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We have been to Horseshoe Bay twice on 2 different cruises. I will include both visits within this review to make it simple. (This is part of my full length review)



Once you arrive at Horseshoe bay and walk down the path leading out to it (coming from the beaches down the road, this would be the left hand side of the beach while facing the water). As you are coming around the corner along the path, this is the opening to Horseshoe.

I absolutely loved the sand around this area away from the beach. It reminded me of sand dunes



This would be considered the "non-crowded" section of the beach. Yes, there were a few people wondering around, but plenty of space to spread out and enjoy yourself.

We ALL started heading toward the "Baby Bay" area where we spent most of our time when we were here in June.


Notice Brayden in the picture? Of course you don't...he's not in the next several pictures...You better believe Sakari is with us! 

At this point I'm frustrated that Kendra is still walking toward Baby Bay and I screamed to her "You might want to stop and find your son!" She turned around to look and finally noticed he was gone. I knew exactly where he was because I had been keeping my eye on him. He was still ALL THE WAY BACK AT THE BEGINNING of the beach! ...where he was busy playing in the sand and running back and forth. She started screaming for him to come on. He played like he didn't hear her and this is normal for him. I don't know what makes her think that she's going to walk away and he's just going to follow her. He will never follow her and the split second you're not looking, he takes the opportunity to wonder off.


Since he was acting as if he didn't hear her, this now forced her to walk all the way back down the beach to get him. HAHAHAHAHA...that's what you get! Anyone who's been to Horseshoe Beach knows it's not the smallest beach to begin with and quite the haul to get from one end to the other...especially carrying beach bags and towels.


The kids decided they were going to go exploring while some of us decided to locate what ever remains of beach front real estate we could find at Baby Bay.


Up the rocks they went for the spectacular view that I got when I was here a few months ago. Since I had already done it, I knew I was not going to go up this time around. I was going to sit back and relax on the beach and watch them emerge up at the top.

Kendra finally drug Brayden down the beach and dumped him at our beach-front property and headed off to catch up with her brothers. She finally made it up there as well.

Kendra was up there doing all kinds of hand signals down to me and Courtney joined in at some point. They acted as if I knew what they were talking about. They did it over and over and then would turn to each other and laugh then continue with the charades. I would later find that they were trying to tell me there were turtles on the other side...only to find out they were kidding and were trying to entice me to climb up there. But since I suck at charades, I didn't move and they didn't accomplish their goal.