Our choice for this day might not interest a lot of you. We decided to stay close to the pier and head to Snorkel Park. I know there's a lot of people on here that always try to steer clear of this place. After all, it's a man made beach, not the nicest sand, not a big beach, they charge you $5 to get in (where the other beaches are free) and I have even read reports awhile back about broken glass and getting cut up.


So while this might not be our first choice of places to go, it was the best choice for what was supposed to be a short day. After the Captain changed the time to leave, well we had already planned to go here and I had made enough rearranging of plans to last me the entire cruise. Today we were just sticking to the original plan and that's all there was too it. It would just last a little longer.


Now I will say that since we went to Snorkel Park last time we were here, I did know what it was like on the other side of the walls. We only went during the evening and not for swimming. But, we did enjoy ourself and I figured it would just be an extension to the last time except we would get to swim this time.


We met the kids outside the gate and we all headed toward the park. You can follow the footprints all the way to the park.

Looking up at the entrance to the park, I believe they have baby stalactites growing.

PA090682 copy.jpg

Once we paid our $5 entrance fee (for adults, kids are free under 12 I believe is the age) we headed to the beach to find our spot for the day.


This would be the first time that the munchkins got to come here since we sent them to the kids club for our nightly outing last time. So they loved the big chair that us girls took pictures in last time.

When you pay your admittance fee to get in, they give you these hard plastic toy like "coupons" for $1 off a coconut drink.

Hey if you don't use them, they made good souvenirs or play money for the kids. I will use mine in my scrapbook.


These would be the coconuts you could get with the coupon and they fill it with your favorite drink.

I believe that Michelle was the only one that ended up getting one of the coconut drinks. She only wanted it to take home as a souvenir. I think she said it was some outrageous price like $14 for the drink. Yikes!

Although there were already a lot of people here, there was still plenty of room for us to pick a location. Once again, we decided not to get any lounge chairs or umbrella and just rough it on the sand with our towels and blankets. Kendra would later decide she wanted a chair. It automatically came with an umbrella and we would laugh at her laying on the chair like she was sunning and had her towel wrapped around her head with just her lips sticking out...and she was in the sun. It was pretty hilarious to watch. Uh, well maybe you had to be there. But we thought it was funny.

PA090687 copy.jpg
PA090689 copy.jpg

After laying our things out at our new beach front property, which happen to be located in about the second row behind a line of chairs, the BOYS actually said "Let's go snorkeling mom!" I was a little shocked since it's usually Kendra that wants to go. But we didn't even have time to sit down before they were ready to go. As always, I was game.


The one thing about the water this time in Bermuda was it was cold(er) than last time. It did take some getting use to, but once you were in it for a little bit, you got use to it and didn't notice the cold anymore.

At this point, Kenny is splashing Kolin and making a game out of it. I bet in my mind that Kenny would be the first to dive into the water and get it over with, and yes...I know my boys well. Kenny dove in.

Everyone geared up and it was time to see what this place had to offer under the water...

We had a little guy that decided he would follow us...and he actually followed us the entire time no matter where we went. It was funny how he would go in between Kolins legs whenever he would stand up. Awww, Kolin has a new friend.

One thing I noticed is that there are a lot of anemones here. There was a lot of yellow sea sponges as well. They were everywhere. I always wonder if these are the same type of sponge they use when you purchase them in the stores to wash with. Anyone know?

I spotted a parrotfish. Of course it wasn't the huge magnificent green ones, but at least another parrotfish. I really had hoped that Kenny & Kolin could see the size of these things. It just wasn't going to happen this cruise. This was a small one and it would be the only one we seen that day. Once again, zoom is never a good idea.

There were plenty of surgeon fish in the area as well.

I was so glad that the water was clear and the sun was out. It made for a good experience.

There was a lot of coral in the area of various types.

There were a lot of pretty sea fans here as well. From deep dark purple to light purple and also maroon.

From here on...we went all over the place and pretty far out. I'm snapping pictures of all the fish and the coral and anything that caught my eye. I'm taking pictures of the boys snorkeling and we are having a good time. At one point I stopped, took a picture and for some reason I came up to go back and view the picture...that's when I noticed that my camera was froze. It wouldn't review the pictures, it wouldn't take a picture, the screen was on, but that was it. GASP! Now I'm freaking out and had no idea if I had even gotten any pictures. The camera wouldn't even turn off. :eek:


So we headed back to the beach to check it out.


Once we got there, I had to actually remove the battery in order to get it to turn off. I'm really not sure what happened and this is the first time it had ever happened. I'm hoping it never happens again. I love my cameras. I did miss a lot of great pictures with this happening and I didn't have any of the pictures of the boys snorkeling. I was so sad and told them they would have to come back out with me so that I could get pictures of them. They sad they were going to rest and get warm in the sun and would go back out in a little bit. I guess these 20 something year olds just don't have my energy. hahahahaha


I look out toward the ocean and we see this...

PA090001 copy.jpg

Obviously we could tell it was a Carnival ship, but no idea which one. I didn't realize that we would have company on this day, but was happy to know that we did have a great stay here in Bermuda without another ship here.


We watched this ship for awhile and it would head our direction, then turn, then it looked like it was heading back out and Kendra kept asking me "Why is it leaving? Or is it waiting for us to leave before it comes in?" I told her there's 2 "parking spaces", so it's not waiting on us and probably following the "path" to come in, which winds back and forth. (When we pulled out today, I mentioned to her that this was the case and had her watch the path we took...and told her we probably appeared drunk, weaving back and forth, to the Carnival ship now.

PA090002 copy.jpg

As the day went on, as you can tell, the beach and water got crowded. I believe this was THE thing to do on this last port day. Everyone had the same idea as us...stay close to the ship. I didn't really mind too much since I really wasn't here to enjoy the beach and with us snorkeling, you wouldn't find too many people out in that area. So, "we" weren't crowded.

PA090003 copy.jpg

Well, if the boys wont come back in the water, I'd talk the girls into coming with me...and off we went.


I would find several foureyed butterfly fish that day.

One thing I always forget to do is to look up toward the surface of the water when snorkeling. I'm always so busy looking down, but there's things to be seen up as well. I need to get better at paying attention to ALL of my surroundings. This time I would catch some squid swimming up toward the top. It caught me off guard and by the time I put my camera up, most of them had scurried off, but I manage to capture this one...not a good picture, but oh well.

Taking a picture looking up or forward is always such a hard thing to do. There's gotta be some sort of special technique to it. It didn't help that the water was stirred up at this point.


I think with all the people in the water now, it was just getting too stirred up for great pictures. I was getting frustrated.