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Aruba 2021

Kalin's Mexican Place


We were at the mall and close to the parking lot and knew we needed some food after such a long day. We tried to go to a place next door, but they were closed and this was our option in this particular location (because the family didn't really want to walk much further after a long day of climbing Hooibery Mountain). 

P8021033 copy.jpg

Kaylin's Mexican Place it is then. We asked to be seated on the outside table (it's all open but the "inside" is just under a roof). 

We were seated and that was pretty much the end of it for awhile. The waitress finally came over to take our drink order...then took forever to come back with our drinks. The same for them to even bring us a menu. Again, where is our waitress to take our order?? 

P8021034 copy.jpg

Here is the menu:

P8021035 copy.jpg
P8021036 copy.jpg
P8021037 copy.jpg
P8021038 copy.jpg
P8021039 copy.jpg
P8021040 copy.jpg

When we ordered, we ask if we were able to substitute the beans for rice and they said yes. The hubby ask for sour cream on his meal. 

P8021041 copy.jpg

We waited and waited for our food.

P8021042 copy.jpg

Our food finally came out...well, at least mine and the hubby's did. The waitress said Sakari's would be right out. Well, how exactly are we supposed to eat this meal? Silverware anyone??

P8021047 copy.jpg

Well, Sakari was still waiting on her food. Like it was seriously ridiculous. We were almost done with ours. We come to dinner to eat together as a family, not at different times. 

P8021045 copy.jpg

Did you see the concoction we ordered? Well Sakari only ordered a quesadilla. Like the absolute easiest one of the meals to make and it's taking this long? They also didn't bring out the hubby's sour cream. He had to ask 2x and it ended up being a waitress that wasn't even ours that we flagged down and ask for it. 

Finally after 20 minutes and we were done with our meals, Sakari's came out. 

P8021049 copy.jpg

Everything was so slow coming out, getting the items we needed and ask for, but I can assure that the check came out super quick and they sure didn't hesitate to grab that credit card quickly either! Then we found out that they charged us for my substituted rice but did they take away for the beans I didn't get? Then don't forget that sour cream we had to ask for several times. Our bill was $65.47. Pop will cost you $3.28 each, the rice was $2.00, and sour cream was $1.60, Chicken Flautas $15.25 and Quesadilla Pollo was $17.25. Wait...a quesadilla was more than what we ordered? That's insane. 

P8021050 copy.jpg

Hubby found the perfect sized coffee cup. He has put his order in for Santa this Christmas.

P8021051 copy.jpg

The bad service, late food and extra charges combined makes this a place I probably won't come back to. 

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