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Aruba 2021


Our day 2 of our land vacation and we had just returned from the Tres Trapi so we decided to move on over to the next beach/snorkeling location in hopes that I would get to see a little more variety of fish. That meant we were moving over to Boca Catalina. 

However, I kept driving and the hubby is looking at me along the way and says "I think you passed it babe". Now I want to make one thing clear, even though he's been to Aruba as many times as I have, he doesn't know the names of the beaches and he doesn't know where we are at any given time but what he does know is that Arashi is the last beach and we had just passed it! 

I had decided I wanted to take a drive up to the light house and take some pictures while it was still daylight out before heading to Boca. You get to see the other side of the island from up here...the forbidden swimming beaches.


Ok, NOW that we had seen the lighthouse, it's time to head to Boca Catalina. And back down we went. 

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