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WEST BAY BEACH: After scuba diving with West Bay Divers





After scuba diving with West Bay Divers (located on the property of Grand Roatan Resort) we decided to walk next door for some lunch.


So during my conversation with the dive company (via email prior to arrival), the dive shop is located on West Bay at the Grand Roatan Resort. We were told that after the dive, they would take us to a place on down the beach called Beachers, which provides chairs and umbrellas free of charge, but there wasn't a reef directly in front of it. Being the water/snorkel freak I am, I decided that I just wanted to return to the Grand Roatan/dive shop site and spend the rest of the day. Now even though the dive shop is located at Grand Roatan, the resort will NOT allow you to use any of the facilities, pool, loungers or private beach area in front of the resort. 😕  But, of course, you can go to their outdoor restaurant and spend more of your money with them. 😉



It was ok we headed over to the restaurant after our dive.

Click pictures below to open readable menus

And this was our view:


I ordered the Grand Club Sandwich and fries and it was ok and filling.  Sakari ordered the kids chicken tender meal. The hubby ordered a bacon cheeseburger and fries and said it was really good.


After lunch, we headed out to the beach.



This is known as the "Iguana Wall" at the end of the beach. However, I didn't see any iguana's there that day.



Of course there are always an abundance amount of sergeant majors and surgeon fish in the area.

I spotted a mermaid


Biggest fish I seen here today...

I see they have water toys on the water now



Everyone on here always talks about what a nice beach West Bay is. For me personally, I don't find it anything fantastic myself. The beach itself is very narrow and not much room between the water and the beach clubs. It gives you very little room to put out a towel or whatever. The beach clubs have things roped off and to me, that makes the place not so appealing. I always like the wide stretch of beaches with natural shade like palm trees you can sit under and this place is taken up by beach clubs. Vendors will hassle you over and over all day and even come back to ask you again to purchase their products, go on a tour, or braid your hair. It's never ending. I have also seen (in the past) the vendors come out into the water while you are swimming to try to get you to buy items. It's just ridiculous. Also, it's a very popular beach, which means it's very crowded. So, unless you are coming here for the snorkeling or diving (which is some of the best), I personally would never come here for a beach day myself. But that's just my opinion.

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