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Mapa-Chankanaab-2021 copy.jpg

After making it out of the port it was time to find a taxi. We walked out to the street and a lady waved at me and said she'd take us to our location. She told us the cost would be $20. I was honestly not sure that this price seemed right but we were ready to get the day started!

We are going back to CHANKANAAB! We fell in love with this place back in 2011 and again in 2012. We've always wanted to return but have been out experiencing other places. When we went to Cozumel on our land vacation in 2021, I swore we would go back...but ran out of time. 

We have arrived

IMG_0156 copy.jpg

Now we had decided to book a Snuba Dive here so according to the site we booked with, the price of admission did NOT include the admission to the park. So with this experience, we had to wait outside for someone to come get us with wristbands for our snuba excursion to get in. Otherwise, you would go up to the counter to purchase your tickets to get in. It now cost $26/pp to get in but you can find a $2 discount coupon to print off and give to them located here

P4131399 copy.jpg
P4131400 copy.jpg
P4131436 copy.jpg
P4131435 copy.jpg

This is the "family" area beach, which is an easy entrance beach to a cove like swimming area.

P4131403 copy.jpg
P4131404 copy.jpg

We decided to go on a little self-guided tour toward the replica ruins.

P4131406 copy.jpg
P4131405 copy.jpg
P4131407 copy.jpg
P4131408 copy.jpg
P4131409 copy.jpg
P4131410 copy.jpg
P4131429 copy.jpg

This guy was sweeping with a palm tree branch. I thought it was interesting.

P4131432 copy.jpg
P4131434 copy.jpg

We circled around and over toward the dolphin swim area. In this area you can do various swims with the dolphins or manatees.

IMG_0151 copy.jpg
P4131437 copy.jpg
P4131439 copy.jpg

Here is the pool area. 

P4131440 copy.jpg
IMG_0152 copy.jpg

Here's some more of the family beach area:

P4131441 copy.jpg
P4131442 copy.jpg
P4131443 copy.jpg

On the side of the family beach is where you'll find the SeaTrek and Snuba desk.

P4131402 copy.jpg

If you are doing the Snuba Dive, you do get a discount on the entrance fee. They had us pay an additional amount of $14 per person I believe. They said it's a lot cheaper than having to pay the full price of the entrance without the swim and they offer it for a reduced price. 


Once we were back from our snuba, we gathered our things and headed toward the pool area. We were approached by a guy before we made it there asking if we wanted to buy a "pass" of some sort. I don't know what pass he was selling but I wasn't interested in spending more money on a place I already paid for. 

We walked around the pool area and all the chairs were taken. So, we put our beach bag and things down by the wall and over came a guy saying "You have to pay to swim!" Say what??? They make you pay? Seriously? This place cost $26.00/pp and they want to charge even more to use the pool? Ridiculous! Nope!



We picked up our things and headed for a spot on the beach instead where it was free.

Along the way we found a dinosaur and a pterodactyl.

IMG_0148 copy.jpg
IMG_0149 copy.jpg

They have some hammocks in the area

IMG_0146 copy.jpg
IMG_0145 copy.jpg
P4131445 copy.jpg

The grounds are just gorgeous at Chankanaab and it's really huge there. Plenty of room, plenty of chairs. Yes, there are a lot of palapa's to sit under too. No they do not cost. 

P4131446 copy.jpg
P4131447 copy.jpg

I, of course, knew that I had to go snorkeling. Something had to make up for the little adventure we just took.

I gathered my snorkeling gear and I went toward the steps and in I went. These are the steps you will encounter getting into the water. They can be really slippery, so be careful. There are several in different areas along the coast.

P4131511 copy.jpg

Also know that there are drop offs in the water too.  When the last step ends, it ends and drops. There's also ledge's and holes. 

P4131512 copy.jpg

One of the ledges

P4131514 copy.jpg

The best thing I've seen all day...A Triggerfish

P4131516 copy.jpg
P4131519 copy.jpg
P4131520 copy.jpg
P4131521 copy.jpg

I remember the first time we came here with Sakari. She went snorkeling with us and there were so many Bermuda Chubbs here and I caught the most awesome picture of one coming up and looking at her in the eyes. 

