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St John 2020

Trunk Bay

Staying  in St Thomas but today...ST JOHN IT IS!! We have just went to Maho Bay and now we were on to a new beach. Then we arrived at Trunk Bay but first we seen there was a ruins across the street, so we stopped to walk around there before heading to the beach. 

Here's a pictures of Trunk Bay from above. They say it's one of the most photographed beaches in the US Virgin Islands and I can see why. 



P7281159 copy.jpg

We made our way out to the beach. It is a bit of a walk (for me) but they did have sidewalks to walk on between the beach and sand across from it. So, that made it easy. We tried to locate a shaded area but most of the trees along the beach were already filled with people. It's double hard to find a place that you can remain 6' away from other people. 

We did see that across the walkway there were several picnic benches lined up and plenty of shade. Billy usually stays back and relaxes or naps so we figured we'd leave our things with him and me and the hubby grabbed our snorkeling gear and said we were headed out. Sakari didn't want to go and stayed back with them. 

I have to say this beach is GORGEOUS! And it's really big too. 



Now here's the map of the snorkeling area. We were all the way to the right.


We knew we needed to head out toward the big hill so that's what we did. 

P7281446 copy.jpg

So I'll show you around and I have to say this place was AMAZING!

The very first thing we came across while trying to make it out toward the hill was the very huge Permit Jack. Like it was massive. I had to get the hubby's attention to show him as it swam by us several times and then took off in the opposite direction we were going. These fish have massive crunching jaws to eat shrimp, crabs, shellfish and small fish. He looked a little intimidating to me with his mouth hanging out. "People are not food" I said as he swam by checking us out. 

Pictures never really show what you are seeing in person. Especially when you see something so big. It just looks like any other fish. So I decided to share this pic of it with part of my hubby's hand in it to show the size a little better. 

P7281286 copy.jpg

There was plenty of coral everywhere and fish as well. I'll just share a few pictures and then comment on the "specials" I found along the way. 

I'll share some of Sakari's photography she did this time. She captured some really good up close pictures and some that were so-so. But she gave it her all. 

Now the one thing that I absolutely LOVE about Coki Beach in St Thomas is the purple turnicates. They are so vibrant and beautiful and I have maybe only found them one other place. Well, this place was LOADED with them. They were so pretty!

They also had some lighter purple colored one's too.