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This is a 30 story pyramid and one of the most recognized hotels on the strip. 

You can stay in the pyramid or the tower. 

Many restaurants, fast food, shopping and shows are located within the hotel.



  • 4 large pool areas

  • Spa

  • Wedding Chapel

  • Fitness center

  • Shopping

  • Casino

  • Dinning

  • Shows



  • Pyramid: King, 2 Queen

  • Tower: Premium King, 2 Queen, Elite King

  • Corner Pyramid


We picked a 2 queen corner room in the Pyramid for our stay.

This room included:

*2 queen beds

*huge dresser (enough for 3 people to put their clothes in for an entire week)

*Television in bedroom


*Armoire for clothes

*Large soaking tub below windows

*Super large bathroom

Living room:

*Large dresser


*L shaped couch and coffee table

*Large desk for laptop and chair

Heater in both rooms and windows in both rooms for a great view!

We stayed in room 11121, which is the 11th floor and right as you get off the elevator. We didn't have to go down any hallways or anything, which made it nice. (Probably because it was a corner room)


The room was super clean and the staff cleaned and made the beds every day. I will say they did an excellent job with do I know this? Because I had my "eyelashes" down prior to this trip and when I brush them, some come out on a daily bases. They would be on the floor and after they cleaned, they were no longer there (and they are super tiny to see). 

The only gripe I had with the bathroom is that there was no place to hang your towels and the toilet paper holder was all the way over on the sink and you couldn't reach it. We had to remove it and put it on the back of the toilet.

There was an issue with the 2 heaters not working and they were at my door within 5 minutes of calling about them and fixed instantly. 

Also when we arrived there were no batteries in either of the tv remotes. They gave us batteries when they come to fix the heater. 

We had a terrific view...2 views as a matter of fact.  One in the living room and the other in the bedroom. 

This hotel is connected to the Mandalay Bay on one side and the Excalibur on the other. There is a tram that runs between all 3 of them (it's free). You can also walk inside and there are shopping stores on the way. 

Another good feature was that the ice machine and soda pop machine was basically right outside our door as well. 

The Luxor is home of the Blue Man Group. So if you plan on seeing them, you're in the right hotel. They are awesome!

The Luxor also has the show America's Got Talent as well. 

The Luxor has other shows like Carrot Top, Fantasy and 2 exhibitions: Titanic and Bodies.

You will also find several fast food places for breakfast and lunch/dinner. Plus a Mexican restaurant, Diablo's Cantina, a buffet, cafe and steak house. 

For you Starbucks fans: there are two located here as well. 

Don't forget, this is a pyramid, which means it has the funky sideways elevators. It's too bad they are not glass so that you can see yourself going up sideways...but you can feel it. 

PC240977 copy.jpg
PC240979 copy.jpg
PC230793 copy.jpg
PC241054 copy.jpg
PC240975 copy.jpg
PC240977 copy.jpg
PC220715 copy.jpg
PC210385 copy.jpg
PC220591 copy.jpg
PC220592 copy.jpg
PC200096 copy.jpg
PC210387 copy.jpg
PC210384 copy.jpg
PC200097 copy.jpg
PC240986 copy.jpg
PC200018 copy.jpg


Sunrise from the room every morning was spectacular!

IMG_3353 copy.jpg
IMG_3354 copy.jpg
PC230792 copy.jpg
PC200022 copy.jpg
PC200030 copy.jpg
PC200032 copy.jpg

My final thoughts are this was a great place to stay in. We loved the room we were in, friendly service, great cleaning and spotless when we arrived, plenty of shows and dining. If we were to come back, we would definitely consider staying here again. The only way we would pick another hotel would be to experience something new!

I highly recommend it here.

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