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Pizza Pi VI


Pizza Pi is a pizza "boat" that is located in Christmas Cove in the US Virgin Islands. They service NY style pizza while excursions are snorkeling on the reef. They are reachable by boat and will deliver to your boat or excursion. But you must take an excursion out to reach them. 

We did an excursions with Ocean Surfari and they ordered pizza for us after our snorkeling adventure. 

Here they come to deliver our pizza. 

P4170679 copy.jpg
P4170680 copy.jpg

Here is the boat that makes the pizza's ON the boat! How cool is that? They are Pizza Pi VI. (π)

P4170691 copy.jpg

We were loaded up with pizza now and it's time to get some food in my belly to level out the drinks I was pouring down it. 

P4170681 copy.jpg
P4170683 copy.jpg
P4170685 copy.jpg

The pizza was good and it was a neat experience and a first for us. If you are interested in pizza on the water, their website has a list of all the vendors that use them for pizza while snorkeling. 

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