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Relax at Radisson Resort at the Port, ideally located in the heart of Cape Canaveral. Our hotel offers 284 rooms and an outdoor free-form pool, all near Cocoa Beach and Kennedy Space Center. You can also enjoy our hot tub, lush landscaping, on-site restaurant and 30,000 square feet of elegant meeting space.

As the closest full-service hotel to Port Canaveral, the Radisson is an ideal place to stop before or after your cruise. Book our convenient Park and Cruise Package and leave your vehicle with us during your adventure, or take advantage of our shuttle service to and from three nearby airports.

While you’re here, try the bold American dishes at Flamingo’s Restaurant, which overlooks our hotel’s pool and waterfalls. You can also unwind with a cold drink from Flamingo’s Lounge Bar or enjoy a cocktail from the outdoor Tiki Bar.



Our hotel...


We originally booked the Country Inn there on Astronaut Blvd. However, Irma had other plans for some of the hotels in that area.


Someone on our roll call said that they received notification that their reservations had been cancelled. Hmmm, I had not received anything either by phone, email or text. Weird. So, I decided to call them and yep, our reservation had been cancelled. Nice of them to tell me about this. I'm now wondering how many people they didn't inform of the closure and showed up to a closed hotel.


I would later learn that, even though the hotel we stayed at was only a few hotels over and had no damage, Country Inn received damage based on the way it was built and the height of the hotel. Country in has their a/c units on the roof and during the hurricane, the a/c units would malfunction or get destroyed and this would cause the water to leak down inside the buildings and destroy the rooms with water damage. Their hotel is 5 stories tall and the Radisson was only 2 stories. Maybe the other hotels around sheltered it? I'm not sure. Our driver gave us this information. I believe the Country Inn and Radisson are affiliated.


We immediately called Residence Inn down the street (relayed to us from our roll call that this is the place everyone was switching to and rooms were filling up very quickly) and were able to snag a suite that would fit all of us and had a bedroom off to the side with 2 beds and also a separate living room area. Perfect. It wasn't a bad price either ($156 plus tax), so we basically split that between our 2 families and made out well!


Radisson Resort at the Port also was known for their amazing pool with waterfalls. I had originally considered booking it, but Country Inn was a little cheaper (before Kendra decided to book).


Radisson will also arrange transportation from the airport in Orlando to the hotel. I checked other places and even checked using Lyft, but once Kendra and the family added this cruise, it was actually cheaper to just book with the hotel.


Transportation is $50 for the first 2 people, then $10 pp after that. So for 7 people, we paid a total of $100.


I did find out that the transportation company the hotel used is the Cocoa Beach Shuttle. For some reason I'm thinking I have used them once before, but I'm not sure. I did go onto their website to get a quote for our family and using the hotel was actually cheaper than booking directly with them.


Once we were done eating at the airport, we called the number listed on our reservation for pick up. As we walked out of the airport, we watched the van pull away. Oops, we had missed them...and several calls from them to let us know they were outside waiting. Well, no worries, another van came along within 10 minutes.


We piled in, I handed out the dirty grandma looks at B to behave himself and we were on the freeway by 4:05pm.


We arrived at the Radisson at 4:50pm.


As we got out of the shuttle, the driver mentioned our return trip back to the airport. Oops, remember how it was such a busy week prior to the cruise? I had completely forgot to book anything from the cruise port to the airport. He immediately did it on the spot and he even came equipped with a credit card machine. Imagine that.


At check in we were given the choice of a first or second floor room and of course I decided on the first floor. No elevators=no B playing on them. Wise choice.


However, our room said 2__ something. Um, ok. I would later find out that the first floor room numbers consisted of 1 and 2's. Weird.


Now here's our room...I really liked it!

See those stools? They are on wheels. Not a good combination with a child like B in the room. They would become race cars by that night. #facepalm.


There was a small kitchen table and area with a refrigerator as well.

Here's the bedroom with 2 queen beds. Very nice. (T.v.'s in both rooms).

French doors led out to the living room area.

The bathroom was off to the side of the bedroom and nicely done.

Here's a few pictures of the hotel. They were taken both that night and the following morning.

PB110104 copy
PB110102 copy

Pool area grill and eating tables.

PB110105 copy
PB110106 copy
PB100039 copy

Inside the lobby area:

PB100081 copy
PB100080 copy
PB100079 copy
PB100077 copy

This is a famous place to take pictures obviously. Everyone on our roll call was taking pictures of this in the lobby and I managed to not run into anyone once. There is obviously another one at one of the other hotels because they were also posting pictures of it.

PB100084 copy.jpg

Outside the lobby and toward the courtyard/pool area.

PB100075 copy.jpg

Entrance to hotel:

PB100082 copy
PB100083 copy

Inside the lobby is a restaurant. Notice it says full menu served outside at the Tiki Bar? That's where most were eating at and we would do the same that night.

PB100078 copy
PB100048 copy

Now let's get to the pool area and grounds. Very beautiful!


The hot tub...complete with waterfall and yes, this waterfall is HOT!

The back side of the pool area had ponds with fish in it.

I'm not sure what these steps were for. I didn't see any type of pool slide. Maybe it was just a viewing type area. However, they had every steps blocked off with a chain to not enter. I can only imagine that some child like B stayed there once and decided to climb all over the rocks and possibly jump into the water or something.

There is a lower level of the pool directly surrounding it. Then there's a wall with the upper area, which includes the dining area and bar. There's a lot of space here.

There's also areas on the opposite side of this waterfall.

There was lush landscaping in between the buildings as well.

Just a few of us swimming and having fun in this beautiful area

The guys decided they were hungry again and we ordered some wings and shrimp from the Tiki Bar.

There was also a musician playing in the courtyard.

FYI the pool IS heated....however, the kiddie pool was ice cold!



Excellent hotel to stay in and I wish we had more time here. The pool was super nice and so were the rooms.

I would highly recommend this place.







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