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Cooper Island is located over toward the St George area in Bermuda. You take a ferry from the cruise port, then walk to the St George area and then catch the HOHO bus over to St Davids.

It was approximately a 15 minute drive there. We told our driver we were interested in going to Long Bay and she drove us all the way to the gates. From there you must walk the rest of the way.

You are allowed to walk around the gates and wonder around the reserve.

There are several beaches located within this area and we were headed to the beach at the very tip of Cooper's Island.

There were chickens and rooster running everywhere.

We also came across snails walking along the path trying to get to the beach as well...



It took approximately 6 minutes to walk all the way to Long Bay, but it did seem like it was a longer walk than that. It was probably because we didn't know where we were going or how far it was...which always seems longer.

The beaches you will find here are:

LONG BAY:   Click here for that review

TURTLE BEACH:  Click here for that review

CLEARWATER BEACH: Click here for that review

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