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Our choice for this day might not interest a lot of you. We decided to stay close to the pier and head to Snorkel Park. I know there's a lot of people on here that always try to steer clear of this place. After all, it's a man made beach, not the nicest sand, not a big beach, they charge you $5 to get in (where the other beaches are free) and I have even read reports awhile back about broken glass and getting cut up.


So while this might not be our first choice of places to go, it was the best choice for what was supposed to be a short day. After the Captain changed the time to leave, well we had already planned to go here and I had made enough rearranging of plans to last me the entire cruise. Today we were just sticking to the original plan and that's all there was too it. It would just last a little longer.


Now I will say that since we went to Snorkel Park last time we were here, I did know what it was like on the other side of the walls. We only went during the evening and not for swimming. But, we did enjoy ourself and I figured it would just be an extension to the last time except we would get to swim this time.


We met the kids outside the gate and we all headed toward the park. You can follow the footprints all the way to the park.

Looking up at the entrance to the park, I believe they have baby stalactites growing.

PA090682 copy.jpg

Once we paid our $5 entrance fee (for adults, kids are free under 12 I believe is the age) we headed to the beach to find our spot for the day.


This would be the first time that the munchkins got to come here since we sent them to the kids club for our nightly outing last time. So they loved the big chair that us girls took pictures in last time.

When you pay your admittance fee to get in, they give you these hard plastic toy like "coupons" for $1 off a coconut drink.

Hey if you don't use them, they made good souvenirs or play money for the kids. I will use mine in my scrapbook.


These would be the coconuts you could get with the coupon and they fill it with your favorite drink.

I believe that Michelle was the only one that ended up getting one of the coconut drinks. She only wanted it to take home as a souvenir. I think she said it was some outrageous price like $14 for the drink. Yikes!