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MY ISLAND TOURS BY JAMES JAVIN ------------------>

We really didn't know what to do at this port. Honestly, it's not one of my favorites. We had already been to Reggae at Cockelshell and Carambola-Ship Wreck at South Friars. We figured maybe we would do some 4 wheeling/dune buggies here but I couldn't get a straight answer from Kendra after weeks and weeks of questioning her.


There was a tour mentioned here on the boards by James Javin My Island Tours that sounded interesting. The tour consisted of this:


From the port will see a few sights in the capital,  Basseterre, and then we will head to the Spooners Cotton Ginnery and explore a well preserved piece of history. We will then visit the Black Rocks where we go down onto the lava rocks for photos and exploring. 


I will then journey back to the town of Cayon where we will hike up the Cayon Ghaut (river system) into the rainforest. We will enjoy nature and swim in cool, mountain-fed pools (as Mother Nature provides). 


After the hike we will head over the southeast peninsula make a stop at Timothy Hill for some amazing views and snorkel at Whitehouse Bay where there is a shipwreck accessible from shore, and an abundance of colorful fish often turtles and rays and other underwater scenery including a shipwreck and sunken cannons to enjoy. We will then head to Cockelshell Beach for some beach time with great views of our sister island, Nevis. Then it is back to the port  for 4pm. 


Ok, that sounded interesting enough and what made it even more interesting is the guy had a monkey (just like Kendra's) named Peaches. Well, Peaches comes along on the tours and even goes snorkeling.


Now I do have to say that communication took a while and I sent 3 different emails trying to book this tour. They finally answered me and communication was good after that. They said they would be able to book the 10 of us and had another 7 people going as well.


Adults were $95 each and children under 13 were $75 each. You get a 10% discount for having more than 6 people.


We were told to meet at the "Smoke and Booze" at 9am and they only give you 15 minutes to get there...however, we didn't arrive until 9am and so that wouldn't be possible. They said they would have to adjust their time, but didn't say for when.


I also inquired about walking in the rainforest and the hike on the black lava rocks. I told them about Billy breaking his leg and in a walking boot (but he used the knee scooter as much as possible) and their reply was:


"As for the hike onto the black rocks is on rocks so uneven by nature and the rain forest is partially trail partially some rocks. It is a dirt trail. I’m not sure how it will be for your friend. It is easy to sit out at black rocks and enjoy the views."


So we figured we'd play it by ear when we got there and if he didn't think he was able to do either, he'd sit out and "enjoy the views".

The Smoke and Booze is easy to find. Just out of the cruise compound and a slight left.


There were several people waiting and then off we went to the buses.


Immediately we were introduced to Peaches the monkey. She went around introducing herself to everyone.







Now I'll show you pictures "of interest" along the way. Our tour guide told us the significance of each place...but honestly, I have no idea what any of them are. I'm NOT a "tour-type" of person at ALL!


These awesome pictures comes to you from inside the tour bus with tinted windows=blue/green pictures. Enjoy! lol

And we pulled up to the first stop... Spooners Cotton Ginnery to explore a well preserved piece of history.

So we stopped at this "cotton" building place thingamajigy. Like I said, I'm really not into "tours" or historical things but this was part of the I am. Now if I'm staying on the island, I don't mind doing things like this...but I'll admit, only for the picture opportunity. 😉


So our tour guide, a native of course, told stories along the way here about his childhood and growing up.

"This is where I went to school"

"This was my neighborhood growing up"

"I use to come here to play hide and seek"

"I use to climb this tree"


In my head, I'm only picturing the things I did growing up and places I visited and thought "Who would have thought that I could do a tour about my life and it would interest people and they'd pay money for it?" Whoodathought?  j/k


So, everyone piled out of the tour van and we walked around the place. Hmmm....ok. Some people just got out to stretch and didn't walk around it.  Billy of course got out and sat on his scooter. I almost wished I had a scooter right now.