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We took the local bus to Warwick.

PA070071 copy.jpg

We arrived at the entrance at 1:09. I'm sure I was smiling from ear to ear to know we actually finally made it here.

PA070072 copy.jpg
PA070073 copy.jpg

Along the path to the beach we found a smashed crab. It was completely flattened in a perfect crab shape.

PA070074 copy.jpg

WE MADE IT!!! Man this was a beautiful beach!

PA070075 copy.jpg
PA070076 copy.jpg

We picked our spot, put our things down... and then everyone started laughing. I turned to see this...

PA070078 copy.jpg

Kenny is goofy. He's game for anything. He's the life of the party and everyone loves him. He's the first one to take a dare and the last one standing. This time, he'd be standing with his toenails painted. LOL His girlfriend was painting hers the night before and decided she would paint his to match hers. He thought everyone would get a kick out of it so he agreed.

PA070079 copy.jpg

We all headed down to the beach after we managed to bring ourselves back to reality and control our laughter.

PA070081 copy.jpg
PA070080 copy.jpg

The waves were huge. Kendra squealed with excitement. She loves this and loves riding the waves.

PA070083 copy.jpg
PA070084 copy.jpg

Could someone tell Kolin you don't do cannon balls in the ocean. That's a wave, not the deep in. When that wave goes back out, you are going to be left sitting on your butt in the sand.

PA070085 copy.jpg

I can't believe Kendra's boyfriend actually got out in the water at least chest high. He's normally a scaredy cat and if he sees a fish...he'll run. He was out in the water for about 20 minutes before he said "Look at that huge fish". He said it was silver with black on it. Then he went running out of the water. He looked down at his hand and he was bleeding! He said "It bit me!" I have no idea what fish he seen, but he wasn't going back out in the water, I did know that.

PA070086 copy.jpg
PA070087 copy.jpg

The kids had a blast riding the waves. Even the munchkins. This would be the first cruise we have ever went on that we did not bring Sakari's puddle jumper. I was really nervous, but made sure that we had our eyes on her at all times and someone always near her in the water. With 2 brothers and a sister always near by, I felt a little more at ease.

PA070088 copy.jpg
PA070090 copy.jpg
12141585_1214942675198162_4311701175068318800_n copy.jpg
PA070082 copy.jpg

I just loved the areas that had the pink crushed shells in it.

PA070089 copy.jpg

At 1:31pm, we decided to move on to the next beach. I knew there were a lot more to see and didn't want to get caught up at just one beach. So we packed up and started moving in the direction I knew was Horseshoe.

Jobsons Bay was up next

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