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Aruba 2021

Surfside Beach

Headed to Surfside beach we ran across this Aruba sign and I had to have a picture of course. I told Sakari to jump out so I could get a picture and it was like I told her to go jump in a pool of sharks...although I'm sure she would willingly do that.

P8082845 copy.jpg
P8082846 copy.jpg

So we decided to hang out at Surfside beach for awhile. We had been here before and after passing by here on our way to the submarine, we knew we really wanted to come back here to watch the planes come in. We grabbed all our gear (chairs and cooler) and headed for the beach. Now there's no shade here at all, so be aware of this if you ever decide to come on your own and NOT go to one of the beach clubs. Sakari came prepared with her knew swim shirt. This beach is beautiful for sure. 

P8082849 copy.jpg
P8082850 copy.jpg
P8082853 copy.jpg

Now this was the area that they usually have the water toys. Today they would not be there and I was sorta kinda sad about it. I knew that Sakari would enjoy it and she was too little last time we were here and I thought this would be a fun day for her. I guess they must only pull them out when a ship is in port. They were definitely out when we were coming in on the plane...and there was a ship in port that day. 

P8082856 copy.jpg
P8082857 copy.jpg
P8082864 copy.jpg

We were watching the planes come in and man they were coming in every couple of minutes and I guess I didn't really realize there was this much traffic in Aruba. Sakari and I decided to walk down to the end of the beach to get better shots.

P8082859 copy.jpg

Sakari seemed to be having fun and taking video's of the plane coming in and landing. It's not a Maho Beach in St Maarten, but I guess it's sorta close... you just don't get blasted with the sand. 

P8082860 copy.jpg

We headed back to our chairs after awhile. The hubby was wading in the water and cooling off and I was ready for some lunch. 

P8082865 copy.jpg

We only seen 1 Southwest plane come in and tons of United and American flights. Man they were just every 15 minutes or so. We did see some private planes come in, and a few Spirit and Jet Blue. Here's a video I took.

We did a little "wading" in the water, watching all the little fish around our feet, but there really wasn't much swimming here. It's pretty swallow where we were and only a small section you could actually go out into the water where there wasn't any seaweed grass.

After awhile, we decided to head out and find another beach. 

We've been here twice now and I'm not really sure if it is a beach we would return to since there's not much swimming here and more like wading. 

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