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When you’re looking for accommodations that won’t break the bank, our Rodeway Inn & Suites® Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port hotel has you covered. You’ll get the basics you need to keep things simple on the road, so that you can focus on why you came to Fort Lauderdale. Included with your stay are practical amenities such as free WiFi throughout the guest rooms and common areas, and free continental breakfast to help get your day started right. And after a busy day, you can unwind at our outdoor heated pool.



Once out of the airport, I called for our shuttle to head to the hotel.

I was told by the person that answered the phone they would have the driver there in around 30 minutes, which is fine because it's quite a long walk to the end of the airport where they have you wait for hotel pick ups. 

To my surprise, the shuttle was pulling up within 15 minutes. We were the only people going there and the driver didn't wait around for anyone else. 

Now we booked Rhodeway Inn for several reasons: price, close to the airport, and had a pool to keep the girls busy for the day and we weren't planning on doing anything but needing a place to sleep anyhow.  It's not normally a place I would pick but I was trying to be a little frugal since we were paying for a hotel there and a hotel back...and the hotel back was not a "cheapie"

When we checked in, we thought it looked like a decent place to stay, it looked clean, the employee that helped check us in was very OVERLY nice but yet would ask the same questions over and over to the point I was getting a little annoyed with him. He was very forgetful and seemed very confused at times. I was trying to inquire about the shuttle to the airport in the morning and asked him how many hours should we arrive before our flight due to going "out of the country". He told me we should be there at least 3 hours ahead of time to be safe. That would put us around 4am needing to leave. He said they have a shuttle at 5am and I informed him that wouldn't work since we needed to leave at 4am. He ask several times if I wanted him to schedule us for the, let's try this again....we have to leave here at 4am. "Ok maam, we have a shuttle we can schedule you to the airport that leaves at 5am". #BIGGESTFACEPALMPLANT Like he was just irritating me at this point because I repeated myself a good 4-5 times. 

I did feel like the hotel had several cheesy things in the lobby, which reminded me of back in the day. I even found they had some metal wall decor hanging up and I had to laugh because I have (had) the same thing in my house for years above my bed before we remodeled and got rid of all the brown in our home and went with gray instead. I still have this sitting in my basement. Maybe it's a sign that it was dated as well?

They gave us our room keys and a map of the place. Of course they put us on the top (second) floor of the building and ALL the way at the end. Just my luck. They would also inform us that they only had 1 elevator going up there. Wait, what? Ok, I'm rethinking my booking here at this point. What type of hotel only has 1 elevator?

Once we get up to the room, we find a bag hanging on our door with our room number. There's food inside of it. Hmmm, did the last person check out before they got their food? Did it get delivered to the wrong door? I was so confused. 

Once inside the room, it was decent enough and definitely acceptable to stay in so at least it wasn't a let down. 

The kids immediately wanted to go check out the pool and go swimming. We headed down to see what it was like only to find out IT WAS CLOSED!!! Like not just closed, but CLOSED....for days and wasn't reopening until Thursday. Kiera said "well, we can just swim then". No, we will be in St Thomas by then...unless you want to stay here instead? That was a hard NO from both the girls. 

On the back of the map showing us how to get to our room was a "welcome letter"....notice about the pool. Had I known this, I would have cancelled and went somewhere else, even if it was more money. What am I supposed to do with 2 bored teens now?

Well the one thing that we could all agree on was to go eat. We hadn't ate since this morning and everyone was hungry. There really wasn't much within walking distance from what I could see when I looked around, but they did have a restaurant, Marina 84, on the premises. On the way to the restaurant, I stopped by the front desk to inquire about the pool and express my distraught over not being told it would be closed. However, the shift had changed and the guy at the front desk was very rude.

I had the hangover Cheeseburger, the hubby had the Beef Sliders, and both girls had the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. Quite honestly, the food was good but expensive IMO and the service was slow. The waitress didn't even come back to see if we needed drink refills or anything. The bill came to a whooping $86+ plus tip. I'm not used to buying for 4 people. It definitely makes a difference on your bill.

On our way back to our room, we decided to walk in the courtyard and found some interesting things (other than the pool being closed).

The hubby was determined to find something for the kids to do so once again, we stopped by the front desk to inquire what was around and if they had any shuttles to take us anywhere. They informed us they had a shuttle that could take us to the mall for $80!!! Say what? Are you crazy??? If we wanted to go to the beach, which was only around 5 miles away, then it would cost us $25/pp!!! These people are nuts! The hubby said we could Uber there are back for about 1/4th of that price so we declined. The guy was really rude about it too. I wasn't liking his vibe. 


 Back to our room and we got to enjoy the lovely view of....the parking lot, which seemed to be a place that people were using as a storage for motorhomes and such. So, no action back here to watch.

I really didn't want to spend more money at a mall or going to a beach honestly. We would have plenty of beach time in St Thomas and I picked this place to save money AND for them to swim here. 

So, we just took showers, watched some tv, Sakari and Kiera did a drawing on their ipad and we decided to head to bed around 9:30pm. We had to get up at 3am to be ready to head to the airport at 4am.

I pre-booked my Uber so that we would make sure to have a ride and wouldn't be waiting. We had no time to spare for our morning flight and I had no clue what the airport was going to be like. 




Would I stay here again? Very doubtful Would I recommend it? Nope. I guess if there was a huge price difference compared to other places in the area and  money is a factor when it comes to picking a place that you're only going to be in for an overnight sleep, then I guess it could be a good choice. 

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