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Brewers Bay 2022

Today we had picked Brewers Bay for a beach day today. We came here last time and it was nice and had tons of turtles. 

We headed out and over to Brewers Bay. Brewers is on the other side of the airport and by the college. It's a pretty big beach and has TONS of shade along it to sit at. That makes it really nice. There is a bathroom and showers but no restaurants or anything. 

This would be our spot for the day. There was hardly anyone here! It was like this last time we were here too. 

IMG_4273 copy.jpg
IMG_4271 copy.jpg
IMG_4274 copy.jpg
IMG_4269 copy.jpg
IMG_4272 copy.jpg

We headed down to the water and noticed there were sections of just crushed coral and shells and we immediately knew we were about to spend the next hour hunting for seaglass!

P4180737 copy.jpg

We spent quite some time searching and found quite a few pieces of seaglass. We both had a bag full.  I spotted an airplane coming in. It's not the same experience as being at Maho or even at the beach beside the airport in Aruba, but still interesting to watch. 

IMG_4278 copy.jpg

Ok, time for some snorkeling while the girls continued to beachcomb. Neither wanted to snorkel with me so I guess I'm on my own. 

There are plenty of Ballyhoo in St Thomas. It was one of the first places I had ever seen them back in 2010

P4180738 copy.jpg

Somehow I managed to miss getting this Juvenile French Angelfish in the entire picture. I also managed to miss turning my camera on the underwater setting as well since the pictures start off with that horrible green tint. I guess I'm still traumatized by yesterdays loss. 

P4180742 copy.jpg

I also managed to cut off this Feather Duster in the coral

P4180743 copy.jpg

I found a squirrel fish trying to hide from me. They are such unsociable fish.

P4180744 copy.jpg

Ah ha...what do we have here? A lizardfish trying to blend in with the sand

P4180746 copy.jpg

Alrighty then...I have finally discovered my settings on the camera were wrong. Go me!

P4180750 copy.jpg

A Magnificent Feather Duster worm

P4180754 copy.jpg

Then...whoop there it is, whoop there it is....turtles!

P4180756 copy.jpg
P4180758 copy.jpg
P4180759 copy.jpg
P4180760 copy.jpg
P4180766 copy.jpg
P4180770 copy.jpg
P4180772 copy.jpg
P4180778 copy.jpg
P4180781 copy.jpg
P4180780 copy.jpg

There were thousands of little silver fishes in this area close to the beach

P4180784 copy.jpg
P4180782 copy.jpg

I headed back to rest and told the hubby I was thirsty. Snorkeling makes you so thirsty, especially when you get saltwater in your mouth. I did manage to see what looked like a food truck up at the road and the hubby went up to investigate.

IMG_4282 copy.jpg

The hubby came back with ice cold drinks AND food! See this is why I love him. He can read my thoughts even when I don't say anything. He got these things called pates (pronounced pah tays) and they had seasoned chicken inside. They were SO YUMMY! We've never had these before. The bread was good too. So anyone who doesn't know what a "pate" is (as I didn't know either) you can get them in beef, chicken, fish or conch and they have seasoning on them (such as parsley, rosemary, bay leaves, thyme, cilantro, salt and pepper...all kinds of combinations) and the meat is very juicy. It is in a type of pie crust dough that is crispy and they are fried in vegetable oil for a few minutes. 

IMG_4276 copy.jpg
IMG_4277 copy.jpg

Sakari was busy talking and was very vocal about it, using her arms and hands, and she was just going on and on and on. I had to take a picture. (I'm surprised she can even use her arms after last night) Yes, she caught me.

IMG_4283 copy.jpg
IMG_4286 copy.jpg

As always, it was a nice beach to go to with very little people and plenty of shade and places to spread out. Turtles are always spotted here so if you are looking for turtles, this is your spot. 

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