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Now I have to admit that the MAIN reason why I wanted to stay an extra day in OSJ was because I had heard they put up the umbrellas along Fortaleza Street.


So I knew that's where we were headed for some pictures. It was beautiful and the sun was out again after a huge downpour.



What's a day in OSJ without Pigeon Park right? Pigeon Park is located right around the corner from the umbrellas and one of Sakari's favorite places. 



Then I caught something out of the corner of my eye...the biggest cockroach (I think) ever. It was scurring across the sidewalk. The pictures don't do it justice AT ALL.



All these birds and then there's a cat..



And then this happened....Sakari the bird whisperer



P4280139 copy.jpg

Kendra and family finally made it and Kam just wasn't sure, at all, about these birds...

She finally got used to them...and Shawna back there being calm...for the moment.

Bill got into the action to show Kam it was ok to let them land on her....but she wasn't having it.

This is not the place for someone with a phobia of birds