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After making it out of the port it was time to find a taxi. We walked out to the street and a lady waved at me and said she'd take us to our location. She told us the cost would be $20. I was honestly not sure that this price seemed right but we were ready to get the day started!

We are going back to CHANKANAAB! We fell in love with this place back in 2011 and again in 2012. We've always wanted to return but have been out experiencing other places. When we went to Cozumel on our land vacation in 2021, I swore we would go back...but ran out of time. 

We have arrived

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Now we had decided to book a Snuba Dive here so according to the site we booked with, the price of admission did NOT include the admission to the park. So with this experience, we had to wait outside for someone to come get us with wristbands for our snuba excursion to get in. Otherwise, you would go up to the counter to purchase your tickets to get in. It now cost $26/pp to get in but you can find a $2 discount coupon to print off and give to them located here

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This is the "family" area beach, which is an easy entrance beach to a cove like swimming area.

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We decided to go on a little self-guided tour toward the replica ruins.

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This guy was sweeping with a palm tree branch. I thought it was interesting.

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We circled around and over toward the dolphin swim area. In this area you can do various swims with the dolphins or manatees.

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Here is the pool area.