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Aruba 2021

Mangel Halto


Ok, are we ready for a fun day at the beach and snorkeling???? If looks could kill, I wouldn't have made it to Mangel Halto. The family was extremely tired and overheated from climbing Hooiberg Mountain right before coming here and I'm sure they just wanted to take a nap. But, my day hasn't even began yet so notta happa-ning!


We arrived at Mangel Halto, carried our things down and picked a spot in the shade along the mangroves. We always end up in the same exact spot. I guess this is "our spot"! 

P8020832 copy.jpg
P8020837 copy.jpg
P8020836 copy.jpg
P8020835 copy.jpg
P8020834 copy.jpg

I knew the family wasn't about to move once they sat down but that didn't mean I wasn't about to have fun and I headed out with my snorkeling gear. 

Along the way there were pelican's in the trees. They were flying down and getting fish then back up to the tree to clean themselves. 

P8020764 copy.jpg

Mangel Halto is a very shallow area for the most part. A lot of families are always here when we come. I think that's why everyone likes it here.

P8020769 copy.jpg
P8020770 copy.jpg

This reminded me of broken bones left behind for some reason. 

P8020779 copy.jpg
P8020783 copy.jpg
P8020828 copy.jpg
P8020775 copy.jpg
P8020787 copy.jpg
P8020793 copy.jpg
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P8020796 copy.jpg

I started to get a little far out and deeper. Of course the further out you go and deeper, that's where all the actualy coral and amazing area is. The first time I ever came here in 2017, I knew that everyone talked about how amazing the snorkeling was here. When I came I snorkeled the entire area (which is big) in the shallow part. I thought "this is not amazing snorkeling at all." Yes there were things to see but not amazing. 

So the next time we came in 2018 we took the seabobs with Aruba Bob and THEN I discovered where this amazing snorkeling was. The reef is just so beautiful but you have to go out a little. Well, I'm not one that will adventure off on my own if other people aren't around. I just feel better if others are in the area snorkeling. Hopefully if something was to happen, they would help or go get help. I don't know...I just don't like being out there alone. So, this time I wouldn't go and it was ok. You will later learn why (about 3 days from now).




If you want to see some of the things I seen last time I actually went out there,

you can find them HERE ---> 

Ok, that was enough snorkeling for now (did I really just say that?) and I headed back to see if the family had moved even an inch. 

Nope, they were still perched on their chairs and relaxing. They both said they were a little sore. Well, what's better than getting in a relaxing shallow water to cool off? I talked them into coming out into the water right by where we were sitting. Watching them both get up reminded me of how slow I get up at times. Poor thangs!

The hubby didn't make it far into the water before he sat down. Someone give me some sunglasses with that white belly. You blinding me!

P8020838 copy.jpg
P8020839 copy.jpg

The pelican's were still at it catching fish then going back up in the trees in the mangrove.

P8020843 copy.jpg

Well whaddaya comes Sakari. She made it into the water finally with each step she took looking like she could calapse at any given moment. 

P8020847 copy.jpg
P8020948 copy.jpg

This pelican was like a cat cleaning itself...only feathers. It went on forever! I decided since it was so busy with that, maybe it wouldn't pay attention to me and I was going to sneak up on it for some close ups. 

P8020951 copy.jpg
P8020952 copy.jpg

At one point, it did notice me and we had a stare down. Neither one of us were backing down. Well, not entirely...I decided to slowly back away, not turning my head on it, and getting low to the water just in case it decided to fly after me. Ok, it won. I'll admit it. 

P8020954 copy.jpg

We all hung out in the water for quite some time, just enjoying each other and our view. Then when we decided to get out and they wanted to go back to sitting, I decided to explore down the beach and take some pictures. 

Now this area is a "beach" area with sand and a few palapa's. However, it's really not a swimming area. It's mostly rocks but there is a path you can walk out into the water and stand/sit. 

P8020961 copy.jpg
P8020962 copy.jpg

Mr crabby walking along the rocks

P8020964 copy.jpg
P8020965 copy.jpg
P8020968 copy.jpg
P8020967 copy.jpg

After getting back I decided to head out snorkeling one last time...just in case there was anything new. I wasn't even going to attempt going deep and just stay in the shallow end that you could actually stand up in.