P4131522 copy.jpg
P4131523 copy.jpg
P4131524 copy.jpg

I swam out and managed to find a statue. This isn't one that I had seen before. I don't know why I have such a hard time finding these statues. I've looked at maps and I can't never find all 3 of them (I think there's three). 

P4131529 copy.jpg
P4131530 copy.jpg
P4131533 copy.jpg

There were a lot of pretty sea fans.

P4131535 copy.jpg

I spy with my little eye....Oh Em Gee! I found a flamingo tongue snail! And not just one but a few! Chankanaab was the very first place I had ever seen one of these snails and I wouldn't see another for years. This is where it all started. They are so beautiful.

P4131537 copy.jpg
P4131539 copy.jpg
P4131540 copy.jpg
P4131545 copy.jpg
P4131541 copy.jpg
P4131548 copy.jpg

Well about now, my camera dies. Just my luck. I should have thought about changing the battery before I went out. 

So, I headed back to our chairs to change them out. 

The hubby had managed to order some Nacho's and pico de gallo. "Hmmm, are you cheating? You're really having some nacho's?"  I would now have the chance to hold this over his head from now on. Gotcha!

Sakari ordered nacho's and cheese. I wasn't really hungry still. I was afraid to eat anything and have my stomach in knots again. I wasn't going to chance it yet.

P4131554 copy.jpg

Here are the menu's and pricing for those that want to know.

P4131503 copy.jpg
P4131504 copy.jpg
P4131505 copy.jpg
P4131506 copy.jpg
P4131507 copy.jpg
P4131508 copy.jpg

This time, Sakari decided she would go with me.  We  headed down toward the opposite end and went in, hoping to snorkel drift on the way back.  Sakari was in shock at how cold it felt. 

P4131558 copy.jpg
P4131556 copy.jpg

We seen another Bermuda Chub but this time it had a Remora on it. How cool.

P4131560 copy.jpg

Sakari was off exploring in her usual style...diving down.

P4131563 copy.jpg
P4131566 copy.jpg
P4131567 copy.jpg
P4131570 copy.jpg

Meanwhile off in the distance...

P4131571 copy.jpg
P4131572 copy.jpg
P4131573 copy.jpg
P4131574 copy.jpg

Sakari was off using the Gopro. She's good at diving down and getting close ups, so I'll let her be responsible for that. I just instantly float back up to the top as soon as I dive down.

P4131576 copy.jpg

Three Butterfly fish

P4131577 copy.jpg

More Flamingo Tongue Snails. This place just had so many.

P4131584 copy.jpg
P4131586 copy.jpg
P4131587 copy.jpg

And this is where they were at. Can you spot them on the sea fan?

P4131592 copy.jpg

We headed out to one of the pads they had floating in the water. I hung out on the side of it and Sakari climbed up on it. She had fun trying to stand on it and not be thrown off. Between the waves and the boats going by, it was rocking back and forth a lot. 

Screenshot 2023-05-11 155206 copy.jpg
Screenshot 2023-05-11 155255 copy.jpg

A Trunkfish and Parrot fish

P4131589 copy.jpg
P4131594 copy.jpg
P4131595 copy.jpg

Parrot fish

P4131596 copy.jpg

Schoolmaster Snapper

P4131598 copy.jpg

It looks like they are trying to grow some coral here

P4131599 copy.jpg

They also had some round ones down there too.

P4131601 copy.jpg
P4131600 copy.jpg
P4131604 copy.jpg
P4131612 copy.jpg
P4131613 copy.jpg
P4131615 copy.jpg

We headed back and I took another picture of the stairs.

P4131617 copy.jpg

Snorkeling video:

Both Sakari and I started rubbing our arm pits and arms and holy moly....we were stinging like crazy. Hanging onto the floating platform out there, there were "things" on it and they obviously had been stinging us.


People were jumping off the side rocks into the water.

P4131619 copy.jpg
P4131448 copy.jpg

Sakari and I decided to take a walk and take pictures and explore around the Lagoon area. It was so beautiful around there.

