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Sapphire Beach 2022

We decided to visit on our first full day in St Thomas. The girls were wanting to see iguanas and I knew we had always seen them here when we stayed the last time. Sapphire was right down the street from where we were staying so it didn't take long to get there. 

P4140034 copy.jpg
P4140032 copy.jpg
P4140093 copy.jpg
P4140092 copy.jpg

While we were having difficulty finding any iguana's, Kiera did find that she could get extremely close to the seagulls. The look on her face was priceless!

IMG_4192 copy.jpg
P4140037 copy.jpg

Such great memories here the last time.

P4140036 copy.jpg

As we walked along, we did manage to find 1 iguana up in the tree. Kiera was ecstatic to see it. Her first real iguana in the wild.

P4140044 copy.jpg
P4140043 copy.jpg

We walked out onto the jetty and of course I was taking pictures and the kids discovered that people had gathered shells to create sayings or pictures. So we decided to do the same.

We walked along the side with all of the rocks on the other side of the jetty and started searching for sea glass.

P4140101 copy.jpg
P4140080 copy.jpg

I did manage to find several pieces of the blue sea glass and they are so pretty. Although there wasn't as much as the last time we were here and harder to find. It could be that someone already came in the morning and took all of them. I'm not sure. I would take a picture of them and send to Kendra and ask her "Where are we?" She immediately knew too. LOL

P4140095 copy.jpg
GBTM0350 copy.jpg

We headed back over to the beach part for awhile. The girls tried to get in the water but said it was too rough and the water was so stirred up they could not snorkel so they got out.  

Sakari went over to play her ring game and we all gave it a shot. But, I think it was too windy out and none of us could make it. 

P4140105 copy.jpg
P4140107 copy.jpg

We stayed there until the sun was going down. I remember getting some awesome shots last time we stayed here and figured we'd give it another try and this is what turned out:

Sapphire is such a beautiful place. We love it here and I kinda wished we would have stayed here again this time around. However, we did visit twice while on the island. The second half is coming right up. 

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