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Drakes Seat 2022

This is a popular lookout point with panoramic views of Magens Bay. It is names after a British privateer Sir Francis Drake, who is said to have used the bay as an anchorage point for his ships and may have climbed to this point as a way to identify pirate ships to later plunder. Drake's seat was built in 1933.



We were headed to Drakes Seat and then on to Magens Bay. I had heard of the spectacular views up there, so I knew I wanted to check it out. I can say that I thought the roads would be a little steeper and treacherous than they were (I was picturing our drive on St John last time we were here) but they really weren't that bad.  I can also say that I pictured the actual area to be a little more spectacular with a wide open area, plenty of parking, maybe viewing a tourist attraction you would see at say...Smokey Mountains or something. But it was just a little pull off area.

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