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Aruba 2021

Pizza Napoli

Day 4 after a day at the beach and Paseo Herencia Mall to shop and we were walking around trying to find a place to have dinner. 

We had walked past a little pizza place a few times and decided we would just stop here. This place was called Pizza Napoli

P7300604 copy.jpg
P7300605 copy.jpg
P7300606 copy.jpg
P7300607 copy.jpg

We ordered the Meat Lovers pizza and it was pretty darn good I have to say! We always seem to find these pizza places when we are on vacation and they are always successful. 

P7300608 copy.jpg

Our 12" pizza was $30 and pop will cost you $4 each so dinner was $42 tonight. They served us our bill in a pizza slice box. 

P7300609 copy.jpg
P7300610 copy.jpg

We definitely liked this place. It would definitely be a place we could come back to for sure. 

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