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Stonehouse Subs: Red Hook


We had booked a tour with Ocean Surfari and was in Red Hook (where they are located) waiting for our tour to begin. 

As we were standing outside, the hubby looks over at the grocery store across the street...

IMG_4247 copy.jpg
P4170301 copy.jpg

On the side of Moe's Fresh Market there was a sign that said "Stone House Subs" and the hubby ask if my taste buds felt like a sub. Hmm, sure why not! The girls were not hungry. So, he went over to get us some subs. 

P4170302 copy.jpg
IMG_4268 copy.jpg

We ate our subs and Oh Em Gee! They were so delicious. I wasn't even that hungry and I put that sub down like it was going to be the last meal of the day. I was really shocked to find out that the subs were only $5 each! We got 2 subs, 2 pops and 2 gatorades for only $18.95! I thought that was pretty cheap!

On another day, after an excursion kayaking, we were tired and hungry, and I knew I wanted to have these subs again before we left the beautiful island of St Thomas.

We pulled into the parking lot and the hubby ran in. I found this sign to be funny "Violators will be towed or BOOTED" LOL

IMG_4500 copy.webp

We decided to take our subs back to our place.

The hubby and I headed out on the deck to have our dinner. Yummy!

IMG_4511 copy.webp
IMG_4513 copy.webp

It was just as good this time as it was the last. 

I HIGHLY recommend stopping here at Stonehouse Subs if you are in Red Hook and looking for a good meal that is very affordable. 

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