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Information on the Aruba forums provided that they were building a new beach in Cura Cabai area. No one seemed to have information as to whether or not it was open yet so we drove and found it.


It is absolutely stunningly beautiful there. However, it was not finished or open yet. The beach and palapas were there, showers to rinse off, and a concession stand. But, the water was pretty much unusable due to the rocks and stones in the water. I'm not sure if they plan on removing that or what. It's going to be a very nice place when it's done. The parking area is very nice as well.





I can't wait to see this place finished and will definitely return in the future. 






P8082843 copy.jpg

So as I said the last time we were here, we would return back so I knew I wanted to come and check it out this time around. 

So I had asked my Aruban friend if the beach was open and she said yes. Last time it was still being built. I wasn't really sure how much of a beach going into the water it would be because the last time we were there you couldn't really get into the water because of all the stones and rocks in it. I thought just maybe they had cleared those out or something for the patron's to get in to cool off somehow.  I remember it was really a nice beach. on land. with palapa's. So, we were going to give it a shot and see if the place was better and people there. 

We pulled up and there wasn't any cars in the parking lot. We didn't see anyone on the beautiful beach. But there was a concession stand and they looked to be open. But, where were all the people???

P8082839 copy.jpg
P8082840 copy.jpg
P8082842 copy.jpg

I don't know, it was pretty, but I just wasn't feeling it. No people being there was just weird I guess. We decided to move on and not stay. 

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