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Coki Beach 2022

We had booked Sea Trek with Coral World and had some extra time between walking around Coral World and the time for our Sea Trek excusion. So... we headed over to Coki for some beach time and snorkeling.

 I think it has one of the best spots on the island for snorkeling and I was excited to get started. 

We stopped by the vehicle  to gather our bags with our beach towels and snorkeling equipment and over we went.  Of course we were bombarded with someone wanting to rent us chairs and umbrella's and another person wanting to get you drinks and eventually another person wanting to braid your hair and another wanting to sell you jewelry. You know vacation has officially started for tourist when all of this happens...especially here at Coki. 

We declined everything and took our towels out and sat in the sand under the trees.'s free here!

P4150257 copy.jpg

I immediately headed for the water of course. The water was a little cold, but not as cold as Sapphire was yesterday. The girls followed me in and off we went.

I have to say, I really wasn't seeing as much as last time. This was really weird. The last time we were here there were tons of beautiful purplish-blue coral (blue bell tunicate) everywhere. However, the above picture does have a reddish strawberry tunicates) was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. But this time, there wasn't any along the sides. We started heading on down and going around the corner. As we did that, we started to see more coral, which was a good thing. I was really starting to rethink if I wanted to actually dive at Coki this time around. 

This guy was saying cheezzzeeee to the camera:

P4150152 copy.jpg
P4150153 copy.jpg

Now I did give Kiera a lecture before we headed out about snorkeling and using her snorkel. She does have a dry snorkel and I explained how it worked. She had first said that she wasn't going to use it and I told her since she had never done it before, she needed to try because she needed to get used to breathing through her mouth because that's what she would be doing when we go scuba diving. 

She started out with it but once we got out there she pulled it out and then took it off and had Sakari holding it while she swam. She said she really didn't like using it. That had me worried about whether or not she would have issues breathing in a regulator with diving. 

I have to admit, the further around the corner you got, the better the snorkeling was. So, that was a good sign. 

I found quite a few flamingo tongue snails. They are so pretty when they have their "giraffe" looking "cover" over them. But it does retract and become white. 

P4150173 copy.jpg
P4150180 copy.jpg
P4150181 copy.jpg
P4150176 copy.jpg

I was very happy to see the purplish-blue coral (blue bell tunicate) flourishing at least in the area out away from the beach. I still wonder what happened to all of them that was up closer.

P4150161 copy.jpg

Now this was pretty neat. The way the formation was...I thought it was so cool.

P4150206 copy.jpg