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After spending some time at St Catherines Beach, we decided to walk next door to see if we could find Achilles Bay, which is where I had originally planned to go after visiting Tobacco Bay

I was almost positive from my research that Achilles Bay was to the left of the fort so we headed back out on the road that brought us there and seen something that said a beach house something or other and had a building there. We headed in that direction hoping that we weren't about to invade someone's property.

I did end up seeing a sign and knew we were headed in the right direction.

When we got to the edge and looked down all I could say was "OH MY"

P6080139 copy.jpg

Well that looked a little scary. I'm not quite sure how we were going to get down to what was now the smallest beach I had ever seen lined up and down a huge wall with just a bit of sand there. How would we drag all of our things down those steps, into the water, around the wall and to the beach? With kids!!! Yikes.

I can't remember really how I found this place or why I decided I wanted to go there. Maybe I read it had good snorkeling? Maybe I read that it wasn't very crowded? Maybe I read that it was just another beach that was close to Tobacco Bay and it would be another beach that we would be able to say we've been to? I really wasn't sure, but I was a little disappointed that I had dragged the entire family here for this. :o

Something caught Kendra's eye and she pointed to the left. We walked around and over to the left...AND FOUND THE STEPS!! Woo Hoo. It wasn't going to be a bust after all.

We headed down the steps and over to this very small little bar.

They had some cheesy decorated walls with shells in them but the people were super friendly.

Notice the prices of umbrellas and lounge chairs.