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Aruba 2021

Paseo Herencia Mall

Day 4 after a day at the beach we were heading to the Paseo Herencia Mall to shop and hang out for the evening. 

We had looked up a place called Chill Out Beach that Sakari wanted to go to. It had Boba (which she loves) and it also served seafood. Sakari would soon find out that this cute little skirt she wanted to wear is not really practical in the windy island of Aruba and would spend most of the evening trying to keep it from blowing up.

P7300588 copy.jpg
P7300589 copy.jpg
P7300587 copy.jpg

A lot of the shops were closed down or being remodeled for the next renter. I supposed COVID put a lot of places out of business.

IMG_0629 copy.jpg
P7300590 copy.jpg
IMG_0630 copy.jpg
P7300591 copy.jpg
P7300592 copy.jpg

Sakari and I had found a place called the Chill Out Beach (online prior to coming) and it had Boba (her new obsession) and it also looked like it served seafood as I stated above.  We decided we would go there for dinner tonight. We looked all over the mall for it and couldn't find it. We were asking other shop owners and either they would have us on a wild goose chase or they didn't know. In the end, we would eventually find out that they went out of business. 

But, there was a little stand that had Boba. We would stop there and at least let her get her Boba fix while we were in Aruba. 

P7300597 copy.jpg

The hubby likes Oreo's so he decided to go with that flavor. The employee there talked Sakari into a "Tiger Brown Sugar", which she said is what everyone there loves and we did see others getting it, and I went with the sour apple. We all got the Boba popping balls in the bottom.

P7300600 copy.jpg

I've never really seen how they make these and I guess I didn't realize they shake them up, but I would get a sneak peak of behind the sceenes to a boba shop tonight. 

Well, both the hubby and Sakari were very disappointed in their choice's for Boba. Neither one of them liked it and you could tell they were really suffering. I told them to just throw it away. No need to force yourself to drink something you don't like. But the hubby was having an issue with paying so much for a drink he wasn't going to drink.  I made a good decision with my sour apple and drank all of it. In the end, they just couldn't stomach their flavors and pitched them in the nearest trash. 


 As we walked around, the hubby found the cigar store that he had went to before and wanted to stop in. We sat outside and watched the party bus going back and forth. They looked like they were having such a good time. Truth be known, I was just glad to sit for awhile and get off my leg. One thing I did notice was there were no carriage rides this time around. Before we road it and it took us all the way down the street and back, and we had a lot of fun while the driver had let Sakari sit up front with him and steer the horses. Not sure if COVID put them out of business or the animal rights people. 

P7300595 copy.jpg
P7300594 copy.jpg

As we searched for a new place to eat, we had walked past a little pizza place a few times and decided we would just stop here. This place was called Pizza Napoli

P7300604 copy.jpg
P7300605 copy.jpg
P7300606 copy.jpg
P7300607 copy.jpg

We ordered the Meat Lovers pizza and it was pretty darn good I have to say! We always seem to find these pizza places when we are on vacation and they are always successful. 

P7300608 copy.jpg

Our 12" pizza was $30 and pop will cost you $4 each so dinner was $42 tonight. They served us our bill in a pizza slice box. 

P7300609 copy.jpg
P7300610 copy.jpg

We did a little more shopping and Sakari found a cute little white 2 piece outfit ($35) and a dream catcher ($20), which they gave us a discount if we used cash instead of the card. She would model it for me when we got back to the house. 

P7300617 copy.jpg
P7300618 copy.jpg

Then I found a cute little red phone booth made out of medal that I just HAD to have at a shop called Flamingo Island! However, they wanted $30 for it and I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. My office in the loft at home has a vacation theme and the colors of it is gray, black and red. Everything I buy from vacations needs to be red. I have a huge picture sitting above my desk that is black and white, but there's a red phone booth on it and I knew it would match perfect! We passed back by it again and I sent the hubby in to buy it...and he managed to talk them down to $20! Ok, I'll take it.  Yep, it goes great with my picture!

P7300615 copy.jpg
P7300611 copy.jpg

I stopped at one of my favorite places, the Aloe Store and purchased 3 after sun gels for $65.00. They smell SO GOOD!

A few more pictures I took on the way out of the mall and back to the car. 

P7300599 copy.jpg
P7300612 copy.jpg
P7300601 copy.jpg

Then we headed home. 

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