IMG_0097 copy.jpg
IMG_0107 copy.jpg
IMG_0104 copy.jpg
IMG_0110 copy.jpg

We made it to an area I had never seen before.  I started thinking it my be the crocodile area that I had read about. It wasn't there when we were there last in 2012. I seen someone inside of it cleaning it. We ask about it. It was indeed the crocodile area, but there were none. He said when COVID hit, they had to get rid of them. Rid of them where is my question. I have seen quite a few post over the last couple of years on facebook Cozumel that showed a crocodile coming down the beach and into the ocean...right beside people. Yikes! Maybe they released them there? Hopefully they took them to the Punta Sur reserve. 

We also noticed that the zipline wasn't going over top of the croc pens either (as I had read in the past). He would also tell us they removed those too. I don't understand why they would actually remove them due to COVID. I mean it made no sense. But people have asked if they had opened them back up again and my reply is...doesn't seem like they will be opening up again or anytime soon IMO.

IMG_0122 copy.jpg
IMG_0123 copy.jpg
IMG_0124 copy.jpg
IMG_0126 copy.jpg

We seen a bird up in the tree. Not sure what kind it was.

There were also iguana's all around the lagoon too.

IMG_0133 copy.jpg
IMG_0134 copy.jpg
IMG_0135 copy.jpg
IMG_0144 copy.jpg

So we got back to our palapa and Sakari says "I want to go snorkeling again...but this time I want to go snorkel over by the dolphins!" Wait what? She said "It'll be ok. I want to see them again". So I guess we are doing this. 

We headed over to the family beach and in we went. I was really unsure about this and wasn't even sure we were actually allowed over there. Then I seen some other snorkelers and felt a little better. I mean what would they do other than tell us to leave right?

In we went and up and over the rock and out into the ocean.

We headed over to the dolphin area and immediately the curious dolphins came over to see us.

Screenshot 2023-05-11 072757 copy.jpg
Screenshot 2023-05-11 072859 copy.jpg

Then one of the dolphins came over and put its body against the fence and let her pet it. It was rubbing against the fence like a cat rubs against a humans legs. She was absolutely loving it! It stayed for quite some time. I'm catching it all on video...or was I?  OF COURSE NOT! I thought it was on and it wasn't. Darnit!!! I always seem to screw up the most important parts.


I did manage to get some video's of these really huge fish that were hanging out under the bridge and also in the dolphin pen. 

Screenshot 2023-05-11 073016 copy.jpg
Screenshot 2023-05-11 073150 copy.jpg

There was a point when another dolphin came over and Sakari was petting it and then it opened its mouth. She got scared because it caught her off guard. I told her to keep her fingers out of there because they are wild animals and you never know what they can do and you are not their trainer nor do you have any treats. They might mistake your fingers for food. I told her we needed to head back and off we went.

We got back to our palapa's and Sakari told her dad about her experience and she was so excited and described what they felt like and how they rubbed up against the fence to be petted. A day she would never forget for sure.

We paid our bill of $45 then decided it was time to head back to the ship. 

On the way out a few more pictures of course.


P4131550 copy.jpg
P4131551 copy.jpg
P4131553 copy.jpg
IMG_0150 copy.jpg
P4131501 copy.jpg

We stopped by the gift shop on the way out and and I managed to find a pair of aqua socks that I just had to have. I managed to misplace the ones I've had for years. I've looked at some online but I really hate buying anything you wear without being able to try it on and aqua socks are no exception. These fit great and I was getting them!

P4130168 copy.jpg
IMG_0153 copy.jpg

A short video of a tour of the park, including the ruins, beach, pool and dolphin area.

We went out the exit and they immediately signaled for a taxi to come over to pick us up. They told us $15 to the port. That sounded more like the right price than what the taxi driver charged us on the way there.

If you are interested in our Snuba experience while there go here to see that portion of the review

thunbnail snuba.jpg

Final Thoughts:

We love Chankanaab. It's such a big park and very beautiful. There's so much to do there. The snorkeling is pretty good and we love that we always manage to see the Flamingo Tongue Snails. The snorkeling area is so big, with several places to go in, that it never seems crowded. The beach area has plenty of seating and it is shaded seating without an additional cost. The price of admission is a little costly however and this can become quite expensive if you have a family. It was sad to see the zip lines are closed and the crocodile area closed since covid. You can also do swims there and there's a sea lion show as well. Activities such as Snuba and Sea Trek are there for an additional cost. Then the replica ruins is a neat area to spend a little time in too. Just so much to see and do. 

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