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We decided to head back and get ready to go out to eat for B's birthday. We looked at several places after googling and I decided to ask the "landlord" where a good place to go for seafood would be. She gave some suggestions but after looking online at the menu's, they really didn't have what we were hoping for (crab legs, shrimp or lobster). So, Kendra looked online and found a place that she said she'd like to go. It wasn't too far and located at Bolongo Bay and was called Mim's. 

Now getting here was pretty easy using the maps, but once you got back there the parking and turning around situation was not. This was a resort and what appeared to be a one way really was not. I couldn't find any "parking" for guests so I just pulled up to a "for resort guests only" parking spot and called it a day. We had to walk down a huge hill and by the time we found the actual restaurant, Kendra spotted the restaurant parking right by the restaurant and close to where we first came in at. She volunteered to go back and move the van for me. We went down the steps to let them know we'd like to eat there. 



They let us know there was limited seating due to COVID and they had reservations coming in, but they'd try and get us seated before those parties showed up. Hmmm, I thought that was strange. If I had a reservation, they'd seat someone else that showed up before me first? They told us we'd have to go over to the pool to sit until they called our name. There was a rocky shoreline down by the pool that the kids would explore and it wasn't very long before they told us they had seats for us. They were only allowed to sit 4 people at a table and wasn't allowed to pull the tables together so we'd have to split up. 

We took a seat by the open window and had very nice views. Kendra and family were within shouting distance so at least we could somewhat hear each other but yet not hear the constant repeating of Kam's questions.