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St John 2020

Trunk Bay: Margarita Phil's

Staying  in St Thomas but today...ST JOHN IT IS!! We have just went to Maho Bay and now we were on to a new beach.

After a day at the beaches, it was time for some lunch! We headed more toward town to see if we could find some shopping. I always like to get a magnet representing every place we've been. Kendra likes to do the same and also gets shot glasses. Once we got back into town in the busy section, we started looking for a place to park. We ended up on a hill that was a hardware store and they also had paid parking in their lot. We pulled in, paid, then slowly headed down this steep hill with me trailing behind and holding onto the hubby. 

We headed to the right and there only seemed to be places to eat. Hmmm, now all of a sudden everyone was hungry. The hubs really wanted Mexican and we found a place called Margarita Phil's. They had outdoor dining and we thought that would be perfect. 

We checked in at the stand outside and they told us we would have to sit at different tables due to COVID but we were right by each other. 

IMG_5106 copy.jpg

It was quite some time before she came back over to ask us for our drinks. We had to tell her several times and I always drink diet but they seem to be out. I was forced to drink regular (which I hate and leaves a lasting nasty taste in my mouth) but what do you do right? 

Now this lady was definitely on island time. It took FOREVER for her to bring our drinks out. Like forever! I might add that there was only 1 other table there and it had 3 girls sitting there drinking fruity drinks. There wasn't anyone else inside or outside. 

When she finally came back with the drinks...she didn't have one for me. "Um...excuse're missing mine". Her reply was "Oh, I didn't realize you ordered one"  ARE.YOU.SERIOUS? We just had a long conversation about me wanting diet, I told her it seems like everywhere I go they are out, ask her what all she had instead, then told her I'd have to stick with just regular Pepsi....and out of that entire conversation she thought I didn't want a drink?!?

She went back to get my drink, mind you it's about 10 steps away, and again took forever. I mean they come in cans and they bring you a plastic cup with ice. How long can that take?

We put in our order and she had asked if we were in a hurry. We told her we had approximately 45 minutes to be done eating, back to our car and at the ferry. So, yes, please hurry as fast as you can. Kendra said, "we should go see if there's any stores down the road while we are waiting on our food because we know this is going to take forever and we aren't going to have time to shop". So off we went. To be honest, I was really starting to worry about our time frame and getting our food and having time to eat it. I told her we may end up having to take it to go and eat it in the van on the ferry on the way back. There's no way I'm missing that ferry because we will be stuck here and then what???? Kendra just doesn't realize the urgency of things. She would fit in perfect with "island time" people. She's never in a hurry, never on time, and never cares. LOL

Almost every store in the are was clothes or specialty shops with no magnets or trinkets to be found like you normally see in the "town" area where ferries come over from St Thomas. I was kinda shocked at the lack of shopping they had there. Maybe we should have went left instead. 

I did come across a small store that had a few magnets sitting on the check out counter. I found the perfect one. It's a street sign with an arrow pointing left and said to keep left. I couldn't have thought up a better magnet to get. Kendra wanted one too. 

P7291562 copy.jpg

We felt accomplished and hurried back to the restaurant to find that they were still waiting on the food. It's a good thing we didn't wait to try to shop after eating. It wasn't long after we sat back down that our food came out. 

I ended up ordering the cheeseburger taco's ($15.99) just because...well it sounded interesting. The hubs ordered the same thing ($15.99) and Sakari ordered a cheese quesadilla (it wasn't listed on the menu and she said she could make one up for her so no clue on the price but one with meat was $16.99??). They didn't have a kids menu except for they could make chicken nuggets. Of course I had no idea how much the drinks were either since they didn't have them listed. 

Sakari and the hub's enjoyed their quesadilla's and my cheeseburger taco's were good except a lot of the  crust to the taco was burned and had a burned taste. One of mine was too burned to eat, the other 2 I had to peel away a lot of the burned taco but could eat the rest. Honestly, it was A LOT of food and even after wasting a lot of it, I was still super full. Now the hub's taco's, were not burned and he said they were actually harder to eat and tear the taco to bite into it. 


I had ask for a refill on pop and she did not come back with it during my meal. I was sucking on ice melting at that point. I flagged her down and told her we needed our CHECKS and I was still waiting on my pop. I decided I would take it to go because I would need one after trying to climb the hill back to the car and while on the barge. 

When she came out with the CHECK and handed it to me. Whoa...wait, it's 2 separate checks like we told you when we came in and also when we placed our order. Kendra also told her the same thing. She's like "So you want me to SPLIT THEM???" with such an attitude and I said "yes please if you could". She sighed and ROLLED HER EYES and walked away. Are you serious? How are you a waitress? You don't listen when people tell you it's 2 separate checks, when they ask for pop and you say you didn't know and then ask for another and still don't remember to bring it. I decided to get up and go inside where she was at the bar shaking her head and continuing to sigh. I said let me make it easy for you. I had...blah blah blah and 4 cans of pop. The rest is theirs. She said "ok" and marked them off. No thank you or anything. 

We paid (our bill came to $60 even somehow??) and were outta there like lightening and headed for the van up the hill. Once we made it there, Kendra decides she wanted to do some more shopping. Are you kidding me? We are going to miss the ferry! She said we have until 5pm. I'm trying to explain to her that they want you ON the ferry a half hour before hand and they PULL OUT at 5pm. It was almost 4:30pm already! She said "I'll just run down this way real quick and see what's there" and took off with Billy. I was very frustrated and my anxiety kicked in. I decided to get in the van and drive down that way and FOLLOW her walking! Like seriously.    ....and then there was nothing down that way guessed I told her get in now we are leaving!





















At the roundabout the hubby said "I'm pretty sure we came from that direction" and my Mapsme was saying the next turn off. I went the way it said. We ended up on a one way street and going the wrong way. We circled back this point my speed was increasing like Dale Earnhardt taking corners because it was getting later and later and I was really worried. Then we seen the ferry (we thought) and there was a huge line of cars. After a minute, Kendra offered to get out and walk down to make sure we were in the right line. Well, she motioned us to come down only to tell us it's the wrong one and it was the people ferry. I asked a local where to go and they gave me directions...the same way the hubby had told me to go. Oops!

As we raced down the street again Kendra has the nerve to say "I think this area might have some shops, we should stop" seriously????? I told her I'm not stopping for anything! We pulled up to the barge dock. There was a huge line. Whew! We had made it. I stopped as I passed by everyone to get in line at the end and they tell me it's the Big Red Barge line. YIKES! Where the heck am I suppose to go? Someone help me. The hubs said "go down that way, there looks like there's another". We went that way and a guy held up his hand and came over. I showed him our pass and once again I'm getting some sighing and attitude and he starts telling me how late I am and they are loaded. I told him I wasn't late, I was in the wrong line because no one told me there were two different places to wait. 

They had loaded big trucks with supplies that was going over to St Thomas. They had to pull out a big truck, move one over and then told me to back up in there. Um...I'm definitely NOT doing this tight squeeze. Billy offered to do it. We traded positions and he got us up in there like a sardine and the truck that was pulled out pulled back in to block us. WHEW! And then we were off for our 40 minute barge ride back over to St Thomas and we will be able to sleep in our own comfy beds tonight and not in a van on the street somewhere in St John. 



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