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Our time at Harvest Caye would be from 8-5pm. Since this was a "free" port day with no excursions planned, I decided to get up when I got up. It was still early, but I didn't set an alarm or anything.

This pier was long and it was hot out. You could catch a ride on one of the many golf carts they had going by. Thank goodness they decided to do up this pier right and they have the entire walkway covered to protect you from the sun. Now if they'd just install some fans or a/c....:D


Finally arriving at the island. They had some misting stations and boy did it feel good on this hot and humid day! There's plenty of shopping in this area.

 Of course the center of attraction is the ginormous pool! This thing goes off in various areas and twist and turns and has little islands with palm trees on them.  Over by the restaurant, there are some pool chairs in the water. There's a walk way across the water with a waterfall under it.

We picked our spot along side the pool in the front row.

I actually made it in the water before Sakari this time around. It was so hot.  A mermaid was entering the water

There was hardly anyone there at that point and we pretty much had the pool to ourselves. Sakari and I were standing in the water in the middle of the pool and she went in and got the whistle blown at her and was told "no diving". Um say what? We were standing in the middle of the was she diving???? He said you can't go in head first like that. Are you serious? Head first? You want us to just ease our way down into the water and go under is that what you are saying? Yes, no diving in or going in the water head first while standing in the water. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!  This pattern would continue the rest of the day of the lifeguards blowing their whistles non-stop....for every little thing. But yet, there's signs all over the place that say "no life guard on duty". Every time I seen a kid go in the water head first "hey lifeguard, was that diving? I didn't hear you blow your whistle"  It was irritating. They wanted you to get in and just stand there. These are kids...they don't want to get into a pool and just stand there. They want to swim. I was shocked they even let her swim with her mermaid tail on. I was just waiting for that whistle to come.


So let's take a look around...

You'd never know if there were any jelly fish or stingrays in the water until it was too late. The water is murky and not the crystal clear water you usually find in ports. I'm not sure if this is because it's a new port and things haven't settled or what or if it's just the area.


You could tell that they take good care of this island/port. The sand was all smoothed down and scraped perfect in areas that people had not walked on yet.There's plenty of chairs to sit in at the beach...plenty!




Going up away from the beach...


The Landshark restaurant:




Anyone for a game of chess or checkers?



Mobility problems? Not an issue.

They have beach wheelchairs.


Lockers for rent for the entire day. You use your ship card and receive a coin to use in the machine.



They have a kids water park with the bucket of dumping water, water spraying out everywhere and I believe ones that you can control as well. (Sakari didn't want to go there after seeing it and thought she was "too old" for it). LOL


You will also find a shower in this area as well.


Moving along toward the lagoon area. At least you could use your ship card for these events.

The lighthouse. This is where you go to zip line (and maybe the ropes course?)