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Aruba 2021

Boca Catalina

Day 3 of our vacation and it was time to head to Boca Catalina...again! Only "the other" unknown Boca. I was bound and determined to find the place I thought was Boca. I had looked it up on my website: I called it Boca, it was definitely different, but I needed to know where it really was and what the real name of it was so I could correct it on my website.  

We arrived and I immediately looked for a name....what do you know!!! It IS called Boca Catalina. Why do they have 2 beaches named with the same name? At least I wasn't going loco and I did have the name correct. 

Sakari and I headed into the water to snorkel. I was happy she was actually coming with me. But, we really wasn't seeing much. There were a lot of schools of fish. I swear I remember so much more last time. This would be the only picture I took there. Can you believe it? It just wasn't satisfying this time around. 

P7290326 copy.jpg

Schools of fish are cool, but I want more. I need more. I'm very needy. We decided to pack up and go to the "other" Boca Catalina instead, which was right down the road. 

Sakari continued to tag along with me while snorkeling and I was happy. YES!!! So much more seen here for some reason. 

P7290338 copy
P7290346 copy
P7290360 copy
P7290358 copy
P7290355 copy
P7290351 copy
P7290349 copy
P7290344 copy
P7290340 copy
P7290344 copy
P7290375 copy

More smooth trunkfish to be found again. They are just everywhere and some were really really huge. 

P7290498 copy.jpg

More French Angelfish which were really huge as well. I just love how their eyes turn and look at you. They watch us just as much as I watch them. They come pretty close too. These pictures are taken at different times and different fish as well.

P7290382 copy.jpg
P7290385 copy.jpg
P7290456 copy.jpg

A this is a juvenile  French Angelfish which looks totally different than what the adults look like, which I find so cool.

P7290380 copy.jpg

A school of blue tang surgeon fish

P7290384 copy.jpg
P7290345 copy.jpg

We noticed daddy was making his way in too. He hated that when he snorkeled with us that he didn't have an actual snorkel and only a mask. It really does take away from the moment when you have to come up for air every so often. 

P7290336 copy.jpg
P7290348 copy.jpg

More Glassy Sweepers 

P7290330 copy.jpg
P7290364 copy.jpg
P7290480 copy
P7290481 copy
P7290473 copy
P7290466 copy
P7290483 copy
P7290376 copy
P7290400 copy
P7290368 copy
P7290370 copy
P7290474 copy
P7290371 copy
P7290497 copy

She may have become this shy little teenager these days, but she is not camera shy for just us...well at least not while in the water. She's always doing crazy things for me to take her picture. 

P7290366 copy.jpg

Then I managed to sneak up on this pelican on the rocks. I would get closer and closer to him until he noticed me but yet he didn't take off. 

P7290365 copy.jpg

It became a game of trying to get a good over under picture while he sat up there. I have to say, I didn't do too bad...about 20 pictures later. LOL  It's just so hard to do with the water moving so much and I didn't have my wide lens with me at the moment. Well I did, but it would require me to go back and get it out of my bag. I knew by then he would have left the I was forced to work with what I had. 

P7290428 copy.jpg
P7290436 copy.jpg
P7290501 copy
P7290520 copy
P7290488 copy
P7290516 copy
P7290340 copy
P7290395 copy

We found a Squirrel fish hiding under the rocks like they always do but what really caught our eye was ANOTHER HIGH HAT!! WOW, that was unique to find another...that makes 2 days in a row and Sakari was so excited to see it. Now that you know what it is from the day before, I bet you can spot it right?

P7290407 copy.jpg

And another a short distance away. 

P7290493 copy.jpg

Now this time I tried to take a picture of the little fish that was inside this coral. I tried and didn't get a good picture. It was so cute. Of course I didn't have the good camera for macro shots because Sakari always claims that one. 

P7290486 copy.jpg

Now I'm not that sure what type of fish this is, but I think it might be some type of Yellowfin Sea Bream. But it was shaped like the fish I had seen the day before that I thought my be a Porgy. Who knows. It was rather large though and all alone. 

P7290479 copy.jpg

We decided to head back in. It had been a good snorkeling day. We had seen a lot but first....I SPOTTED SOMETHING. Something on the rocks looked familiar. It was blending in with the rocks. Could it be??? Do you see it?

P7290387 copy.jpg

People, people, people....the NUMBER 1 reason you do not stand, step, sit, touch or whatever, on the rocks or coral is because you can break them, kill them and it takes years and years for them to grow. Some of the big corals you see only grow around 2 cm a year. It could take 10,000 years for a coral reef to form. But, if that's not enough to convince you that standing on the coral is bad, well maybe a deadly poisonous STONEFISH will convince you. These things blend right in with their rock surroundings and unless you have a keen eye, most people won't even notice them and think it's a rock. They have venomous spines that contain enough poison to kill a man if accidentally stepped on. The Stonefish secrete powerful neurotoxins from the base of their dorsal fin spine, which is extremely lethal to human beings. Do you understand? You could die if you accidentally stepped on one of these. People, do not step on the rocks! I cringe when I see people bouncing up and down on rocks unknown to what might be under there. 

P7290388 copy.jpg

Ok, rant over with. I'm just trying to save a life here...and the coral reefs. 

Successful snorkeling mission accomplished. It was time to go now. 

P7290494 copy.jpg

Here's a little video I did of our snorkeling at Boca again today. 

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