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Aruba 2021

The Paddock


After we had an adventure on the Atlantis Submarine we were walking back to the car we decided to stop at a place called The Paddock to eat lunch. It was a nice little place along the water and we figured why not. Sakari had on her Husky Momma shirt and the waiter immediately struck up a conversation and said he had a husky too! They exchanged stories and pictures as we looked over the menu. 

Sam ordered nacho's and Sakari & I ordered the jerk chicken platter. It came with some type of curry macaroni and fries. I have to say the food wasn't the greatest. The chicken had that gooey consistency that tasted like processed out of the box fake chicken. It definitely isn't' a place I would return to. 

As we ate our food, we noticed a pigeon that had his foot on backwards. Ohhhhhh myyyyy, I could feel his pain and told him I once had my foot on backwards and explained that his life will never be the same and you just learn to adapt and adapting he was. 

P7290341 copy.jpg

The good part is that while we ate, we had music being played for us....

P7290339 copy.jpg

Our bill would come to $52.51 and it was a very unsatisfying $52 for sure!

It would not be a place I would probably come back to in the future. 


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