We decided to head back and get ready to go out to eat for B's birthday. We looked at several places after googling and I decided to ask the "landlord" where a good place to go for seafood would be. She gave some suggestions but after looking online at the menu's, they really didn't have what we were hoping for (crab legs, shrimp or lobster). So, Kendra looked online and found a place that she said she'd like to go. It wasn't too far and located at Bolongo Bay and was called Mim's. 

Now getting here was pretty easy using the maps, but once you got back there the parking and turning around situation was not. This was a resort and what appeared to be a one way really was not. I couldn't find any "parking" for guests so I just pulled up to a "for resort guests only" parking spot and called it a day. We had to walk down a huge hill and by the time we found the actual restaurant, Kendra spotted the restaurant parking right by the restaurant and close to where we first came in at. She volunteered to go back and move the van for me. We went down the steps to let them know we'd like to eat there. 



They let us know there was limited seating due to COVID and they had reservations coming in, but they'd try and get us seated before those parties showed up. Hmmm, I thought that was strange. If I had a reservation, they'd seat someone else that showed up before me first? They told us we'd have to go over to the pool to sit until they called our name. There was a rocky shoreline down by the pool that the kids would explore and it wasn't very long before they told us they had seats for us. They were only allowed to sit 4 people at a table and wasn't allowed to pull the tables together so we'd have to split up. 

We took a seat by the open window and had very nice views. Kendra and family were within shouting distance so at least we could somewhat hear each other but yet not hear the constant repeating of Kam's questions. 

The menu:

P7210028 copy.jpg
P7210029 copy.jpg

Now Sakari loves her some crab legs and they had that on the menu. However, I had sticker shock when I was told that the price was $60 and the waitress said "shhh, I really wouldn't get them...they are very small and not worth the price. I would suggest if you are getting them for her (Sakari) and paying that kind of money, you are better off getting the lobster tail."   Ok then, Sakari agreed to the lobster tail instead (because she does like that too, just would rather have crab legs if given the option). They asked me what size and I told them "small". 

I went back and forth on wanting the shrimp scampi or the blackened shrimp alfredo. I decided on the later because I wanted to try something different. 

The hubby decided on the Grilled chicken alfredo. 

Meanwhile, Kendra is having a heart attack at the prices. I tried to tell her that it's expensive any place that we would go and everything was going to be expensive in St Thomas. Her reasoning is "well, they can just go right here to catch the lobster, crabs and shrimp so if anything it should be CHEAPER!" She was acting like she wanted to leave but I told her we had already ordered so.... She asked what I had ordered for Sakari and when I told her she's like "You are going to pay that kind of money for her to eat??? Are you crazy? I'm about to just order some appetizers and call it a night" and that's pretty much what she ended up doing although she did allow B to get an actual meal...I mean after all, it was his birthday and the entire reason we were there.

As we waited, a guy was going around lighting the candles at the tables. He wasn't having too much success and by the time he got to our table, he asked to borrow a lighter to light ours. He then left with the lighter to light the other tables candles. Ummmm....ok. 

P7210036 copy.jpg

This was the $10 salad that the hubby and I ordered. Very small and plain for the price, but we were starving and was afraid it would take awhile for our food to come out. 

P7210037 copy.jpg

Service was pretty non-existent when you would ask for a refill or anything for that matter. You'd have to flag down the waitress, tell her what you wanted, then wait longer than "island time" before she'd come by again and ask if there was anything we needed. "Um...how about that refill you were getting me awhile back?" Only for her to forget several more times during the night. I could have choked on my food before ever getting something to drink. I must add the diet was horrid but a quick change to Sprite proved to be an awesome choice! Sakari even commented on how good it tasted. 

Our food came out and mine was ok (not the best I have ever had and certainly not even close to the homemade alfredo I make) and Sakari loved her lobster but of course just wanted the meat and not the "stuffing" that came in it. 

P7210039 copy.jpg
P7210043 copy.jpg

The hubs said his was decent but I somehow managed to allow him to eat his food without getting a picture first. I don't know how that happened?????

Then all of a sudden the staff came around the corner singing happy birthday to B and presented him with a small piece of cake and ice cream. Kendra said he was "starving' and gobbled it up quickly and wasn't about to share it with anyone. I asked how he could be starved and she said his food was "disgusting".  Being how Kendra sometimes can be, I just wrote it off to her having a complaining night. But she INSISTED that I taste it. So, I did and boy was it exactly as she said....disgusting. Ewwwy ick. I have no idea what that was but I do know that it wasn't good!

P7210047 copy.jpg

Our bills came and then the sticker shock came after that. What the heck??? How could it be so much? Kendra was shocked to see that there was a charge of $12.95 for B's little piece of cake and ice cream!! She mentioned it was his birthday when we arrived but had no idea they were going to do a cake and song and get CHARGED FOR IT????? Seriously! And that price???

I was also shocked to see that Sakari's "better" option over the $60 crab legs she wanted now cost me $90!!! I was really tricked. She made it sound like it was the same price and a better bang for the buck...not more buck! What a rip off!

I was so busy listening to Kendra complain and she was throwing me question after question about the bill and she noticed it said "gratuity" on it and asking me if that was in with the total that I didn't even get a chance to look at my bill past the $90 lobster charge. At this point I just wanted to leave and get out of there. Our bill came to $196+ and I was starting to fill ill to my stomach over this bad choice with bad service and over charged pricing of a place. 

Billy was about to leave a large tip on the table (well actually he did) and Kendra went back and asked the waitress about the "gratuity" and she said "Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that it's added to your bill". Um...ok, you were about to make one heck of a tip for those meals! Kendra went right back over and snatched the cash back up. At this point she was pissed that they withheld that information on top of them charging for B's cake and not telling her.

Now that I am home and doing this review...I would like to go back and start my b*tch session because they totally ripped us off too. They have Sakari's $90 lobster meal on there, my meal for $28.95 and listed another meal for $95!!!!!! What the heck was that???? The hubbys meal was $27.95!! We were had! I will have to learn to pay better attention next time and not let Kendra's rampage distract me. I'm still kicking myself for this! UGH!

A very blurry picture of the bill but you'll see the 3 charges

P7210049 copy.jpg

At this point I just wanted to go back to the hotel and sulk in peace, on my balcony, in the nice Caribbean breeze, and without anymore complaining about the meal...and I did just that when we returned. 

After relaxing and calming my nerves from the fiasco filled night...it was late and we decided to just head to bed. ONLY IT WAS 9:30PM!!! I swear I thought it was at least midnight! I mean it's been dark for hours. I knew I was very tired and needed the rest anyhow. 

This is absolutely NOT a place I will be returning to, either for the food or for the beach, the service or them ripping us off! It's just TOO expensive for what we got!  If you go here, pay attention to your bill!!!!