some t.v. and headed to bed. I didn't even bother to set the alarm since we had a late flight out the next day to St Thomas. 

Up next...the plane to St Thomas!!!

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