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Aruba 2021

Boca Catalina

So today was our last day here and we had just came from an emotional experience at Malmok. We arrived at Boca Catalina again.

P8101363 copy.jpg

We set up our things under a tree in the shade and this would be our surroundings.

P8101362 copy.jpg
P8103417 copy.jpg
P8103407 copy.jpg
P8103415 copy.jpg
P8101361 copy.jpg

After continuing to rest of little more, I had recuperated and was ready to snorkel again. After all, it was still our last day here and there's no telling what you might see that you could have missed right?

I headed out, but wait, so did Sakari. I was kinda shocked that she wanted to come but I was going to keep my eye on her. The hubby headed out with us too. But we were staying in the area and close to the beach. No wandering off this time!

P8101338 copy.jpg
P8103242 copy.jpg
P8103230 copy.jpg
P8103253 copy.jpg
P8103247 copy.jpg
P8101351 copy.jpg
P8103240 copy.jpg
P8103248 copy.jpg
P8103272 copy.jpg
P8103289 copy.jpg
P8103290 copy.jpg
P8103291 copy.jpg
P8103294 copy.jpg
P8103283 copy.jpg
P8101357 copy.jpg

Oh how pretty is this snail?

P8101345 copy.jpg
P8101346 copy.jpg

Then I spotted this out of the corner of my eye...again, these fish are everywhere and you need to be extremely careful where you are putting your feet down!!!

P8103233 copy.jpg
P8103234 copy.jpg
P8103236 copy.jpg
P8103295 copy.jpg
P8103307 copy.jpg
P8103323 copy.jpg
P8103276 copy.jpg
P8103301 copy.jpg
P8103322 copy.jpg
P8103319 copy.jpg
P8103310 copy.jpg
P8103263 copy.jpg
P8103256 copy.jpg
P8103258 copy.jpg
P8103261 copy.jpg
P8103328 copy.jpg

So we were only out there for half an hour and then decided to get back out. I wasn't about to push my luck with Sakari even though she seemed fine now. We got to see a lot of interesting things and of course the critters in the water didn't disappoint us again. 

The pirate ships were coming and going and I now really had a special place in my heart for them. <3

P8103360 copy.jpg

Ok, enough snorkeling for the day. We got out and just hung out on the beach. 

Sakari made this in the sand...

P8103396 copy.jpg
P8103399 copy.jpg
P8103403 copy.jpg
P8103405 copy.jpg
P8103410 copy.jpg
P8103406 copy.jpg
P8103411 copy.jpg
P8103414 copy.jpg

After awhile, you could tell the sun was getting ready to go down. We decided one last trip to Arashi would be on our list of things to do today. We packed our things and headed right down the road to Arashi to catch the sunset. 

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